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17 Sep 14 - Reference Archives News

When Did 'Shylock' Become a Slur?
Jewish Americans have publicly challenged the portrayal as an insult to Jews for more than 50 years, according to a review of TIME's archive, even as it remained a fixture of the modern lexicon. ... Many of those are articles about The Merchant of ...

Happy birthday, Boston. Here's the city's oldest document
It's the subject of the first entry in Boston's town book for 1634, an artifact the Boston City Archives is featuring today in honor of the city's 384th anniversary.

How to Build Your Home Gym From Scratch
No, that's not a Game of Thrones reference—that's just the cold, harsh truth. And if this winter is anywhere near as cold and harsh as the last one, it'll be ridiculously hard to leave your house for anything, and certainly not for the gym (Going into ...

About time: Tudor watches have arrived in the UK
As you can see, each manages to tread that line between throwback and modern that's so on-trend in the watch world right now - a look the brand's perfected thanks to reviving and rebooting models from its extensive archives (Tudor was originally ...

Obama's Dumb, Rash, and Unilateral War
Defending Obama's interpretation of the AUMF, former Solicitor General Walter Dellinger tells The New York Times you could "read the reference to 9/11 organizations to include all the evolving versions of radical jihadism." Yes, you could read it that ...

Wittliff Collections at Texas State University Opens Charles Bowden Archive
Conversations with Bowden, she recalled, were like reading his writing: a steady stream of subjects, references and ideas. “That he died in his sleep,” she wrote in an obituary, “and not at the hands of the cartels, or the coyotes, or dirty cops on ...

That's entertainment: Spotlighting events around the area, Sept. 17-24, 2014
URBANA - "World War I in Champaign County: The Local Story of the Great War" at the Archives Research Center, Horticulture Field Laboratory, 1707 S. Orchard St., U, will feature on Thursday live period music, plus presentations and exhibits exploring ...

Ukrsotsbank repays early last tranche of National Bank refinancing of Hr 248 ...
Ukrsotsbank (Kyiv) in August repaid early the refinancing of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), according to a press release from the bank, with reference to financial director Giacomo Volpi. Announcement To Readers. Since 1995, the Kyiv Post has been ...

Break-in reported at apartment of Michael D. Oswald
According to the Sheriff's Office, deputies approached Oswald's door last Monday night in reference to a disorderly conduct complaint and were met by a shower of bullets from what has been described as an AK-47-like rifle.

America's Best New Bars; Fonte Cafe's Anniversary
Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 2.27.21 PM.png AWARDS SEASON— Food & Wine opened voting for its inaugural The People's Best New Bars contest.

The Morning News: Trash-Munching Goats Return
... national security, other than the fact that he was counsel for the Department of Defense when trillions of dollars went missing; I am not suggesting Director Johnson had anything to do with said missing monies, but it certainly is not a positive ...

Revealed after 75 years of secrecy: 'Fifi' the glamorous WW2 special agent who ...
Now, a release by the National Archives of more than 3,000 MI5 and SOE files has revealed for the first time the identity of Fifi as Marie Christine Chilver, the multilingual daughter of the prewar Latvia correspondent of The Times of London, who had ...

Deer season is here
New this year, hunters can reference color-coded calendars found in the2014 Hunting and Furharvesting Regulations Summary and at ksoutdoors.

'Ulysses' unlocked
Much of his research involved poring over archives at Cornell, Princeton, and Yale, as well as those at the National Library of Ireland.

Landmarks Praises Updated Plans for Glassy Spring Street Retail
There was reference made to the glass-heavy Apple stores. In the end, to satisfy concerns, raised largely by Bland and commissioner Michael Goldblum, the approval resolution included an amendment that any significant changes to the transparency within ...

July / August 2014 Notes
... Effective Stewardship DVD curriculum, adding expertise to session five on finances and giving. You can watch his lecture in its entirety at http://blog.

Forbes Announces Agreement With EBSCO To Digitize All Content From 1917 ...
EBSCO is also the preeminent provider of online research content for libraries, including hundreds of research databases, historical archives, point-of-care medical reference, and corporate learning tools serving millions of end users at tens of ...

Comedian Mike Polk Jr. Invites State Treasurer Josh Mandel to Pay His AT&T ...
I am attaching a copy of the latest notice for your reference. I do not recall failing to pay any bills during that time, however I must admit that I don't remember a lot from that period of my life (college, am I right?

gCell Gives Genentech Corporate Memory of Cell Line Experiments
It also expanded this reference database to popular cell lines in vendor archives, often improving on the canonical STR profiles, according to Neve.

Family history, book by book, at Lee County clerk's
Last week, Clerk Linda Doggett's office opened to the public its historical archives, dating back to the county's incorporation in 1887.

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