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17 Sep 14 - Seasonal Summer News

CME: Seasonal Expenditures on Pork
But today we direct you attention not to the green line representing 2014 data but to the seasonal patterns of 2013 and the five year average lines.

Seasonal businesses hoping summer doesn't end
Fleece, boots and scarf weather is here and for several seasonal businesses that means they'll be shutting their doors soon.

Summer vacation in Iceland: Airline adds seasonal nonstop flights between ...
An Icelandic airline says it will operate direct flights between Portland and Iceland starting next summer. Icelandair announced the Portland International Airport as its 14th North American hub Tuesday, saying seasonal, non-stop flights between ...

Seasonal Temperatures Finally Arrive As Summer Winds Down
The first day of school marks the unofficial end to summer, but forecasters are warning the hottest day of the season could still be on the way.

Seasonal Affective Disorder Escapes The Winter: Summer Depression And The ...
And to sharpen the point even further, when it comes to seasonal affective disorder - that energy-draining condition that rolls around three months out of the year - what about depression?

Seasonal Pantry: Simple, flexible late-summer recipes
There is a good chance that we'll have more warm weather, as September and October are often the hottest months of the year in Northern California.

Do You Have the End-of-Summer Blues?
Back-to-school stress, plus the end of summer relaxation can be a bit of a downer. "I think the key element to think about is loss," Norman Rosenthal, M.D.

Seasonal pantry: Eggplant for the end of summer
Eggplant is easy to overlook. It is as much a seasonal creature as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini and basil, but enjoying it is not exactly simple.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes in August & More Infuriating Examples of Seasonal Creep
As anyone who's worked retail knows, the week after July 4 is marked by one of the biggest overnight shifts in the business: the transition from summer clothes to the hoodies and khakis of the back-to-school season. If that's depressing for salespeople ...

Ellen Clifford McGuire Recipe Exchange: Seasonal Summer Sides
Summer sides to express the season's bounty. Nutritious, tasty, and very, very easy, what could be better? We don't want the garlic to overpower our vegetables in this first dish, so a small clove is best.

Qantas returns to Canada with nonstop summer services to Vancouver
Qantas international chief executive Simon Hickey said these extra services were part of the airline's plan to adapt its flying schedule to cater for demand at different times of the year and comes on top of previously announced seasonal increases to ...

Seasonal berries add summer flavour
When you have been gifted a pint of dusky, sweet blueberries and a blog you frequent has just posted a recipe that calls for exactly that, I would call it food fate.

GREG PATENT: Last chance summer soup: Have fun adding your own favorite ...
Just remember to have fun with this soup and put in anything seasonal. A cup of cooked quinoa or farro is always welcome, and if you want some meat, toss in some shredded or diced cooked chicken.

Summer bulbs can provide seasonal color
There is much more but my favorite summer bulb is the achimenes. Now, how many know the achimenes? I bet you not many. They are not sold very much locally but they should be.

The Perfect Post-Summer Detox Smoothie
Between the insane variety of in-season fruits and veggies and abundance of outdoor workout options, summer can be a seriously healthy few months.

Queensland Competition Authority has a new plan for gouging consumers on ...
Seasonal pricing has the advantage of reducing high consumption during summer, however the benefit may not be as great in Southeast Queensland as residents continue to be extremely water wise all year round.

Shortened Summers Help Students But Hurt Seasonal Businesses
Research supports earlier start dates, saying it increases student retention by giving them less time over the summer to forget important information.

Winter babies crawl sooner than summer babies, study says
But they note that the actual geographic location - and the associated climate - of the study is important in light of their findings, because such a seasonal effect is only observed in places where home environment differences between the seasons are ...

The Seasonality Of Mobile Device Usage: Warmer Weather Tempers Tech
But that knowledge has been around for quite some time, and is largely tied to the notion of potential viewers simply being out of their house during the summer. But how do seasonal changes impact mobile technology, which has become a more integral ...

UK Housing Market Emerges Unscathed from Summer Slowdown
Britain's housing market has emerged from its seasonal summer lull faster than usual, ending speculation that recent tightening of the mortgage market by regulators has killed off the rampant buying and selling of homes.

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