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17 Sep 14 - Reference Questions And Answers News

Scottish independence referendum: readers' questions answered
On Tuesday, between 3pm and 4pm BST (10am and 11am ET), the Guardian's specialists were on hand to answer questions from readers - from Scotland, the rest of the UK, and around the world - about this historic vote.

What does 'estate grown' mean on a wine label?
To some people, and by that I mean mainly small-scale wine producers, it means a lot. But if you have to ask, it pretty much means nada.

Biden tamps down 2016 speculation during Iowa visit
At one point, Biden made a lengthy reference to a quote from writer Thomas Pynchon: “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers.” He encouraged the audience to ask “the right questions” about corporate power ...

It's Past Time, Commissioner
NEW YORK—A source with knowledge of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's mindset this week said something today that is very bad news for the 2014 playing status of Carolina defensive end Greg Hardy: “Roger has determined that he will be a leader in ...

Titans-Cowboys Film Review: Oh QB, Where Art Thou?
A physical freak with off the charts intangibles that was still learning the game. I think this reference point is important.

City Council candidates voice their opinions
All City Council candidates responded to the same questions the Tribune hopes will give voters a good sense of their views and opinions.

Lord of the Flies milestone marked with archive loan to University of Exeter
The answers were never very explicit." The parcels were the manuscript being sent off to publishers, coming back ... After the book was finally published by Faber and Faber in the autumn of 1954, Carver read it and recalls being excited at the ...

National debt ours? Yes or No – You Decide
They were only too happy to answer questions posed by our readers that we couldn't quite get through on the night, thanks to a heated meeting which 420 people attended!

Chrome for Android starts answering your questions in search suggestions
Google's as-you-type search suggestions have only offered the tiniest bit of help so far. They can handle basic math, but they won't answer questions that require more than a few numbers. However, that might soon change. Chrome for Android now has an ...

Is it OK to hunt while pregnant?
In fact, not one of my many pregnancy books had any answers as to whether this was OK. And it's not because ... Incredulous, I kept digging, and was relieved to discover that at least I wasn't the only woman who had tried to find an answer to this ...

The Reckoning of Mars Hill
Yet his reference to these weekly gatherings as analogous to “church” hints at an unwillingness to devote himself wholly again to a religious organization—an attitude shared by Dwayne Forehand, owner of this backyard.

What kind of prime minister would Mulcair or Trudeau be?
Asked yesterday about a report that, from here on, he is planning to not attend question period as much as he has, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair assured the assembled journalists that he'd still be there more often than Prime Minister Stephen Harper and ...

Factoring Security Into Data Governance
During this week's European Financial Information Summit (EFIS), answers to one of the questions posed in last week's column previewing the conference emerged in discussions ostensibly about other concerns.

Real estate bubble worries deflated
When a 1.25-acre property sells for $125 million, people are sure to start asking questions about a land price bubble, said Ron Shuffield, president and CEO of EWM in reference to the mostly vacant site along Biscayne Bay in downtown Miami purchased ...

Reshaping the University: The Rise of the Regulated Market in Higher Education ...
Unfortunately, this analysis takes place largely without reference to broader social, cultural and political changes. This results in a presentation of historical continuities at the expense of highlighting what is new in the attitudes and ... judges ...

Przybylo: Tackling recruiting questions
Here are some answers to some of the more pressing questions. Any other commits coming from this weekend? The weekend was like boiling water in a pot, but it never overflowed.

Sheffield duo launch 'ScotorNot' app as independence referendum looms
The app allows people from all over the UK and the rest of the world to have their say, and there are live statistics relating to votes coming in and where the votes are from, tweets about the referendum displayed in real-time as well as Topical ...

Which Los Angeles Clippers Player Has the Most Upside Right Now?
The key questions with him involve trajectories: Is he getting better? Is he diversifying his scoring portfolio? The answers there are definitely “yes” and “yes.” His rookie season, Griffin made only 33 percent of his ... Digest this statistic for a ...

Using the EHR to dive into data mining, clinical analytics
Others seemed to create more questions than answers: “Not Smoking a Pipe,” “Not a Current Light Tobacco Smoker,” or “Having Recently Stopped Smoking.

Introducing the Living With Data series
A quick Google search might answer our question, but more often than not, the right search terms escape us. All these questions .... Think of this as a reference for trying to identify what kind of advertising technology you encounter. It is meant for ...

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