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15 Feb 20 - Seasonal News

Trump repeats theory that coronavirus will be eliminated by seasonal change, but scientists arent sure
Mainland China has recorded 5,090 more cases of the novel coronavirus, under its new broader definition, bringing the global total to 64,435.
Air pollution may aggravate nasal suffering with colds and seasonal allergies
People who get rhinitis - an inflamed or congested nose - from colds or allergies may feel much worse if theyre exposed to high levels of air pollution, a recent study suggests. Rhinitis usually involves some combination of congestion,
Not just 'a little blue,' Seasonal Affective Disorder goes with gloomy weather
With the cloudy, gloomy days of February here, shaking off the winter blues can be a challenge. For people who have Seasonal Affective Disorder a form of depression its even more difficult. The short, gray winter days with scarce sun can make them feel lethargic and withdrawn. People who live far north or south of the equator are ...
Iowans should worry less about coronavirus, more about seasonal flu
About 38% of Iowans have received a seasonal flu shot. In Dallas County, the immunization rate is only 28%. It's not too late to be vaccinated.
Valentighting: the seasonal dating trend to watch out for
Breaking up is hard to do, but according to dating experts, the onset of Valentines Day ostensibly the most romantic day of the year this Friday might be acting as a trigger. Yes while this time of year can be tricky enough for single people, it seems a whole lot of people could have been newly-dumped by their partners ...
Like Home Depot, Lowe's Also Plans Seasonal Hiring Push
Home Depot (NYSE:HD) plans to hire 80,000 workers to cover the busy season and its chief rival, Lowe's (NYSE:LOW) has also begun adding 53,000 seasonal workers of its own. These jobs are considered temporary but they can (and often do) lead to permanent positions. Lowe's plans to hire 53,000 seasonal workers. Image source: Lowe's. The chain ...
Elemental Affinity & Seasonal Mod Changes Coming to Destiny 2
Big changes are coming to Destiny 2s Armor 2.0 system next season. Revealed during the weekly blog post, both Elemental Affinity and Seasonal Mods are receiving some big, fan-requested alterations. Ever since the introduction of Armor 2.0 players have been clamoring for a way to change the elemental affinity of their gear. This is because ...
Seasonal simulated photoperiods influence melatonin release and immune markers of pike perch Sander lucioperca
Growth, plasma melatonin levels, innate immune markers and expression of immune-relevant genes in head kidney tissue were assessed. While growth and stress level were not affected by the seasonal simulated photoperiods, nocturnal levels of plasma melatonin were photoperiod-dependent. Innate immune markers, including lysozyme, complement ...
Destiny 2 is getting universal seasonal mod slots and the option to change armor affinity
That's still a bargain for the flexibility this change will offer. The second change is arguably just as important: going forward, all seasonal mods will be universal. So if an armor piece has a seasonal mod slot, you'll be able to slot it with any past, current, or future seasonal mod. In other words, the armor in the presumed Season of the ...
Deltas seasonal Reno-Atlanta nonstop flights to become daily, year-round this summer
Deltas seasonal Reno-Atlanta nonstop flights to become daily, year-round this summer Delta Air Lines is upgrading its nonstop Reno-Atlanta flights from seasonal to year-round with daily service as well. Check out this story on ...

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