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18 Oct 14 - P2p News

Why P2P Is Set To Be A £45B Business For Britain
Britain's peer-to-peer lending platforms are excited. Six months after George Osborne first promised to make their products eligible for the tremendously popular individual savings account (Isa) scheme, he today moved a step close to delivering on that ...

Orchard Platform's CEO Matt Burton Discusses P2P Lending Market ...
P2P Word Cloud Matt: Orchard embraces technology, efficiency and scale. We hope that encourages others in the ecosystem to do the same.

Lending Club Besting P2P Borrowing Peers Ahead of IPO
Having formally announced its intention in August to go public, major U.S.-based peer-to-peer (P2P) lender Lending Club is looking to take its growth to a new level.

Wall Street's siren song lures P2P lenders into treacherous seas
Two US P2P platforms, Lending Club and OnDeck Capital, are planning initial public offerings on the stock market. It's also why investors may give them Netscape-style valuations.

Govt consults on P2P lending through ISAs
The consultation examines whether P2P loans should be included in existing stocks and shares ISAs, or whether they would be best suited to a new, third type of ISA.

The Disappearance Of Peer-To-Peer Lending
The two largest peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms, Prosper and LendingClub founded in 2005 and 2006 respectively, have originated over $6 Billion in loans to date.

New Facebook Messenger P2P FB Payments Could Eventually Feature Bitcoin
p2p fb payments Earlier today, Andrew Aude, a Stanford Computer Science student, posted to twitter with pictures of Facebook Messenger's new P2P “FB Payments” functionality. Aude and other commentators likened Facebook's new payment system to ...

Peer-to-peer lending comes of age as Wall Street muscles in
Jefferies bankers now plan to securitise these “P2P” loans by bundling them into bonds that can be sold to a wide array of investors.

BitShares Out to Make P2P Music Profitable
The original iteration of P2P music sharing, Napster changed music forever through its use. BitShares Music extends the ideas pioneered by bitcoin and Napster into issuing trust-free digital assets.

New ISAs: Government set to include peer-to-peer lending in tax-free savings ...
Samir Desai, chief executive of Funding Circle, which uses P2P lenders' cash to loan to small businesses, said: “Inclusion of peer-to-peer lending within Isas will be another stamp of credibility on our sector.

SIA to shake up “fossilised” P2P payments in a Jiffy
Italian payment processing specialist SIA has released a new P2P payments service that allows users to send and receive funds on their smartphone using their phone contacts.

Hedge funds, securitisation and leverage change P2P game
For many people, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending probably conjures up images of amateur investors, bright-eyed millennials, and mom-and-pop savers wiring money directly to entrepreneurial individuals and small businesses - a revolution from which banks and ...

P2P Lending In Japan - The Current Situation
Compared to the growth of P2P lending markets in the UK or in USA, Japanese P2P lending market grew moderately - currently the amount of outstanding loans managed by the largest P2P lending platform, maneo, is estimated to be around 60 million ...

Economy influences how people use P2P file-sharing systems: Report
Researchers from Northwestern University conducted an unprecedented study to analyze the behavior of 10,000 anonymous BitTorrent users from all over the globe.

Intel Brings P2P Encryption Standard to Payments and Beyond
With the proliferation of data breaches hitting merchants hard and stressing a need for better security at the point of sale, Intel and NCR have devised a new solution to protect retailers and consumers.

Faced with network surveillance, Hong Kong student demonstrators go P2P
The makers of Firechat, a wireless P2P chat app that works phone-to-phone over Bluetooth and wifi, say they've seen a surge of new users from Hong Kong's student demonstrators, who are locked in pitched battle with the territory's police as they fight ...

Wednesday Webinar to Examine Direct Spend P2P, Navigating its Complexity
Our own Jason Busch (founder and managing director of Spend Matters) and Pierre Mitchell (chief research officer of Spend Matters) will be on hand for Direct Spend P2P: Too Complex to Automate? a new webinar scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 15 at 11 ...

Suzhou bank joins hands with P2P lender
Bank of Suzhou, a local joint stock commercial bank in East China's Jiangsu Province, announced Monday that it is setting up a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending business division with technological support from, a Shanghai-based P2P lending ...

Square lets customers make P2P payments via BLE
Square has added a feature to its Square Cash app that lets users leverage Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to make payments to anyone nearby, as well as an order ahead service for users of its Android and iOS apps.

French bank uses Twitter for P2P payments
Users do not need to have a BPCE account to send a P2P payment via Twitter. Nor do they need to enter the recipient's bank account details.

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