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17 Sep 14 - Regional Middle East News

The Associated Press names Maya Alleruzzo as Middle East regional photo editor
Alleruzzo, a photographer who has covered wars in Iraq and Afghanistan during a 12-year stint in the region, has been named regional photo editor for the Middle East by The Associated Press. The appointment was announced on Tuesday by Ian Phillips, ...

AP names Maya Alleruzzo Mideast photo editor
CAIRO (AP) - Maya Alleruzzo, a photographer who has covered wars in Iraq and Afghanistan during a 12-year stint in the region, has been named regional photo editor for the Middle East by The Associated Press. The appointment was announced on ...

Islamic State is cementing, not destroying regional order
All the talk these days is about how the Islamic State is redrawing the map of the Middle East. This is true - for now - with regard to Iraq and Syria, on whose territories it recently declared a caliphate.

Survey: Israelis lead Middle East in satisfaction with their lives
According to the study, "Israel's relatively high rates of well-being stand out compared with its neighbors in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, safely exceeding the regional percentages in all five elements. "Israel's thriving rates in ...

An international coalition against Islamic State: regional considerations
However, negotiations over a nuclear deal have been broadly constructive and Iran's position as one of the most stable countries in the region is making it appear a more attractive potential partner for the US. Casual discussions have taken place over ...

Syria attends first regional conference since Arab League froze its membership
It provides a forum for Arab governments, policy makers, planners, academia, civil society and development experts to discuss disaster risk reduction in the region and shape regional priorities towards the framework for disaster risk reduction that ...

Ghalioun: IS' expansion reflects collapse of entire regional system
"IS benefited from the power vacuum in the region, and used some rebel movements to become a force to be reckoned with," he said, adding that "IS has no clear policy but to seek revenge for itself from the West and the United States primarily, while it ...

IS threat shifts regional alliances
A perceived common threat of the Islamic State's (IS) advancement throughout the Middle East, has caused a shift in regional alliances, analysts say. “Middle East players find themselves faced with potentially existential threats...from an Islamic ...

Apple opens secret office in Dubai to serve as Middle East HQ
Apple has quietly opened an office in Dubai to serve as its regional headquarters for the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. The US-based electronics manufacturer has been on a recruitment drive over the past few months to help flesh out its base in ...

Blurred lines, IS and the rise of autonomous enclaves
For three years, the Middle East region has had to come to terms with shifting lines of control, the breakdown of regional order, and the wars that have come with it. The rapid advance of the Islamic State has all but shattered any notion that any ...

Iranian deputy FM visits Saudi Arabia in first for regional rivals since ...
Shi'ite Muslim Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia are enmeshed in a struggle for influence across the Middle East and back opposing sides in conflicts across the region. Rouhani and Abdullah. (photo credit:REUTERS). Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

Regional cooperation vital for Gulf security
Joseph Westphal, US ambassador to the Kingdom, said during the subsequent session that “our relationship with the Middle East is important, as we are committed to achieving security and stability in the region.” Westphal referred to the recent visit of ...

Middle East Leaders All Say They Oppose ISIS; What They'll Do Is Another Matter
The United States signed up Arab allies on Thursday to a "coordinated military campaign" against Islamic State fighters, a major step in building regional support for President Barack Obama's plan to strike both sides of the Syrian-Iraqi frontier.

Middle East countries sign up to Obama's coalition against Isis
Middle Eastern governments formally signed on to Barack Obama's war coalition against the Islamic State (Isis) on Thursday, even as major questions remained about the expansion of the air war into Syrian territory the jihadist army controls.

Defeating ISIS: An Integrated Strategy to Advance Middle East Stability
Create an ISIS-focused intelligence fusion cell in the region. The United States has a wide range of networked relationships with key Middle East intelligence services. Jordan is a close partner in counterterrorism efforts throughout the Middle East ...

Algeria calls on France to guarantee regional stability
General Pierre De Villiers Algeria is reported to have requested France guarantee regional stability if the West decides to intervene militarily in Libya, a diplomatic source revealed yesterday.

Netanyahu says agreed Gaza truce to focus on regional militants
US President Barack Obama has said he will send Secretary of State John Kerry to the Middle East to discuss the plan, which he said would involve military, diplomatic and regional efforts. Calm returned to the Gaza Strip after a Tuesday ceasefire, ...

Turkey's Middle-East Dream Becomes a Nightmare
As Turkey's chief foreign-policy strategist since 2002, Mr. Davutoglu has challenged this paradigm by hinting that Turkey should be the "Brazil of the Middle East," a dominant regional economy capable of steering the course of events. Turkey didn't ...

Middle East Updates / Reports: Bombing kills key Syrian rebel leader
Iraqi President Fuad Masum and leaders of regional and global powers will attend the conference in Paris, which comes days after the United States announced the creation of a 'core coalition' to combat Islamic State militants in Iraq.

Libya Dawn takes upper hand in civil war, as regional powers intervene
“Recent events suggest the Libyan Shield, which seems to be fighting to protect Libya's independence, is winning on the ground,” said Christopher Davidson, reader in Middle East politics and author of After the Sheikhs: the Coming Collapse of the Gulf ...

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