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17 Sep 14 - Reference Books News

NYRblog : Roving thoughts and provocations
In the age of the Internet, do we really need footnotes to reference quotations we have made in the text? For a book to be taken seriously, does it have to take us right to the yellowing page of some crumbling edition guarded in the depths of an ...

Frederick G. Ruffner Jr., titan of reference books, dies at 88
Frederick G. Ruffner Jr., an inveterate collector of information who founded the Gale Research Co., an empire of directories, dictionaries, biographies and bibliographies that stocked reference libraries for decades, satisfying urgent curiosity and ...

Historic reference books used by Lovejoy author to go under the hammer
The author of the popular Lovejoy novels is selling his extensive library of reference books used to research the stories about the roguish antiques dealer.

Bonhams Books to sell Lovejoy author's reference library
The reference books used by Jonathan Gash to pen the Lovejoy novels are to be sold at auction. In total 24 Lovejoy novels were written and adapted for the BBC television series between 1986 to 1994.

Latest Boys-Love Pose Reference Book is Sure to Induce Nosebleeds
Everyone is familiar with those How to Draw Manga reference books that are supposed to teach posing, aesthetic, and the overall basics for drawing in the general manga art style.

Books that changed me
These six volumes are among the most treasured possessions on my bookshelves. Invaluable reference books for all historians, these are also incredible sources of ideas and inspiration for the blocked writer.

The Bechdel test is only a small part of Alison Bechdel's genius
Bechdel was named to the 2014 class of MacArthur fellows and awarded $625,000 - the foundation's so-called "genius grant.

$4m mystery: how did NGA end up with treasured Indonesian relic?
In 1996 those pictures were published in Fragile Traditions, Indonesian Art in Jeopardy, a book by Paul Michael Taylor, now director of the Smithsonian's Asian Cultural History Program.

Library Without Books Debuts at Florida's Newest College
"In the past, you could buy a reference book and it could sit on your shelf for 120 years," Russell said. Several thousand such traditional books were inherited by Florida Polytechnic and are gathering dust in an off-campus library shared with a nearby ...

Books and privacy
That list is self-serving, as all the titles are mine; all these are books that have been with me and significant to me for half my life.

No books for you! City Colleges of Chicago Students.
Students at the City Colleges of Chicago may have to do without textbooks until as late as mid October. While the students are as bright as any they need their books, for reference, and a sense of security. They need reassurance that what they are ...

Children's Books: Alphabetical Derring-Do
The last big illustration in this cheerful account shows a jumble of words and pictures all tucked into wooden compartments, an image that captures Roget's achievement almost as expressively as the doorstop-size reference books that still carry his ...

Kindle security flaw can be exploited by hidden codes in e-books
Next time you come across a Kindle e-book link somewhere other than Amazon itself, you may want to make sure it's not some dubious website before you hit download or "Send to Kindle.

Lord of the Flies milestone marked with archive loan to University of Exeter
After the book was finally published by Faber and Faber in the autumn of 1954, Carver read it and recalls being excited at the reference to a classic children's book she loved. "I didn't bother with much apart from the fact it mentioned Swallows and ...

Treasure trove of historical books and documents to be unveiled at Bishop ...
... Lincoln, which was attended by King Edward VII, and Lincolnshire Life magazines from 1960 to the present day. The Lincolnshire Collection will be available to members of the public for reference and those who wish to borrow books can join for an ...

Go 'green' with Twice Sold Tales
Twice Sold Tales chairman Gwen Steensen reports that there will be “over 30,000” items available in fiction, non-fiction, reference and media “for all ages and tastes.” Community-donated books, as well as books and media culled from the library ...

The Best Animated Feature Oscar Race Just Got Even More Crowded
Avallone wanted to make an animated film based on the best-selling children's books about baseball written by Ray Negron, who has worked with the Yankees organization for more than 40 years, ever since George Steinbrenner caught him spray-painting ...

Darlington County Library Notes: More on E-Books
If you didn't realize we had electronic books or audio books you could put on your iPod or tablet, come by the reference desk and we'll help you explore Overdrive and get started. The beautiful thing about electronic items is you never need to worry ...

Cuncolkars urge govt to set up library
I strongly demand that the municipal heads and local MLA Rajan Naik must look into this matter and must try hard to get a well-equipped library with reference books and other books and magazines required." Local activist Oscar Martins said that ...

“Electronic Stop-and-Frisk” Is at the Fingertips of 3000 Police Departments
Those fingerprints would immediately become accessible in an online database for police to peruse and cross-reference as a deterrent to stolen-game trafficking.

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