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18 Oct 14 - News Satire News

'Dear White People' Is A Satire Addressed To Everyone
The new film Dear White People is a satire about race relations and racial identity, set on a fictional Ivy League campus. Samantha White, known as Sam, is the host of a campus radio show called Dear White People and she makes all kinds of kinds of ...

The day Jon Stewart quit: Why “The Daily Show” isn't the satire America needs
With Jon Stewart at the helm, “The Daily Show” skewered the government and President Bush with vicious satire at a time when no establishment media outlet was making a serious effort to hold the powerful and elite accountable.

British satire isn't angry enough to be funny
That won't read funny on the page but it was ruddy funny on screen - unlike 10 O'Clock Live which must have looked very good on page but was judged to have failed in execution.

Just Coasting: Banjos and Wailers, album releases and fresh coastal satire ...
The latest You-Just-Can't-Make-This-Stuff-Up satire from Tom Perez. Banjo adventurers and Lyle Lovett at the Saenger. A special performance by vocalist Doug Breau.

Here's the trailer for Top Five, Chris Rock's show-biz satire
Despite his reputation as an exciting stand-up, Chris Rock has had trouble making full use of his comedic gifts in the movies, appearing in milquetoast comedies like I Think I Love My Wife and seemingly content to coast in stuff like Grown Ups.

Utopia is inspired satire
COMMEMT. With the eight-episode run now finished, it's clear that Utopia is one of the standout shows of the year. Focused on the operations of the fictional Nation Building Authority, the inspired satire showed how big ideas are systematically ...

'Starship Icarus,' Science Fiction Satire on Cracked .com
'Starship Icarus,' Science Fiction Satire on Cracked .com. By NEIL GENZLINGER OCT. 13, 2014. Inside. Photo. Starship Icarus Brennan Kelleher, left, and Soren Bowie in the Cracked .

Suited for satire
Suited for satire. Bruce Dennill. The upcoming South African production of Jeeves & Wooster In Perfect Nonsense! is based on PG Wodehouse's books written in the thirties.

Roy Hodgson in “I was wrong” shock! [Satire]
Jeff Goulding provides a comedy parody article about Roy Hodgson and attempts to satirise his approach to the Raheem Sterling question.

Obama Orders Airstrikes on Ebola (Satire)
“The time has come to act,” said President Obama today after previously asserting robustly that it was previously not the time to act.

Funny Because It's True: John Oliver's New Brand of Sincere Satire
John Oliver's most reliable punch line is “and this is true!” He delivers it with an incredulous chuckle, to serve up facts from the absurd to the horrifying.

Dave Berg: Satire doesn't adhere to ethics, isn't news
Many of them do not grasp the idea that satire and humor, unlike news, comes with an agenda: to get laughs, not to inform. I often talk to college classes about the difference between the faux news and monologues on late-night television and real news ...

Cracked's New Sci-Fi Satire has introduced Starship Icarus, a new four-part online science fiction satire series. The series aims to “seek out strange new life and adventure” courtesy of the “low-level support crew who maintain” the Starship Icarus.

Satire: 'Obama Declares International Muslim Awareness Month'
Several articles saying that President Obama has declared November or October as “International Muslim Awareness Month” aren't real.

Jon Stewart knows best: In a Fox News world, we need satire more than “Meet ...
We know that satire news is increasingly a source of “real” news. We know that Jon Stewart has been voted as the No. 4 most trusted journalist, tying with Brian Williams and Dan Rather (that poll was in 2008).

Arab TV Works to Counter Isis and Stereotypes with Satire
As Isis, the fundamentalist Islamic group that has claimed swaths of Syria and Iraq as an independent state, continues its advance in the face of U.S.

After 47 seasons of HIGNFY, how has British satire changed?
News-based satire arrived on television with That Was The Week That Was (TW3) in 1962, which was hosted by David Frost. Millicent Martin sang the opening song, Bernard Levin was a cast member and the scriptwriters included John Cleese, Roald Dahl ...

2nd Story's 'Enron' is superb, stunning satire
There are two types of people who have to see this superb, stunning satire: Those who look at the Enron fiasco as something beyond their comprehension, and those who pretty much understand what happened.

'Die, Mommie, Die! review: Savage satire make a killing
Photo: Lois Tema Angela (J. Conrad Frank, right) is not amused by allegations from her maid Bootsie (Marie O'Donnell) in Charles Busch's "Die!

Satire as Libel & Resistance to Anti-Racism Efforts
Recently, a Zimbabwe American of European heritage contacted me to ask whether I actually believed what I was quoted as saying in an article currently going viral titled "Zimbabwe Announces Ambitious Plans for a Final Solution to White Racism ...

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