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17 Sep 14 - Reference Maps News

Digital Paintings Using Google Maps as Reference
Christian Lonsdale has a different way of painting the world - he does it from his home, traveling the globe using Google Maps and digitally painting the fantastic places he finds. After locating a suitable place captured in panoramic form (it could be ...

Updated Google Maps Gallery Lets You Add Your Personal Adventures
If you've ever created a map using Google Maps, you might not consider yourself an amateur cartographer, but that's basically what you are (gold star, you).

Should Airplanes Be Flying Themselves?
Airline pilots were once the heroes of the skies. Today, in the quest for safety, airplanes are meant to largely fly themselves. Which is why the 2009 crash of Air France Flight 447, which killed 228 people, remains so perplexing and significant ...

GPS pressure leads Ordnance Survey to ponder map co-ordinates change
In Great Britain, the national grid is the map reference system used on all Ordnance Survey maps to identify the position of any feature.

iOS 8 review: Some overdue updates, but well worth the wait
This is what Apple is calling "Handoffs," which can be used on many of the company's native apps: Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Safari, Reminders/Notes, iWorks and even Maps. (Yes, developers can also add Handoffs into their own applications.) But what if ...

Google makes it easier to create and share your own maps
Google has had tools for creating custom maps for a while, but they haven't been very accessible -- especially not if you've wanted to find your friends' creations.

Android One: Google's push to rule the smartphone world
Over the last seven months, the software titan has eliminated fees for its Windows Phone, struck deals with some of the same low-cost manufacturers -- such as Micromax -- and worked with Qualcomm for low-cost chips and reference designs to enable more ...

A guide to creating easy, online learning materials with Xerte
Xerte creates SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliant learning objects, so you can use them with just about any LMS, or you can use the "Deployment Zip" option to export an archive that contains a copy of the learning object that can ...

First meeting of Nepal-India boundary group begins
The BWG is mandated to commence field work at the earliest for the construction, restoration and repair of boundary pillars, including clearance of "no-man's land" or Dash Gaja and all other technical tasks according to the terms of reference to be ...

Variants of the CNTNAP2 5' promoter as risk factors for autism spectrum ...
For details on primer and probe combinations, see Supplementary Table 2. Fold-change of mRNA expression level was calculated using the 2-ddCT method.35 GAPDH and POLR2F were used as stable reference genes calculating the geometric mean of relative ...

Why 'Destiny' May Be The Most Controversial Game Of The Year [Updated]
Perhaps even worse is the way the expansions will begin to fracture the game's community. When certain maps or game modes are only available to gamers who purchase the DLC, this creates a segmented community.

ISIS' Desire to Erase Sykes-Picot Is Rooted in Fiction, Not History
The rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) raises the possibility that the days are numbered for the map of the Middle East as we know it.

Flowfinity Customers Integrate GIS Mapping Software with Mobile Data ...
The systems complement each other for organizations that have both mapping and mobile workflow or data collection requirements.

Monon Lake development passed
Go look at the Hamilton County GIS historical maps and tell me I'm wrong. I'm guessing I'm ... Many of the dying trees you reference are a direct result of those threats, and a direct result of the drought we experienced a couple of years ago. I care ...

Nepal-India BWG to work on border issues
Surveyor General Nagendra Jha said the meeting started with discussion on how to conduct the mandated works and frame the terms and reference of the body. Officials from the ministries of foreign affairs, home, land reforms as well as law and justice ...

Fire service maps truck explosion damage
A specialist team of firefighters worked to map the damage of the blast. "They are walking around through the scrub and off the sides of the road to try and find any debris, regardless of the size, to try and find actual blast patterns which occur with ...

Volunteers hope to unearth hidden history at medieval church in Hopton
The origins of the church are unclear, with no reference to a church in Domesday but some recorded evidence of a possible religious site here from as early as 1087.

Is it ISIS, ISIL or IS? French Government Puts a Name Change Into Effect
Maureen Dowd called it ďa bit odd that the administration is using 'the Levant,' given that it conjures up a colonial association from the early 20th century, when Britain and France drew their maps, carving up Mesopotamia guided by economic gain ...

Android One Is Late to the Party but It Can Still Be a Game-Changer
The original announcement named brands like Micromax, Karbonn and Spice as the hardware partners for Android One and promised a reference platform that would help OEMs save time and money in design. Even before the launch of Android one, the ...

Yves Fortier: A herald of Canada's golden age of geology
The resulting rock samples, maps and reports were an extraordinary revelation, describing thick layers of sedimentary rock and structures similar to those found in oil fields.

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