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17 Sep 14 - Seasonal News

UPS Boosts Seasonal Hiring, Plans for Surge in Deliveries
Last year, the company had initially expected in October to hire 55,000 seasonal workers, but it ended up actually hiring 85,000 for the season.

FedEx to Add 50000 Seasonal Jobs
MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - FedEx plans to hire more than 50,000 extra workers to handle another record year for holiday-season package deliveries.

Kohl's to hire 67000 seasonal workers
Kohl's Corp. plans to hire more than 67,000 seasonal workers nationwide for the holiday shopping season, which the company said is a 15 percent increase over last year.

UPS Boosts Seasonal Hiring Plan 73% to Avoid Foul-Up
UPS plans to boost headcount from last year, when a surge of last-minute shipping orders forced the company to quickly add 30,000 people to its original plan for 55,000 seasonal workers. Some of the additional staff this year will work at sorting ...

UPS to hire more than 1400 in Richmond as holidays approach
RICHMOND, Va. - UPS announced Wednesday that the company will be hiring more than 1,400 employees to fill a combination of both seasonal and permanent positions. The openings are a combination of seasonal and permanent jobs, and include ...

CME: Seasonal Expenditures on Pork
But today we direct you attention not to the green line representing 2014 data but to the seasonal patterns of 2013 and the five year average lines.

Pike Nurseries to hire 150 seasonal workers
Gardening retailer Pike Nurseries plans to hire about 150 seasonal workers for the upcoming fall, including cashiers, manager trainees, sales associates and maintenance workers, the company said.

UPS plans huge boost in holiday hiring
UPS is going to make it a happy holiday for lots of people looking for work. The company plans to hire up to 95,000 seasonal employees this holiday season, nearly double last year's total of 55,000. UPS (UPS) hires thousands of temporary workers each ...

Dow sets new record high; Kohl's adding more seasonal workers; Apple ...
Kohl's said it will hire more than 67,000 seasonal workers nationwide for the holiday shopping season, about a third more than last year's 50,000.

Job creation is mostly seasonal
Most of the top 10 job creators last month have a seasonal profile, with fruit packagers posting the highest positive balance, of 3,958 jobs, after factoring in 6,649 hirings and 2,691 layoffs.

Seasonal flu shots available soon for UW students, employees
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone six months of age and older get a seasonal flu shot every year.

Companies hiring thousands of seasonal employees
UPS Public Relations said they will hire more than 90,000 seasonal employees across the country including package sorters, loaders, delivery helpers, and drivers.

Winter is Coming -- Here's My Favorite Seasonal Trade
Over the years, I've been successful trading weather patterns as they relate to commodities such as crude oil, gasoline and grains.

Miami Beach Prepping For Annual Seasonal High Tides
Miami Beach Prepping For Annual Seasonal High Tides. September 17, 2014 1:14 PM. View Comments. May 15, 2014: Heavy rain caused street flooding on NW 8th Street near of 49th Avenue in Hialeah.

Pike Nurseries hiring 150 seasonal employees
Gardening enthusiasts of all skill levels are invited to apply for a variety of jobs, including sales associates, manager trainees, cashiers and maintenance personnel.

Holiday seasonal hiring picks up
Managers are looking for seasonal hires ahead of the holiday shopping season. Plus, more jobs are anticipated to open up due to an increase in work-related parties.

Seasonal Kitchen: Eggplant can shine as main course
Slices of roasted eggplant are layered with a cinnamon-infused tomato-lamb sauce, then topped with creamy nutmeg-scented bechamel sauce in rustic eggplant moussaka.

Kohl's to boost seasonal hiring, including at warehouses
Kohl's Corp. will significantly boost its holiday season hiring this year, including a huge staffing increase at its warehouses, which struggled to fill customers' online orders on time last Christmas.

UPS To Hire Up To 95000 Seasonal Employees For Holiday Season
(Reuters) - United Parcel Service Inc , the world's largest courier company, said it would hire 90,000 to 95,000 seasonal employees ahead of an expected surge in package deliveries through the holiday shopping season. The company said it was adding ...

FedEx Hiring 50000 for Seasonal Work
FedEx plans to hire more than 50,000 extra workers to handle another record year for holiday-season package deliveries. That's up from last year, when FedEx announced it would hire 20,000 seasonal workers. FedEx announced its hiring plans Wednesday ...

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