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17 Sep 14 - Seo Blogging News

10 Steps to Help Improve Your Local SEO
Your blog will allow you to create content that targets local keywords and search terms related to your business. Blogging provides a great SEO benefit, but it also gives your website visitors information to read every time they visit your website. The ...

Modern SEO Strategies: What I've Learned and What's Changed
We all got off track when we starting thinking of SEO as a list of tasks, when what we should have doing is organically growing our blogs to the right community, writing the best we can, and promoting our work for a larger percentage of our working ...

Analysis of Google's Own Blogging Practices Settles the Question Once and for ...
Absorbing such direction from above, many from the ranks of the SEO-gentsia concluded that guest posting should cease. Yet, that's not what he meant, and Google's own approach to guest blogging bears this out. I analyzed roughly six months of posts ...

Fast Company magazine takes a look at “blogging nuns and tweeting monks”
So, in response, Sister Vieira and her friend Sister Maxine Kollasch used a classic SEO strategy to combat the problem: She created a blog called A Nun's Life and a slew of corresponding social media accounts that would pop up at the top of web search ...

How to Build An Audience for Your New Blog
Once your content is established and SEO is in check, the next step is to share. Get your blog in front of the right audience.

Is Guest Blogging Really Dead? A Digital Marketer's Insights
There was an overwhelming response about Matt Cutts' statement that guest blogging is dead and bloggers and online marketers alike are now in the dilemma whether guest blogging is wasting their time for SEO marketing or it remains to be a worthwhile ...

4 Reasons Guest Blogging Should Be a Part of Every Entrepreneur's Strategy
But despite the power decrease, guest blogging is still quite useful in building domain authority. And even without the SEO benefits, guest blogging is an incredibly powerful tool all-around. Jose Vasquez is a serial entrepreneur and tech enthusiast ...

SEO Encompasses more than You Think it Does
The saturation of the internet with commerce, journalism, blogging, social media, social causes, entertainment and more fighting for the eyeballs of distracted, overwhelmed viewers makes online marketing a daunting business.

Your blog can attract millions
While she doesn't pay too much heed to search engine optimisation (SEO) or paid advertising, Bishop actively seeks opportunities to promote her blog. She has also employed an agency to sell banner advertising on her blog, which brings in the majority ...

23 of the Best Social Media Articles and Marketing Resources Every Marketer ...
20. Publish Your Blog Post Without SEO and 1000s of Visits Will Be Lost (link). Rand Fishkin's guest post on Problogger states a very eloquent case for the value of doing SEO with your content marketing. Even a little bit of SEO goes a long way.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners can meet one-on-one for 30 minutes Nov. 13 to discuss general social media questions related to Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, basic SEO, blogging and social media time management.

Blogging vs. Vlogging: How to Choose What's Right For You
Along with having good SEO knowledge, you will have to keep your blog updated on a consistent and regular basis. Once your readers start to enjoy reading your blog, they will want to come back for well-written posts. However, if your blog posts are ...

HubSpot Marketing Platform Gets Ten Brand New Features To Help Companies ...
HubSpot's inbound marketing software, ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by VentureBeat and G2Crowd, includes social media publishing and monitoring, blogging, SEO, website content management, email marketing, marketing automation, and reporting ...

Content marketers: It's time to find a new blogging trend
Every time I read the 10 steps to improving marketing content, webinars, SEO, social media, etc., I feel like I've entered a recovery program.

Eminent SEO Launches New Website
They specialize in website design, development, website copy, blogging, social media, organic SEO and PPC marketing.

9 Reasons Why LinkedIn Friendship Is the Mightiest of Magics
The LinkedIn blogging platform notifies users when a connection has published a post. This means that with more connections in your network, more users will be alerted when you publish a new piece of content.

The Power of Online Presence: Viral Blog Post Brings Book Deal for Amy Morin ...
9) What tips or resources can you recommend to help therapists who are new to the online world of blogging, social media, SEO, etc.? I recommend taking it one step at a time. Initially, the online world can seem quite confusing and overwhelming.

Marketing 2.0: strategies for online lead generation
But what if you're not convinced SEO is worthwhile and you don't want to have to depend on an aggregator (or the quality of their leads) to stay in the black?

Why Your Google Grants Campaign is Failing
Solve this by regularly blogging and allowing the variety of topics in blog posts dictate keyword choices. As you look at each new piece ... Bonus: tie in your Google Webmaster Tools and you can see your SEO results at the same time. Plus, you can use ...

Should Your Business Be Blogging? The Answer Is YES!
There are so many reasons to blog, from customer interaction and branding to SEO opportunities. Some companies use their blog as a way to communicate with their customer base. It provides a great platform to announce information such as specials or ...

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