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Are you a subject matter expert? Any subject at all. Well, cash in on your knowledge though U-2-Me. U-2-Me is a knowledge exchange website. If you've searched high and low for an answer to a question, then U-2-Me may have the answer. U-2-Me enables Providers of Knowledge to meet and share that knowledge globally with those who seek it.
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17 Sep 14 - Reference Ask An Expert News

Ask an Expert: Do co-op boards interview kids?
I'm shopping for a co-op, and I have two young children. Will they have to do anything as part of my application for an apartment, like come to the board interview or get reference letters? Will I get turned down if they don't like my kids? It's a ...

18 Things You Should Never Say During An Exit Interview
When you quit a job, there's a good chance HR will ask you to partake in an exit interview. People tend to have mixed feelings about these conversations.

Scottish independence referendum: readers' questions answered
According to some constitutional experts, because the current flag technically represents a union of the crowns not the nations, and the Queen would be likely to remain monarch of an independent Scotland, there is no legal or constitutional reason to ...

Salmond makes last-ditch plea: 'This vote isn't about me'
Mr Salmond then made reference to warnings from banks, supermarkets, oil companies, telecoms firms and a series of economists about the terrible financial consequences of separation.

Prime witness: Duffy lawyer won't rule out calling Harper to testify at trial
I guess what I would say to the leader of the NDP, if anyone were to ask me about the misuse and inappropriate use of public funds, I would certainly suggest him as an expert witness." That was a reference to the controversy swirling around New ...

Presented by Dr. Wayne Westcott, a nationally-acclaimed fitness expert and author, the program will take place at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Sept.

Mike Duffy's lawyer won't rule out calling PM as witness and wants criminal ...
“Obviously if you read the investigator's report, there's absolutely no reason to suggest I would do that,” replied the prime minister.

Guilty verdict in gang trial
The woman said during the phone call the defendant made several sexual references to her, and she demanded he give her back her phone.

Portrait sparks legal wrangle
A Wanganui artist's controversial portrait of a convicted murderer is a valid piece of artwork, according to a local art dealer.

Criminal card games
I ask this question in the wake of the recent Home Depot breach, in which the “bad guys” - presumably cybercriminals in Russia - apparently penetrated the company's point-of-sale terminals and came away with an untold amount of credit and debit card ...

Finding the pressure release valve - how to avoid disputes on large ...
Be accurate. Ask yourself before you hit send, what would an independent person think if they read this in two years time? Would they understand my point?

Unthinkable, Unimaginable And Unspeakable: Why Wall Street Clings To The ...
A recent article in Seeking Alpha by author and financial researcher Christine Richard about Herbalife's ( HLF ) "nutrition clubs" included this quote attributed to me, " Herbalife has entered the fabric of Main Street.

QP Tuesday – Foreign focus
"How nice of him to reference another NATO leader," replies Mulcair. Lots of clapping. Switching gears to Nigel Wright and Duffy.

Two years and no report on death in custody of Aboriginal woman Maureen ...
Mr Newhouse said that even in involved cases such as the 2006 death of race-car driver Peter Brock - an investigation that required a consultant's analysis of the car's “black box”, many witness interviews and expert examination of marks on the road ...

China, the Climate and the Fate of the Planet
But in translating these general commitments into hard numbers, says Elliot Diringer, a climate-policy expert at the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, "the cash flows really have never been enough.

PDF Master: Bruno Lowagie
I wrote my first library in about 6 weeks and it had two major flaws: (1) to use it, you needed to be a PDF expert, and (2) I was the only person at the University who understood my code, so I was the only person who could update/debug the application ...

10 tips on public speaking
Having some new statistics or recent findings will position you as an expert in your field. 3. Know your audience Prior to ... Ask them questions and give them something practical to do to emphasise the points you are trying to make. Keep good eye ...

Adrian Peterson in more trouble 9-16-14
How can -- be -- -- different things way out of the -- child -- the quote the Peterson -- -- well not asking about having respect for Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson oil -- in recent Susan had a bad so Michael -- taking -- to task for the very final ...

20 Questions with Sable Aradia
If I am not willing to do that, how can I ask others to do it? Do you have fears that you might have been a .... I'm not a “be all end all” expert on Witchcraft, but it's rare when I feel as I'm actually learning something. I learned things in this ...

Manh(a)ttan Recap: Dead in the Water [SPOILERS]
It's a reference to the spontaneous fission rate of Pu-240. Physicists certainly knew at the time that even-numbered ... The polygraph expert reveals it wasn't a false a positive: Liza failed Question 17: “Have you ever received treatment or been ...

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