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15 Feb 20 - Reference News

One Of Seth Rogen's Movie Characters Apparently Has A Movie Reference Tattoo We Missed
Yes, if you pay attention closely enough while watching Long Shot, youll see that Fred Flarsky got a tattoo of the futuristic bike that lead character Shotaro Kaneda rides in Akira, as seen below. In any case, this just serves as a reminder about how certain things can remain undiscovered for long after a movie has been out. Even that ...
Bidwills reference to fan surveys, safety and health data supporting 17 games was anecdotal
In making the case that a 17th game wont impact player health and safety, Cardinals chairman Michael Bidwill made a statement that caught my attention: I think our fans would like more. We have surveyed our fans. The heath/safety data plays out that we can do 17 games and its not going to impact the safety and the health of the players ...
A dataset of radar-recorded heart sounds and vital signs including synchronised reference sensor signals
Overall, around 223 minutes of data were acquired at scenarios such as breath-holding, post-exercise measurements, and while speaking. The presented dataset contains reference-labeled ECG signals and can therefore easily be used to either test algorithms for monitoring the heart rate, but also to gain insights about characteristic effects of ...
Sonic movie Easter eggs: every cameo and reference to the games
Whether youve followed him from, well, his Genesis or have only gotten up to speed on the blue blurs history more recently, theres bound to be something for you in our round-up of Sonic movie Easter eggs.
YouTuber Compares Pro Display XDR to $43K Sony Reference Monitor, Says It's a 'No Go' for Professional Colorists
Apple charges $5,000 for its Pro Display XDR and has described it as a display designed for professionals, even claiming that it can match the performance of some professional reference monitors on the market that sell for much more. Vincent Teoh, a TV reviewer at HDTVTest, recently tested Apple's Pro Display XDR claims, comparing it to Sony's ...
Zo Kravitz's Costumes in 'High Fidelity' Reference Kurt Cobain, 'Reality Bites'-Era Winona Ryder and '90s Drew Barrymore
Plus, the outfit gives indie fans and music snobs another '90s cool-kid reference: "It's playing into the whole 'Empire Records' tomboy, Catholic school girl, demented femininity," says Laux. "It's intended to be super tongue-in-cheek, like, 'Yeah I'm wearing this tiny little skirt, but I'm also wearing this ginormous Dickie's t-shirt with it.'"
Identification and evaluation of reliable reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR analysis in tea plants under differential biotic stresses
The selection of reliable reference genes (RGs) for normalization under given experimental conditions is necessary to develop an accurate qRT-PCR assay. To the best of our knowledge, only a small number of RGs have been rigorously identified and used in tea plants (Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze) under abiotic stresses, but no critical RG ...
Don't interfere in internal affairs: India slams Kashmir reference in Turkey-Pakistan joint declaration
Responding to queries regarding reference to Jammu and Kashmir by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his visit to Pakistan, as well as in the joint declaration between the two countries, External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said, "India rejects all references to Jammu and Kashmir, which is an integral and inalienable ...
The Best Part of the To All the Boys Sequel Was That One Masturbation Reference
I'm just saying, make sure you know how to look after you." UMM, EXCUSE ME? That is fully a masturbation reference! In a teen comedy! A YA comedy! A teenage girl just told another teenage girl she needs to learn how to masturbate before she has sex with her boyfriend, in a movie geared towards people who are 14. That is, simply put, the best ...
NUWC Division Newports Underwater Sound Reference Division named Designated Institute by National Institute of Standards and Technology
Now, that degree of knowledge has been made official. Division Newports Underwater Sound Reference Division (USRD) recently was named an official Designated Institute (DI) for Acoustics: Sound in Water by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The designation became official Nov. 12, 2019. This will formally ...

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