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17 Sep 14 - Reference Journals News

Design Reference Asteroid for the OSIRIS-REx Mission Target (101955) Bennu
Some results described in the DRA have been published in peer-reviewed journals while others have been reviewed by OSIRIS-REx Science Team members and/or external reviewers.

Up To Speed: Anheuser-Busch warns NFL over recent discipline issues
In a statement, Anheuser-Busch InBev sent a warning to the National Football League, that it is, "not yet satisfied with the league's handling of behaviors that so clearly go against our own company culture and moral code," a clear reference to the NFL ...

The Gen-Y consumer tsunami
The largest consumer group in the world right now is a bunch of kids born between 1978 and 1995. Jewellery marketing expert JAN BRASSEM reports.

Gemma Collantes-Celador
Dr Collantes-Celador's main research interests lie in the field of post-conflict peacebuilding, with special reference to the security dimensions of statebuilding processes, institutional approaches to security sector reform (particularly in the field ...

George Zweig's Brilliant Intuition And Van Hove's Horrible Censorship
The name was coined by Gell-Mann and is a reference to the novel Finnegans Wake, by James Joyce ("Three quarks for Muster Mark!

Silvercloud Health and Wiley Announce Partnership to Provide Online ...
Through the Research segment, the Company provides digital and print scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly journals, reference works, books, database services, and advertising. The Professional Development segment provides digital and print ...

Collaboration: Strength in diversity
After controlling for numbers of authors and for factors such as an ethnic groups' population density, we find that greater ethnic homogeneity among authors is associated with a paper's publication in lower-impact journals. ... If ethnic diversity ...

Medical research: Missing patients
Once participants were recruited, we measured genetic ancestry using reference data from the 1000 Genomes Project and the Human Genome Diversity Project.

In Search of Our Voices: On Marina Keegan and The Opposite of Loneliness
This particular story also exemplifies a somewhat eerie trend in Keegan's writing - a lot of characters die, and many of the nonfiction pieces examine death and dying while making reference to Keegan's own fears and losses. These are both thoughtful ...

BBC sting continues to see fall-out with striking-off of pharmacist
Graeme Smith, BSc, FRPharmS, has 29 years of experience working for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society's journals, mainly with The Pharmaceutical Journal, for which he was deputy editor from 2008 to 2014. Before that he had experience as a pharmacist in ...

Elsevier Journal Maturitas Publishes Position Statement on Breast Cancer ...
... digital solutions - among them ScienceDirect, Scopus, Elsevier Research Intelligence, and ClinicalKey - and publishes nearly 2,200 journals, including The Lancet and Cell, and over 25,000 book titles, including a number of iconic reference works.

Directory of Mithilanchal archaeological sites soon
It would be a reference book for all researchers and history students. ASI regional director ... Except for some scattered material in some historical journals, no comprehensive documentation of them has been made so far, said an expert. ...

Shadows In A Two-Way Mirror: Call Super Interviewed
He had to work twelve hours a day for this taskmaster and then at night was trying to write academic pieces for various journals, and he died in January, of heart failure, trying to finish an article. It was a horrendous experience, ... Then having ...

Microsoft Near Deal to Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang
Mojang has routinely dismissed funding overtures from venture-capital companies, as well as outright buyout attempts. A tight ownership structure has meant that the company has been able to focus its operations, Mr. Manneh told the Journal earlier this ...

Brain development in schizophrenia strays from the normal path
... digital solutions - among them ScienceDirect, Scopus, Elsevier Research Intelligence, and ClinicalKey - and publishes nearly 2,200 journals, including The Lancet and Cell, and over 25,000 book titles, including a number of iconic reference works.

Tim Cook Says Apple to Add Security Alerts for iCloud Users
"There's a well-understood tension between usability and security," said Ashkan Soltani, an independent security researcher who has worked with The Wall Street Journal in the past. "More often than not, Apple chooses to err on the side of usability to ...

China, the Climate and the Fate of the Planet
Foreign-policy journals openly speculate about the possibility of war with China, a suggestion that U.S. officials dismiss as absurd.

5 conditions needed to unleash powerful brainstorming sessions
The faster the ideas begin to flow, the more difficult it can become for each opinion to be heard, so encourage your team to write down any and all thoughts they have for future reference. Make it fun by incorporating unconventional ways to jot down ideas.

How neuroscience is being used to spread quackery in business and education
It publishes its own journal, and holds meetings around the world where prominent business people and a few scientists deliver seminars.

Foodies, feds and factory farms — Why we need vegans now more than ever
“Here's outside Macy's in Herald Square, the world's largest store,” Shapiro said in reference to a photo of a fur demonstration.

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