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17 Sep 14 - Reference Thesauri News

Thesaurus is a simple app for quick reference
It certainly does not offer the broad scope of alternate word choices available in's Dictionary and Thesaurus combo app. You can click on one of the synonyms to open up more words. But just as above, your choices are extremely limited ...

Children's Books: Alphabetical Derring-Do
The last big illustration in this cheerful account shows a jumble of words and pictures all tucked into wooden compartments, an image that captures Roget's achievement almost as expressively as the doorstop-size reference books that still carry his ...

7 dictionary and reference apps that are not just for students
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus ($4; iOS and Android) is a solid dictionary with a full thesaurus, which offers pronunciations, good definitions, brief word origin information, and if you tap Thesaurus, you'll get scans of synonyms and antonyms.

50 New Picture Books for Fall 2014
This ingenious biography will give you a new appreciation for the Thesaurus (which, thanks to Google, is probably gathering dust on your shelf).

Schools to learn British history from Stone Age to web
Age 7-11: Spell 200 complex words including “mischievous”, “privilege” and “yacht”; use thesaurus to develop vocabulary.

MICHELE HUEY'S 'GOD, ME AND A CUP OF TEA:' Let God be your quoin
I browsed through the “Q” section in a Bible dictionary and my “Flip Dictionary,” which is actually a thesaurus, and came up with three possibilities: qualified, quantity and quoin.

The Zara Snafu Revisited
You'd think Zara would take the time to thumb through a thesaurus, or something. With that by way of ... What we got from them so far is rubbish about sheriff badges in the Old West and an oh-so casual reference to the Star of David. Zara must know ...

Refreshing Synonyms For The 11 Most Overused Terms In Modern Marketing
Scalable is an incredibly vague word that provides no frame of reference for the recipient, and surprisingly this one's one of the worst offenders on my list.

Berkshire Fringe Festival Excels in New Home
PITTSFIELD, Mass. - A major change of venue has not altered the fundamental artistic essence of The Berkshire Fringe, as its 10th season has played out in a whirlwind of theater, song, and assorted buffoonery in the more centralized urban location of ...

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