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17 Sep 14 - Science Social Sciences News

Social sciences suffer from severe publication bias
Researchers at Stanford University in California have now measured the extent of the problem, finding that most null results in a sample of social-science studies were never published. This publication bias may cause others to waste time repeating the ...

Science on the web
IN THEORY, the advent of and explosive growth in social media should be a boon to the social sciences of psychology, anthropology and sociology.

Q&A: John Durant and David Kaiser on spurring public interest in science
What are the best ways to get the general public interested in science? Last year a large MIT workshop convened dozens of scientists, artists, bloggers, citizen-scientists, and journalists to examine new grassroots forms through which people are ...

Proposed Texas Social Studies Textbooks Get Climate Change Wrong Too
As if Texas social studies textbooks haven't been getting enough flack for pointed political and religious biases, a report released Monday by the National Center for Science Education highlights inaccuracies about climate change in proposed state ...

More academic leaders from arts than science
The majority of academic leaders at English universities come from the arts, humanities and social sciences, disproportionately outweighing their colleagues from science, figures show. Scholars in arts, humanities and social science disciplines ...

Science: Precious Petals to Passionate Teachers
For the first time since 1931, we have no Minister for Science; instead we have the Minister for Industry believing his 'passion for science' together with his scientific ancestry is all that is required. Was it this passion that had him describe ...

Unemployment rises among postgraduates
Masters by coursework degrees which led to high unemployment included architecture (36 per cent seeking full-time work), life sciences (25 per cent), accountants (27 per cent), teachers (25 per cent), social science (26 per cent), visual and performing ...

Point of View Affects How Science is Done
Diversity has had an effect on studies of education and social science. Lawrence Kohlberg's highly influential work on stages of moral development in children in the early 1970s was later called into question by psychologist Carol Gilligan on the ...

Peter Ekeh, Social Sciences and Social Order in Nigeria
And the social sciences are often the focus of hope and expectation for social engineering that would transform anomie into order.

Prime Numbers Scholar Wins 2014 MacArthur "Genius Grant"
Jennifer Eberhardt, a social psychologist at Stanford University in California, studies the effects of racial bias on the criminal-justice system in the United States.

Brains of kidney donors seem built for generosity
While there are many ethical and moral explanations for altruism, scientists looking for a biological one have been stumped.

Movin' Up
The ranking is based on data from the Web of Science bibliographic database produced by Thomson Reuters and includes Science Citation Index Expanded, Social Sciences Citation Index and Arts & Humanities Citation Index. In the 2014 Academic ...

Holistic approach to social science research
Research is largely conceived as a process that needs to be actively planned, managed and organised. This is especially true when it comes to research leading to degrees like an MPhil or PhD.

Is A (Liberal Arts) College Degree Still Worth It?
While the median earnings of engineering graduates are consistently higher than all the rest, by their peak earnings years those whose undergraduate major was in the humanities or social sciences actually earn, on average, $2,000 more than those who ...

Diversity: Pride in science
“As scientists we like to think that we're objective,” she says - that personal and social issues should be kept separate from the real work.

Why Scientists Should Celebrate Failed Experiments
Social scientists face something even more challenging. They develop an intriguing hypothesis, devise a study to test it, assemble a sample group, then run the experiment.

Science Just Got Cheaper (and Faster): Design Library Lets Researchers Print ...
Michigan Tech offers more than 130 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in engineering; forest resources; computing; technology; business; economics; natural, physical and environmental sciences; arts; humanities; and social sciences.

The communications gap on vaccines
Bloom was joined by Jane Kim, an associate professor of health decision science at HSPH; Richard Malley, a senior associate physician in medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Boston Children's Hospital, a Harvard affiliate; and Seth ...

Research Scientists Have Lower Unemployment Rates
According to the report, 25.5% of those individuals received their degree in the biological, agricultural, or environmental life sciences; 18.5% in engineering; 17.1% in physical sciences; 14.5% in psychology; 12.3% in social sciences; 4.6% in health ...

Addressing a Diversity Problem in Human Genetics
Scientists must address this problem. One critical ... I have always feared social rejection: not being accepted by my family, who calls me a "sidewalk Injun"; being perceived as an artifact by my professors and peers; viewed as a token minority to my ...

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