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17 Sep 14 - Science Methods And Techniques News

Stem cell harvesting methods used by Sydney doctor Ralph Bright untested by ...
The affidavit led the FDA to send a formal warning to Intellicell about its methods, which highlighted a number of problems with Intellicell's laboratory, ranging from quality controls and sanitation to scientific methods. A group of investor doctors ...

GMO debate grows over golden rice in the Philippines
There are science-based, you know, well-established techniques, methods for establishing safety. MILES O'BRIEN: When golden rice was first created in the late 1990s, the giant agribusiness corporation Syngenta funded research and development, but ...

In Silico Drug Discovery Conference Announces Speakers and Topics
He has an impressive background in the pharmaceutical industry in the field of computational science and informatics. Dr. Brown has spent the last 20 years of his career innovating new scientific methods and applying them in commercial pharmaceutical ...

Neutrino experiment that reaches for the sun has Princeton roots
28 of an elusive subatomic particle forged in the sun's core was a crowning achievement in the 25-year international effort to design and build one of the most sensitive neutrino detectors in the world, a feat that directly involved Princeton ...

Meet The 2014 Winners Of The MacArthur 'Genius Grants'
"Taking an interdisciplinary approach that draws on techniques from materials science, physics, engineering, and chemistry, Hersam has established himself as a leading experimentalist in the area of hybrid organic-inorganic materials," the MacArthur ...

'Violence Is Violence': Adrian Peterson and the Science of Spanking
Four-year-olds typically rely on something called transductive reasoning, which links similar people, actions or events in obvious (but factually incorrect) ways. According to Michelle Anthony, Ph.D, a preschooler ... There are sound bites, and then ...

Pack 151 is accepting new Cub Scouts anytime from September through the end of October 2014. First signup night will be from 6:30 to 7 p.m.

Scientists to recreate 2300 year old brain surgery after finding evidence of ...
The actual surgical technique, and the implements, may have varied from those recommended in Ancient Greece, yet the care for the patient, and placing of the trepanation hole, shows a similar ethical aim.

Wednesday in Edinburgh – What's On Today
Learn more about the historic links and ongoing collaborative projects between both institutions and the techniques and processes involved in creating the tapestries currently on show from Melbourne and Edinburgh.

Rooting out horse-meat fraud in the wake of a recent food scandal
To help root out such fraudulent practices, food scientists and regulators have a couple of methods at their disposal.

New concepts based on advances in animal systematics
The data accumulated from these newly developed techniques has the potential to change how future generations of scientists classify organisms and understand the connections between them. Professor Noriyuki Satoh from the Okinawa Institute of Science ...

As East Coast waters warm, an invader moves in (+video)
Scientists have studied fish communities in Onslow Bay for decades, but these latest surveys employed additional techniques not used in previous research, Ms. Whitfield told the Monitor. Previous studies relied mainly on angling and trawling to ...

A Billion Tatooines
There are also limits to the resolution due to telescope size, too. And you need a very sophisticated technique to combine the resulting frames to tease out all the information in them.

3 Myths Plus a Few Best Practices for Achieving Diversity
Not surprisingly, good intentions alone cannot guarantee success in creating a diverse working or academic environment. Fortunately, a growing body of social science research shows which approaches are likely to prove more successful than others.

Magnetic resonance helps to detect and quantify fat in liver
Fat accumulates in the liver producing hepatic steatosis which, in certain circumstances, causes inflammation, fibrosis and finally, cirrhosis.

What FIs Are Doing Wrong in Detecting Fraud
We just come up with better authentication methods that put the power in the hands of the consumer in terms of what they want to do - so if the consumer turns out to be a fraudster, the result isn't a good one.

School officials talk about report cards
“While we received an A in overall progress (district value-added), we are already looking a methods to improve our Cs in that group,” Kreischer noted.

Stonehenge - what lies beneath?
Remote sensing techniques and geophysical surveys have discovered hundreds of new features which now form part of the most detailed archaeological digital map of the Stonehenge landscape ever produced.

Dr. Helmut Clemens Receives the Honda Prize 2014 for Contributions in the ...
The most advanced experimental methods were applied to investigate the internal structure of the developed TiAl alloy from atomic to macroscopic scale.

Ultrafast Temporal Shaping Is Coming of Age
The first scientific discussion of the method, which is now known as multi-photon intrapulse interference phase scan (MIIPS), met with great resistance because the technique did not include a beamsplitter, an optical delay line or any other of the ...

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