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dotisoHunt - the BitTorrent and P2P search engine | PR PR

Bit Torrent search engine, with an awesome P2P community sharing comments and ratings in discovering new media.
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dotMininova : The ultimate BitTorrent source! | PR PR

Download Movies, TV Shows, Music, Software and more. Mininova is the largest BitTorrent search engine and directory on the net with thousands of torrents.
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18 Oct 14 - P2p Torrent Sites News

Economy influences how people use P2P file-sharing systems: Report
Although user activity on services like Amazon or Netflix can be easily tracked and studied, an undertaking of this scale on anonymous P2P networks that share torrent files has never been done before. The team made use of a BitTorrent app developed by ...

Compact BitTorrent clients with expansive capabilities - Know more about torrents
Compact BitTorrent clients with expansive capabilities - Know more about torrents Compact BitTorrent clients with expansive capabilities have changed the way the world uses the internet.

BitShares Out to Make P2P Music Profitable
In addition, crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter have also demonstrated that people are willing to support an idea without getting much in return, so long as they are guaranteed that the funds will be used for the right purpose.

AT&T Patents Technology to Keep Torrent Files Alive
The patent certainly doesn't mean that the ISP encourages sharing copyrighted files. Among other anti-piracy innovations, AT&T previously patented systems to track content being shared via BitTorrent and other P2P networks and report those offenders to ...

What Is BitTorrent?
The musician released a solo album, Tomorrow's Modern Boxes, online for $6 on Friday. The twist? It's currently only available on BitTorrent.

Corrected: Fox Star Studios gets John Doe order for movie Bang Bang; 72 sites ...
The discussion in India hasn't moved to a nuanced one, like the case of torrent sites, which merely provide access to torrent files, and not infringing content itself, which are downloadable via distributed P2P networks. It's doubtable that we'll have ...

Afterfall: Insanity Pre-Orders Are an Insane $1
The pre-orders can be made directly from the game's website . Once the company's target goal is achieved Afterfall: InSanity will be distributed among the p2p (peer 2 peer) networks such as Torrent. Additionally, 10% of the revenues will be donated to ...

Labels Win Grooveshark Copyright Infringement Case
The future of streaming music service Grooveshark is in doubt after a United States District Court issued summary judgment in one of the cases actioned by the major labels.

Compact BitTorrent client with expansive capabilities Download for Mac OS X
The p2p technology today mostly runs on programs which are basically compact BitTorrent client with expansive capabilities, which simply put, are the torrent clients. Two of the top names that emerge are BitTorrent and uTorrent. BitTorrent was the ...

New Thom Yorke album sees 116000 downloads via BitTorrent on first day
The new Torrent files have a pay gate to access a bundle of files. The files can be anything, but in this case is an 'album'.

What One Personality Can Mean in the World of Endorsements
Once it became apparent that K ali evin Durant, a world-renowned basketball player, was looking to sign a new endorsement deal, a bidding war seemingly developed between Nike and Under Armour.

SynGen, Inc. Secures Additional Financing From Bay City Capital
The P2P shift will impact many areas of our lives, from mobile communication, human interactive web services, RTC and telephony infrastructure, user federation, security and privacy implications, business costs, and scalability.

Popcorn Time: A new and free way to stream movies
Popcorn time works on p2p streaming that is essentially like torrent. When you click on a movie link, it starts downloading that file sequentially from other peers and start playing it .

Daniel Sebastian Abmahnung: We Love Fitness 2014
Trotz Inkrafttretens des Gesetzes gegen unseriöse Geschäftspraktiken sind weiterhin vielfach Abmahnungen im Auftrag der Film-, Musik- und Softwareindustrie im Umlauf. Wer heutzutage der Meinung ist, dass Filesharing-Börsen (p2p, torrent) eine günstige ...

Logiciel de Torrent légal ou pas ?
... ŕ la faute. Alors pour éviter tout problčme avec la loi, nous vous proposons un petit rappel sur les logiciels de Torrent, ainsi que les rčgles ŕ respecter pour pouvoir les utiliser en toute légalité. ... En effet, alors que eMule ou Vuze mettent ŕ ...

EURid zabavila doménu torrentovému Popcorn Time
Odebírání domén torrentovým katalogum už je pomerne bežná vec. Registrátor EURid však nyní zašel ješte o kus dál a odebral evropskou doménu projektu Popcorn Time. To je software, který se snaží napodobit videotéky jako Netflix s tím rozdílem, že filmy ...

Waldorf Frommer Abmahnung: "Crisis - How Far Would You Go", (TV-Folge, lang ...
Es handelt sich dabei um eine behauptete Urheberrechtsverletzung durch das unbefugte Verbreiten in (bit)Torrent Filesharing-Tauschbörsen bzw. Peer-to-Peer Netzwerken. Verlangt wird, innerhalb einer Frist von wenigen Tagen ... Zu beachten ist, dass beim ...

Come rimanere anonimi online
Quando si č connessi a una rete p2p (peer-to-peer) o a un servizio di cloud storage per scaricare dei file, la privacy non č l'elemento che viene maggiormente garantito dai gestori di questi servizi. Utilizzando un client torrent, ad esempio, si potrŕ ...

Movie Panda, le "Netflix pirate" propose plus de 15 000 films gratuits en streaming
Movie Panda est fier de délivrer aux internautes totalement gratuitement pas loin de la bagatelle de 15 000 films (et ça n'est qu'un début), sur un site avec une interface trčs simple et assez agréble. Et il y en a pour tous les gouts. A la différence ...

Las mejores alternativas a uTorrent en Windows
A la hora de descargar archivos .torrent, tenemos a nuestra disposición un montón de programas. Algunos son ... En cualquier caso, la verdad que todos nos servirán si queremos descargar algún fichero utilizando la conocida red P2P. uTorrent es el ...

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