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15 Feb 20 - Science News

FAA faces dilemma over 737 MAX wiring flaw that Boeing missed
During the original design and certification of Boeings 737 MAX, company engineers didnt notice that the electrical wiring doesnt meet federal aviation regulations for safe wire separation. And the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) failed to detect Boeings miss. The wiring vulnerability creates the theoretical potential for an ...
Near-Earth Asteroid Sets Off Alert, Turns Out to Be Two Asteroids Hanging Out Together
An asteroid that whizzed within 3 million miles of Earth last week turned out to be two objects in a binary system, according to new observations. The automated Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (ATLAS) on Mauna Loa in Hawaii discovered 2020 BX12 on January 27. It immediately determined that the asteroid was a potentially hazardous one.
Did Ancient Aliens Send Us Messages Every 16 Days? Either Way Its Time To Listen In Our Own Galaxy
Is there intelligent life out there in the Universe? If so, has it seen us? All we can say for now is: there may have been. The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) radio telescope in British Columbia, Canada was in the news this week after a paper was published that presented details of blasts of radio waves from a nearby ...
NASA taps Rocket Lab to launch CubeSat to lunar orbit
Feb. 14 (UPI) --NASA announced Friday it selected Rocket Lab of Huntington Beach, Calif., to launch a small satellite, or CubeSat, that will orbit the moon to help prepare for lunar missions. Rocket Lab is a new space company known mostly for launching small satellites from New Zealand, but it has a new launchpad in Virginia. The mission ...
New technologies, strategies expanding search for extraterrestrial life
Emerging technologies and new strategies are opening a revitalized era in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). New discovery capabilities, along with the rapidly-expanding number of known planets orbiting stars other than the Sun, are spurring innovative approaches by both government and private organizations, according to a ...
A Win for the Scientific Process
Controversy strikes over results of a recent replication study in psychology Source: Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels There was some blow back on a blog post I wrote a few weeks ago. It was reporting on the results of a new study that was posted publicly online on PsyArXiv about an attempt to replicate a highly cited study from several ...
Michigan computer science faculty calls for Jason Mars to take a leave of absence following Verge investigation
The faculty at the University of Michigans computer science and engineering department wrote a letter calling for professor Jason Mars to take a leave of absence, following an investigation from The Verge into his behavior as CEO of Clinc, an AI startup with ties to the school. On behalf of the entire CSE community, we vehemently condemn ...
Solar wind samples suggest new physics of massive solar ejections
A new study led by the University of Hawai'i (UH) at Mnoa has helped refine understanding of the amount of hydrogen, helium and other elements present in violent outbursts from the Sun, and other types of solar "wind," a stream of ionized atoms ejected from the Sun. Coronal mass ejections (CME) are giant plasma bursts that erupt from the sun ...
How A Former NASA Engineer Inspired Americas Obsession With Collagen
Five or six years ago, few Americans thought of collagen as anything beyond an ingredient in shampoo. They certainly didnt think of it as something to eat or drink. Yet today you can barely open a lifestyle magazine without seeing celebrities like Kylie Jenner gushing over it or Chicago Cubs players swearing by it, nor can you shop at Costco ...
NASA gives four projects $3 million to develop potential space missions
It's all part of the agency's Discovery Program. NASA has announced four projects as part of its Discovery Program, which sees the space agency asking scientists to pitch focused, relatively low-cost missions for it to take on and develop into full-fledged missions. "Although they're not official missions yet and some ultimately may not be ...

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