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18 Oct 14 - News Television News

PS: Little joy as Malcolm Turnbull sends community television to the internet
Last month Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced community television operators around the country, including TVS here in Sydney, will be booted off the free-to-air television spectrum at end of 2015, left to fend for themselves in the ...

Dear television, how strange you've become
IF you ever needed confirmation that the television industry is a strange beast - with its own electrified fence and darkened viewing chamber - this week would have done it.

Brazil's President almost faints on live television
The president of Brazil was forced to sit down and be revived live on television after a challenging 90-minute debate with her rival for the presidency.

'Showrunners' and How Television's New Age of Transparency Will Fuel its ...
Later this month, Showrunners, the new documentary film from director Des Doyle and producer Ryan Patrick McGuffey will hit VOD and limited theatrical release on Halloween day and, for the first time, many layman television viewers will get an open ...

What if cable television had come second?
If you love television, you know the problem. Hundreds of networks, each one with their own subscription plan and app. Some have even become so greedy that they make you pay-per-show.

Ebola the Television Series [Video]
The Ebola disease has been top of mind worldwide for months and now a television miniseries is in the works. Fox TV studios has tapped producer Lynda Obst and veteran director Ridley Scott (Prometheus, Blade Runner) for the project.

Does full service, free-to-air television in Australia have a future?
So, is the full service model - one that includes news, current affairs, sport and entertainment - of Australian broadcast television in danger of going the same way as full-service airlines? If so, the implications run deeply to the functioning of the ...

British TV drama? It's never been better
I understood the bar was set very high when making my recent series for BBC1, The Secrets - a series of five films by writers new to television, with provocative moral dilemmas as the central theme. I knew these programmes could not just be interesting ...

This is Reality TV 2.0, but don't mention the S word
It combines elements of conventional reality television and docudrama, and then it has big elements of competition TV. So you're looking at a format that's kind of Reality TV 2.0, combining everything we know and love over the past ten years and ...

Cincinnati Bengals vs Indianapolis Colts television coverage
The good news is that Cincinnati's game against the Indianapolis Colts could find its way to a lot of television sets this weekend.

Preview of the week's television by Melinda Houston
THE FALL.. Thursday, October 23, 8.30pm, SBS One. One of the tricks a great thriller pulls is to make the ordinary seem sinister, and The Fall is a great thriller.

Television Review: 'The Real Apes of the Planet'
It would seem unlikely that there could be many surprises left in the category of wonders involving the abilities of primates. Still Animal Planet delivers enough to make a viewer gape.

JFK Ebola Patients Get Satellite Television
Monrovia - The John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital's Ebola Treatment Unit has received three television sets with satellite decoder to be installed at the three cubicles of the JFK Hospital Ebola Treatment Unit.

Hands on review: LG curved Ultra HD OLED television
LG is the first television maker to offer Australians Ultra HD and OLED in the one panel, producing something truly spectacular.

DC's The Flash television show takes shot at Spider-Man movie?
DC and Marvel aren't friends, I don't think we really need to go into any detail about that fact. But it was still a bit of a shock to see that the pilot episode for DC's latest televised show Flash seemed to take a sneaky shot at the Amazing Spider ...

Norm MacDonald's Television Endeavors, Ranked
Norm MacDonald turns 51 today, and over the past 20+ years he's brought us tons of laughs on various TV shows and movies. Today, we're looking at Norm's ventures into the television world, and looking at where he did his best work, and which shows ...

Polk County, Florida, woman turns on television, finds live feed of her bedroom
A Polk County woman got a big surprise when she turned on the living room television and found a live feed of her own bedroom.

The end is nigh for full service, free-to-air television in Australia
Yet, not one of those channels resembled the full service, free-to-air model of broadcast television that has entertained, educated, even edified Australian viewers for nigh on 60 years.

Around the remote: Television picks for Oct. 19-25
(MCT) - DON'T MISS: “Private Violence” - This timely, highly important 90-minute documentary examines the horrors of domestic abuse through the eyes of two female survivors.

Why Sunday Night Television Is So Good
Fifteen years later, not only has Sunday become the industry's most competitive night, it's also the evening in which seemingly every great U.S.

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