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17 Sep 14 - Reference Almanacs News

The making of an Australian princess
With the engagement announcement, the press took off in battalions to the Mitchell Library to scan the pages of the Almanac de Gotha, the last word on the European aristocracy. It revealed nothing of the title Lorenzo used. Unknown to the prince ...

The First Disneyland Ticket
According to Jason's Disneyland Almanac, using Roy O. Disney's Disneyland Attendance Summary located at the Anaheim Heritage Center the attendance total that day was 27,000 guests.

Steelworkers vote 79.8 per cent in favour of five-year contract with Vale
The Old Farmer's Almanac, published in Dublin, New Hampshire, North America's most popular reference guide and oldest continuously published periodical since 1792, says, “Winter temperatures will be colder than normal.

Tigers' Miguel Cabrera Reaches 100 RBI for 11th Straight Season
With a seventh-inning single Sunday against the San Francisco Giants, Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers recorded RBI No. 100 on the season, reaching this mark for the 11th consecutive year.

Heart of the Midwest
Essayist John Hildebrand opens his new book, The Heart of Things: A Midwestern Almanac, by addressing the region's depiction in movies.

Guinness World Records turns 60: The publication remains a bestseller by ...
But there is a reason behind the almanac's makeover from fusty reference book into wacky read: the internet. How else were they to compete with the web and its endless corridors dedicated to the freakish and the odd?

Old Farmer's Almanac predicts "super-cold" winter
Since its first publication in 1792, The Old Farmer's Almanac has served as a reference book for mostly rural residents, containing weather forecasts, tide tables, planting charts, recipes, with articles revolving around gardening, astronomy and farming.

Vale, Steelworkers reach tentative agreement
The Old Farmer's Almanac, published in Dublin, New Hampshire, North America's most popular reference guide and oldest continuously published periodical since 1792, says, “Winter temperatures will be colder than normal.

Best Planets to See in September's Night Sky
(For reference, 10 degrees is about the distance covered by your clenched fist held against the sky at arm's length.) [Best Stargazing Events of September (Sky Maps)].

Cuban minister outlines blockade challenges
Moreno said for instance, Cuba had remained unable to renew its subscription to Banker's Almanac services, something that was very useful for the area of commercial bank correspondences with foreign banks as well as future direct investment operations ...

Crossing the old bridge
I just turned one more page in my private almanac. A year trotted by, without bells and whistles. With only the ... I guess the word is more of a lexical aberration than a specific reference to a time frame. Yet, the casual manner in which we tend to ...

The '92-93 Connection (Winter Preview?)
The first time I can recall hearing 1992 in a weather discussion, it was in reference to the early stages of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Almanac, Blue Book still valuable resources
Be warned: The almanac is predicting another arctic blast this winter. Before Google and the Internet, the Old Farmer's Almanac was a very valuable reference tool. It still is. I can also say the same about another publication - the Tennessee Blue Book.

Farmers' Almanac predicts another nasty winter
“Some of the main references for 'Childhood Faith in Love' were songs from that zone and era,” says Krell.

Beheading Infidels: How Allah 'Heals the Hearts of Believers'
The Arabic caption to the left says “healing for hearts”—a clear reference to the aforementioned Koran verse… Click for images and to keep reading ... His writings have appeared in a variety of media, including the Los Angeles Times, Washington Times ...

The 2015 'Old Farmer's Almanac' Offers Another Year Of Facts And Fun
The Old Farmer's 2015 Almanac, like its predecessors, is as much a reference book as it is a magazine, and deserving of a place on the bookshelf - or saved to the Favorites on the Internet browser.

Mission Family: Free online resources for school year
General Reference Center: almanacs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference books, magazines, newspaper articles, children's magazines and more.

Canon-Mac 'Whale Done' program reinforces positive behavior
“I had to constantly reference things, like the exact position of the eyes, and make sure everything was perfect,” Trovato said.

A Star Called 'Bob'? Dolphin Constellation's Weird Star Names Explained
Some reference books refer to the diamond as "Job's Coffin," though the origin of this name is unknown. Two stars in ... As it turns out, Dnoces is the word "second" spelled backward, a reference to the ordinal number often appended to White's name ...

Campaign Expert Neil Oxman Talks About How He Makes Political Ads
This is FRESH AIR. I'm Terry Gross. A recent analysis by The New York Times found that this year's congressional elections will generate more than $2 billion worth of political advertising on television.

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