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17 Sep 14 - Science Search Engines News

Bid Management Science Explained
These days, most big spenders use a bid management technology, but don't really think about how these bids are calculated. I thought it would be worthwhile to outline some of the science behind bid management so that everyone can see “how the sausage ...

Amazon founder's firm to build new rocket engines
Officials there say they adjusted their search after seeing video of Graham leaving McGrady's at 12:46 a.m. Saturday, walking east on Preston Avenue.

Important SEO Stats to Monitor and Remember for Website Performance
One of the backbones for any website besides great information, layout and design is the presence of good search engine optimization (SEO).

Develop Content Around Intent
Given that I've already touched on the stumbling block of the search engine/end-user-as-a-dumbass situation, when it comes to actually entering a query, we should also take into consideration that search engines, even though complaining about the ...

Freedom from Speech
He is especially troubled by the European Court of Justice's “right to be forgotten” ruling imposed on Google and other search engines, all of whom are now required to remove references about private parties unless the companies can present a public ...

How to turn your website into a gold mine
Search engine optimisation (SEO) represents both a science and an art of making a website rank high enough to be competitively visible.

Privacy regulators from Europe's 28 member states gathered in Brussels on Tuesday for a two-day meeting to agree on a set of guidelines to deal with complaints from citizens whose removal requests have not been granted by search engine companies, ...

NHTSA Missed Chances to Uncover GM Ignition-Switch Defect
The agency's deputy administrator, David Friedman told the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation's consumer-protection subcommittee today that regulators are stepping up oversight of GM and other auto companies that fail to meet their legal ...

India scents victory in Asian space race to Mars
It is India's first mission to the planet and will search for evidence of life. Koteswara Rao of the Indian Space Research Organisation said the ... Rao said the spacecraft's engines will be “woken up” to allow for a course correction on Sunday before ...

Bingham Mine Jonas Lie
... his talent for drawing and painting. He graduated in 1897, took a job as a textile designer, and studied art at the National Academy of Design, the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, and the Art Students League. ... Lie traveled ...

Media specialists' role continues to evolve
Jackson Middle School librarian Sally Brady recently worked with English teacher Kendra Brown on a science program. They introduced sixth-graders to electricity and to building circuits as a way to integrate science and language arts. ... access and ...

3 awesome examples of evergreen content
Secondly, as the guide promises, it focuses purely on the science of search engines and how they work. It does not talk about business growth or ROI, as so many other guides do.

Netropolitan: Facebook (FB) alternative for the wealthy
There are no ads, the site is not indexed by search engines, and moderators are active at all times to police bad behavior (like spamming ads for your own business).

After 10 years and 100 maps, IU-based 'Mapping Science' project winds down ...
"In the information age, key opportunities for discovery and innovation reside in knowledge and expertise spaces, and maps of science help us navigate, manage, understand and exploit these spaces.” While search engines can retrieve facts from an ocean ...

BLOG: Part 1: Social media advice from the ITEC Internet Marketing Panel
Additionally, Ross advised building content around your products and services because search engines are ultimately looking to match the end consumer to the product or service desired.

Organic vs. paid advertising? Inside the mind of an online browser
The keyword term a consumer uses in their search engine query can predict the likelihood that they will click on an organic or paid advertisement, according to Columbia Business School surveys of behavior between the keyword search and the point-of-click.

Consumers are Harnessing Tech to Return to Stores -- Good News or Bad News ...
Amazon has made a science of the trend with its price comparison apps. But, recent surveys show that it's even more common for shoppers to browse online before heading down to a traditional brick-and-mortar emporium to actually buy what they want.

'Virtual Unreality' chronicles dangers of digital deception
And online news sites now tailor much of what they cover for search engines - not people. It's those algorithms, after all, that decide what pages top our search lists.

Radical Librarianship: how ninja librarians are ensuring patrons' electronic ...
And protecting unfettered access to information is important whether that research is done using physical books or online search engines. But now it has become common knowledge that governments and corporations are tracking our digital lives, and that ...

Google hosts meetings across Europe on privacy rights
A panel appointed by search engine Google will hold the first of a series of meetings on Tuesday to debate the balance between privacy and the free flow of information after a May court ruling reinforced Europeans' "right to be forgotten".

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