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17 Sep 14 - Science Physics News

What Is the Universe? Real Physics Has Some Mind-Bending Answers
Classical physics describes the fabric of space-time as a four-dimensional structure, with three dimensions of space and one of time.

Ambulance-chasing Large Hadron Collider collisions
In a people physics context, when some recent data disagrees with the Standard Model of particle physics and researchers come up with an interpretation in terms of new physics, they are called ambulance chasers too. This is probably because some view ...

Five sigma and all that
Louis Lyons, a world expert in the application of statistical science to particle physics, produced one of these last week.

Column: What keeps girls from studying physics and STEM
Physics is among the least diverse of the sciences, with only 20 percent of bachelor's degrees going to women and fewer than 10 percent to underrepresented minorities.

Talking climate science with physicist Glenn Marsch (Part One)
Editor's note: After two leading newspapers ran climate-related pieces seemingly at odds with one another, The Center for Vision & Values discussed the contrast with Grove City College physicist Dr. Glenn Marsch. A New York Times article reported that ...

Physics bus demonstrates wonders of science
Back in May, Erik Herman started a fundraising campaign to buy a used school bus and convert it into a "physics bus" that could demonstrate the wonders of science with a wide array of handmade gadgets and re-purposed appliances. After raising more than ...

Guest: What keeps girls from studying physics and STEM
I stayed despite the teacher's pressure, as the only girl in the class, and did well in the long run. I learned to love physics again in college, conducting original research with inspiring science professors who valued my presence in the scientific ...

Holography entangles quantum physics with gravity
In the 1990s, other physicists (notably Gerard 't Hooft and Leonard Susskind) developed this insight further, proposing the “holographic principle”: Information contained in a three-dimensional volume can be completely described by the two-dimensional ...

Physics professor tackles faith and science
Ken Hahn, the new professor of physics at John Brown University, says that his life has been defined by teachers. In fifth grade, Hahn had a science teacher named Mr. Pendleton. “He was really, really strict,” said Hahn. “You lost five points on a test ...

Cosmology, physics, and science in general figure centrally in “Big History”
That idea took his TED talk to a discussion of the Big Bang—the first of the eight thresholds listed in his paradigm. All of his thresholds integrally involve science and, in the later ones, technology. The first five telegraph cosmology, physics, and ...

Physicists capture the sound of an atom
"This is difficult to achieve with light, which moves 100,000 times more quickly,” says physicist Martin Gustafsson, the article's first author in the journal Science. The frequency the team used in the experiment was 4.8 gigahertz, which is close to ...

Quantum Physics and Theology
He shocked many people when he decided (after 25 years as a quantum physicist) to become an Anglican priest. As someone with an interest in science, philosophy, and theology, I was very much looking forward to reading this book and learn how a ...

All of Richard Feynman's physics lectures are now available free online
And even if you're a physics novice (like me), you can still marvel at the fantastic teaching and amazing science. Like Feynman said: “Physics is like sex: sure, it may give some practical results, but that's not why we do it.” Now stop wasting time ...

Perfect harmonies: How music was built into science
For scientists, too, music has been a fruitful subject of study as well as a rich source of metaphor. When theoretical physicist Frank Wilczek and journalist Betsy Devine called their book on modern physics Longing for the Harmonies, everyone knew what ...

Rebel science: Studying physics can give wayward teens a cause
I never took physics class; no teacher ever suggested it. I showed no aptitude for science, I was failing math and I proved good at little else besides causing trouble.

Female Physicists Worldwide Fight Sexist Stereotypes
In Burkina Faso we have to talk about women in science, not women in physics, because I'm the sole woman electrical engineer in the country.

Online "World Science U" offers physics instruction at several levels
Without much media attention so far, Columbia University physics professor and science popularizer Brian Greene is seeking to advance the use of the internet for teaching physics and science generally, including for university credit. In late 2012, the ...

The Physics of Wireless Charging
Here is the physics part. When you change the magnetic flux, you create an electric field inside the wire. This electric field then makes an electric current and electric currents can recharge your phone.

Scientists catch Schrödinger's cat with quantum physics
Schrodinger's cat, the good ole thought experiment that's been twisting (non-Quantum physicist) brains for decades.

Physics instructor taught lessons in science, life
"You have to have the respect of your students," said Savio Fok Kin-keung, 73, who worked for more than 30 years at the Aberdeen Technical School in Wong Chuk Hang.

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