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17 Sep 14 - Regional Polar Regions News

Are freezing winters CAUSED by global warming?
A polar vortex is a large pocket of very cold air that sits above the polar region during the winter season. During winter, this air gets cold, and contrasts with the temperatures further away from the pole.

A hot spell, forever
Many scientists are so confident of their evidence that the technical debate now centres largely on predicting the details of what is going to happen within each region of the globe, not whether or when it will happen. But, significantly, there are ...

Riding on the alpaca's back
... be the best insulator and, other than polar bears, Alpacas came up second best. It has very good thermal qualities. It will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter,” she said.

Dialogue among cultures is a prerequisite for Asian unity
President Hassan Rouhani's visit to Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, his participation in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Dushanbe and his talks with the Chinese, Russian, Uzbek, Turkmen and Afghan presidents as well as the Indian ...

Challenging times for the EU Arctic policy
Partnership agreement with Greenland and various EU projects funded under numerous cooperation and regional programmes (such as Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme or Kolarctic) channel EU funding to Arctic regions from Nuuk to Urals. ... numerous ...

Evening Garden Club meeting
PLYMOUTH - The next meeting of the Evening Garden Club of Plymouth will be at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 17, at the John Alden Club, located at 16 Minuteman Lane.

Global Hegemonic Mindset
Part of the mix was establishing unified regional economies susceptible to and/or beholden to American leadership, from which military alliance systems flowed as being more easily organized.

Is this the end of Britishness?
In Colley's words, Great Britain in 1707 was “much less a trinity of three self-contained and self-conscious nations than a patchwork in which uncertain areas of Welshness, Scottishness and Englishness were cut across by strong regional attachments ...

Current sea ice situation: ongoing retreat in the Arctic, new maximum in the ...
On the other hand, the winter ice sheet in the South Polar Ocean has expanded to an area of 20.0 million square kilometres, as the researchers report, which exceeds the 30-year-maximum from the previous year.

Climate change and storm tracks: a tale of two hemispheres
Climate change is altering the temperature gradient between the warm equator and the colder polar regions; this is expected to affect the position and strength of mid-latitude storms.

Kiev Grants Donbas Limited Special Status: Hold the Cheers
At the same time, Donetsk People's Republic Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Purgin said his region isn't "considering remaining part of Ukraine.

Cincinnati Ballet displays fearless grace
“The amazing choreography, wide variety of genres, and the broad region of experimentation reached a new pinnacle this season,” Franklin said.

Will Scotland have a Territorial Claim to the Antarctic?
International interest and involvement in the Antarctic is generally traced back to James Cook's late 18th century austral polar voyage. Subject to subsequent ... Functioning as the Antarctic's pre-eminent instrument for the regulation of international ...

Student Transportation's (STB) CEO Denis Gallagher on Q4 2014 Results ...
Good morning, everyone, and thanks again for joining us. I am in Toronto this morning presenting in a financial conference this afternoon, while Pat Walker, our CFO is in our Wall, New Jersey corporate office and Pat Vaughan, our COO is in our New ...

Antarctic Sea Ice Growth Does Not Negate Climate Change, Scientists Say
The westerly winds blow fierce and constant around Antarctica, isolating the continent in a kind of permanent polar vortex.

Aerolineas Argentinas: a flying brick up high in the sky (Part I).
The Third competitor was ZONDA (Zonas Oeste y Norte de Aerolíneas Argentinas) was mainly concerned with operations in the northwest region. These carriers became unprofitable and by 1949 President Juan Domingo Perón had them amalgamated into a ...

Twenty reasons to visit Hong Kong
Whether it is the sweetness or the relatively mild spicing compared with other regional Chinese cuisines, Cantonese food really appeals to (most) kids.

The value of nuclear
The importance of diversity was made clear last winter by the impact of the North Polar Vortex, Fertel said. Spot natural ... That region had switched to increased use of dual fuel from plants able to generate electricity from oil and natural gas ...

Observing Earth
“You can have access to regions that are very, very difficult to go study and make sustained measurements in, such as the polar regions, rainforests of Central America, and other areas that are under-instrumented and under-studied,” says Michael ...

Rape Culture in the Alaskan Wilderness
Ginger Baim, the former SAFE director, claims that almost all sexual assaults that have taken place in Bristol Bay region for the past 25 years are not only facilitated by alcohol, but happen when a victim is passed out cold.

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