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17 Sep 14 - Seasonal Autumn News

Fall into seasonal flavors with autumn-inspired creations
With the colder temperatures and falling leaves come football, hooded sweatshirts and pumpkin beer. Many bars and liquor stores have begun to transition from their summer brews to autumn-inspired drinks. Using flavors like pumpkin, nutmeg and chocolate ...

'Fall Boyfriend' Craigslist Ad Helps Women In Their Search For Seasonal Romance
Catching themselves discussing men's season-specific merits, the women said the ad is complete self-parody. "It's all in good fun -- we're mostly making fun of ourselves, as we've said things such as 'He probably has good fall game' or 'Wait to see ...

Mixed temperatures into autumn
Lappo said as a whole fall temperatures will be slightly below seasonal and started this week. “That's going to be your first big dramatic change in temperature this fall,” Lappo said of this week. Sault Ste. Marie could see winter cold snaps a little ...

Fall food season set to begin
Autumn - porridge for breakfast, bottles of pickles and preserves cooling on the counter, baskets of apples, plums and pears and bowls of steamy soup for dinner.

8 Ways to Spike Your Favorite Fall Beverages, Because Pumpkin Spice Lattes ...
There's a science to spiking your favorite beverages, and I'm here to show you just how to do it. Ready to get creative? As a boozy toast to fall, here are eight beloved seasonal beverages paired perfectly with their alcoholic counterparts. Whip up one ...

CME: Seasonal Expenditures on Pork
US - US consumers typically buy much larger quantities of pork in the autumn for retail prices that, though lower than in summer months, are not as much lower as would be expected given the higher supplies, writes Steve Meyer and Len Steiner on the 15 ...

Autumn Adventures
Amusement parks tend to get fall kicking into gear by extending their season for events with an element of added fear.

New ferry schedule, off-peak fares highlight fall sailing season
Changing foliage and shorter days aren't the only things Washington State Ferries' customers can count on every fall. Seasonal service adjustments start Sunday, Sept. 21, and off-peak fares go into effectWednesday, Oct. 1. Riders on the ...

Keeping up autumn appearances
There's no denying that fall is officially at our doorstep. Even though the petunias in the garden are on their last leg, there are still plenty of opportunities to add a bit of seasonal pizazz to the house, inside and out. Nancy Alley, of Canton, has ...

Pollen count set to spike as rain gives way to warmth
Combined with dust, mould and other particulates - such as from hazard-reduction burning - the pollen is a seasonal torment for many as it can trigger allergies with symptoms from sneezing and nasal congestion to watery eyes.

How to Navigate a Craft Beer Festival this Fall and Actually Remember It The ...
Autumn is making its descent upon New York City; you're thirsty, and your newly minted man friend suggests the two of you march on over to the circa 1906 Lexington Armory for six hours of unlimited tastings of 150 craft beers from 75 breweries all over ...

Traditional fashion calendar fuels overconsumption and waste
Today, spring/summer collections are debuted on the catwalk in September and October and delivered to stores between January and March while the autumn/winter collections are debuted in February and March and delivered between July and September.

Free bedding plants, worth £7
The Telegraph have teamed up with Homebase to offer two free packs of autumn bedding plants worth £3.50 each to every reader.

How common is September frost in Montreal?
2011: This was, undoubtedly, the warmest fall in Canada with average temperatures about 4C above seasonal. We saw very little frost and the arrival of ice and snow was largely delayed.

September's Seasonal Segue
With a bit of thought about textures, colors and accents, you can mark the shift into autumn in your home decor - welcoming the change of season while still cherishing the last lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Making the transition to "that warmer ...

Autumn food tips and recipes: From mushrooms to cavolo nero via rainbow ...
The berries add a beautiful but gentle sweetness to the sauce. I also pickle loads of elderberries separately, since their season is so short, and then use them throughout the late autumn and winter game season to add to sauces for other birds and venison.

Pharrell's New adidas Collab Looks Familiar…
It's officially autumn and we love a bit of seasonal mirroring in fashion, so you go right ahead with your red shoes, Pharrell.

Normcore Is Spreading: Sweatshirts Are Now Fashionable
Sweatshirts are the hot trend for fall, you know, the time of year when you'll probably be wearing sweatshirts anyway, because the air is crisp and long-sleeves are helpful.

Park Perspectives: Fall fun to be had at Autumn Fair, Harvest Hustle 5K
Autumn marks my favorite season to enjoy all that Geneva's parks have to offer. With the forthcoming beautiful tide of changing colors and cozy sweater weather, it's no mistake that some of the Geneva Park District's largest events are set for this month.

Seasonal touches to add to fall weddings
Fall can be a beautiful time to get married. Take a look at some tips on how to incorporate fall accents into your ceremony and reception.

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