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17 Sep 14 - Science Earth Sciences News

Stanford summer program brings more diversity to the earth sciences
The Summer Undergraduate Research in Geoscience and Engineering (SURGE) program brings students from smaller liberal arts colleges, minority-serving institutions or underserved backgrounds to Stanford for a summer of earth science research and ...

'Mandatory for scientists to give lectures in schools'
The Centre has decided to make it mandatory for scientists and researchers of the Departments of Science and Technology, Earth Sciences and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research to undertake 12 hours of lecture classes in schools and ...

Scientists uncover fresh early Earth events, evidence of life on Mars
EARLY Earth is believed to be period of heavy bombardment comparable to hell. But a new probe suggests that early Earth was not as hellish as previously thought even as a tiny fragment of Martian meteorite 1.3 billion years old is helping to make the ...

Outreach plans for scientists
The decision of the Union Minister of Science and Technology to tap the talent pool of about 6,000 scientists from institutions and centres that come under the umbrella of the Department of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Earth Sciences and the ...

Science: Precious Petals to Passionate Teachers
For the first time since 1931, we have no Minister for Science; instead we have the Minister for Industry believing his 'passion for science' together with his scientific ancestry is all that is required. Was it this passion that had him describe ...

CSU wants women in the Earth Sciences
In the United States, men outnumber women in many science and engineering fields by nearly 3 to 1. In fields like physics or the geosciences, the gender gap can be even wider.

Kolkata scientists rewrite Earth's evolutionary history books
Scientists from Kolkata have rewritten the evolutionary history books by finding that oxygen-producing life forms were present on earth some 3 billion years ago - a full 60 million years earlier than previously thought. These life forms were ...

The Australian National University is up two places on international rankings
... Earth and Marine Sciences (=12), Philosophy (13), Modern Languages (=14), Sociology (=14), History and Archaeology (15), Law and Legal Studies (15), Computer Science and Information Systems (17), Economics and Econometrics (18), Agriculture and ...

NTU leaps into the top 30s in latest QS world university rankings
“NTU today is clearly a talent magnet, attracting more top students and some of the world's best professors and most promising young scientists.” ... NTU is also home to world-class autonomous institutes - the National Institute of Education, S ...

Texas drinking water tainted by natural gas operations, scientists find
“This is relatively good news because it means that most of the issues we have identified can potentially be avoided by future improvements in well integrity,” said Darrah, who teaches in the School of Earth Sciences at Ohio State. The study's other ...

CU-Boulder-led Mars mission set for orbit insertion Sept. 21
Thereafter, MAVEN will begin its one-Earth-year primary mission, taking key measurements of Mars' upper atmosphere. “The MAVEN science mission focuses on answering questions about what ... The MAVEN science team includes three LASP scientists heading ...

Former Southington teacher establishes sciences scholarship
Southington seniors pursuing a bachelor's degree in biology, chemistry, materials science, physics, earth science, or interdisciplinary studies in natural science will be eligible for the scholarship. The first scholarship, called the Nellie F. Shepard ...

Ancient monsoons Where the wind comes from
Evidence for this was published in April in Earth and Planetary Science Letters by Ding Lin of Chinese Academy of Sciences' Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research. Dr Ding inferred from isotopic and fossil evidence that some parts of central and ...

Celebrating local science: Julie Arblaster
Earlier this year Julie won an Early Career Medal (Earth Sciences) from the Australian Academy of Science. Reflecting the academy's interest in her work, she feels that the current climate change debate in Australia is still a topic of great interest ...

Early Earth less hellish than previously thought
The study was conducted by a team of geologists directed by Calvin Miller, the William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Vanderbilt University, and published online this weekend by the journal Earth and Planetary Science ...

NSF awards $7.4 million for research on species' evolutionary history
To keep the momentum going, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded $7.4 million in its first Genealogy of Life, or GoLife, grants.

Galactic cannibalism in progress
StarStuff photo of the week This photo of the globular cluster Messier 54 may look tranquil but astronomers believe it's the site of an act of galactic cannibalism.

The Wealth Under Afghanistan
The relationship resumed again in 2004 when the agency began advising government officials on their mineral wealth and training Afghan scientists. In 2006, the USGS began assessing oil and gas reserves in the country, followed a year later by airborne ...

7 times solar storms have affected Earth
Solar storms, which scientists warn could disrupt communications systems this weekend, are recorded as causing chaos on Earth as early as the mid-1800s, when they sparked fires and brought down telegraph systems. Find out what solar storms are, and ...

Leo vs. science: vanishing evidence for climate change
Perhaps DiCaprio would like to make a film about it? Tom Harris is executive director of the Ottawa-based International Climate Science Coalition. Bob Carter is former professor and head of the School of Earth Sciences at James Cook University in ...

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