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17 Sep 14 - Reference Flags News

China sees jihadi inspiration coming from abroad by way of the Web
URUMQI, China - On a rocky hilltop close to the city of Urumqi in China's troubled Xinjiang region, five men don black bandanas decorated with Arabic writing.

camden collective's high street highline at london design festival
... 2014 were selected from more than 100 proposals which responded to the brief which asked artists and designers to explore the the possibility of installing a green high line above the busy camden streets - using the high line in new york as a ...

The irony of the Air Force's anti-atheist oath
The oath was written into law in 1956 and, like the Pledge of Allegiance, did not originally include any reference to God. The final ... To this day, Jehovah's Witnesses refuse to perform military service, salute flags or swear oaths of allegiance to ...

Giancarlo Stanton Posts Gnarliest Instagram Pic After Face Fights Fastball
For some reason, London's Olympic promotions this summer involved hanging Mayor Boris Johnson on a zipline while waving a pair of tiny flags. Then he got stuck halfway through and it was pretty much the best, funniest, awkwardest thing that could have ...

Scottish independence campaign
Designer Vivienne Westwood, wearing a "Yes" badge and waving a Scottish flag in reference to Scotland's independence referendum, poses backstage before the presentation of her Vivienne Westwood Red Label Spring/Summer 2015 collection during ...

Scottish independence referendum: readers' questions answered
The College of Arms, the official register for flags, coats of arms and pedigrees for the Crown, which was responsible for the design of the current flag in 1606, similarly declined to be drawn ahead of the vote. Part of the problem, according to ...

Dariano v. Morgan Hill Unified School District
When the Caucasian students hung a makeshift American flag and began chanting "U–S–A," Assistant Principal Miguel Rodriguez intervened and asked the Mexican students to stop using profane language, to which one Mexican student responded, "But ...

BBB Issues Rare Warning About Boston Web Retailer
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) serving this area is warning consumers about, an online retailer based in Boston. Complaints from shopZoey.

Boko Haram - Nigerians Are Frustrated, Helpless - Angry Senate Asks Mark Tell ...
In apparent reference to the ongoing rally by the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria, TAN, Senator Ningi, who represents Bauchi Central on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP said, "Section 2 of the Constitution says Nigeria shall be ...

US ground troops could join Iraqis in ISIS fight
Dempsey said he hoped to enlist unnamed Sunni Arab nations with "very considerable" special operations forces to sustain the Syrian rebel army on the ground, possibly a reference to Qatar. He and Hagel demurred when asked by Senator John McCain, ...

America Rules at Hoops! Top Moments From the Basketball World Cup
For some reason, London's Olympic promotions this summer involved hanging Mayor Boris Johnson on a zipline while waving a pair of tiny flags. Then he got stuck halfway through and it was pretty much the best, funniest, awkwardest thing that could have ...

WWI in the Herald: September 15, 1914
There need be no doubt that when the settlement of affairs comes about at the close of the war Australia will be called upon to finally take over the German territory, in and around New Guinea which she has now captured.

The 158th Mid-South Fair set to begin Friday in Southaven
“We've got fried Coke this year too,” Johnson said in reference to about a new fair food, deep-fried Coca-Cola. “I can't explain it, you will just have to taste it.

How We Let Government Fail -- And Why Millenials Offer Hope
Perhaps Milner feels that both the media and the electorate are covered in his reference to "an enormous and active civil society" as one of the characteristics of the American body politic.

QP Tuesday – Foreign focus
Chris Charlton raises the NDP flags high and calls for the Conservatives to support a federal minimum wage, Kenny replies NDP can't keep promises on the provincial level, how can we trust them federally?

Almost 2 Million People Demanding Independence For Catalan Region
Among the Catalan flags unfurling in the afternoon breeze were banners of another kind: the Saltire, Scotland's ensign.

duncan shotton's sticky page markers form miniature landscapes
when we find something memorable in a magazine or noteworthy in a novel, it's useful to flag the page for quick reference later. tokyo-based designer duncan shotton has imagined these otherwise standard indicators as a series of miniature landscapes to ...

Scotland vote may change little in Catalonia – but Cameron's an unlikely hero ...
A spokesman for the Popular Party, which runs the country, repeated the refrain that the Catalan process infringes the Spanish constitution and that, in reference to sovereignty, “a few people cannot decide on a matter that belongs to all Spaniards." ...

2015: Desperate politicians have taken over —Tambuwal •Reps in closed-door ...
We need not enumerate the importance of legislative voting to both the legislator as a record of reference and self-assessment and the electorate as an accurate means of assessing their representatives on general performance as well as legislative ...

Lack of schools an easy lesson
The present system of governorship can easily be retained by amending the constitution relating to appointment of the Governor-General, simply by removing any reference to a British monarch. We achieve a republic while retaining ... Ern Hollebone ...

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