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17 Sep 14 - Security Systems Infrared Camera News

Sony launches security cameras that see in the dark
In a promo video for the camera, a man is filmed in infrared black and white as he approaches a door. When he gets within range, the LED light comes on and the footage changes to color.

iPhone 6 Review: Apple's Cure for Android Envy
Performance, usability and camera refinements, coupled with a safe, powerful operating system that now lets the iPhone's big collection of apps do more.

Lock it down: Don't forget physical security for your business
Chances are, someone will be paying more attention to the strength of passwords, processes for password resets, firewall rules and other parts of the systems security puzzle. ... However, the latest cameras to hit the security market don't require ...

The new Moto X review: Finally a flagship phone worthy of a Motorola comeback
With any luck, we'll see some big improvements when the phone is updated to Android L, which brings with it some big under-the-hood changes to how the Android system handles camera sensors. Really into selfies? Sadly, Motorola didn't get the memo: ...

iPhone 6 launch: live coverage
The smartwatch can show the phases the moon using an image of the moon, and show the planets in the solar system. Nifty. And don't forget ... The watch has a flexible Retina multi-touchscreen display, and uses infrared, LED lights and photosensors to ...

NNPA Senior Washington Correspondent
Kamoie testified that a grant-funded, forward-looking infrared camera mounted on a Massachusetts state helicopter helped police locate Tsarnaev, a point Coburn soundly refuted.

Apple September event wrap: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch, Apple Pay
Apple took to the stage this morning to unveil two much anticipated, new iPhone models, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, a new payment system called Apple Pay and the Apple Watch range. ... The camera in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will offer 8MP ...

Newswire : Sending military equipment to police questioned
Kamoie testified that a grant-funded, forward-looking infrared camera mounted on a Massachusetts state helicopter helped police locate Tsarnaev, a point Coburn soundly refuted.

Apple Watch: What you need to know
Apple said it's come up with its own proprietary system to make that easy - but that also means you probably won't be able to swap in just any band.

Caught on camera Schools get 225 security devices installed, WiFi enhanced
Altogether a total of 225 cameras are being installed in the school system. The program is funded largely by a grant from the School Development Authority (SDA), which is paying 60 percent of the cost.

Anatomy of a prison escape
LIMA - The intense manhunt for two inmates who escaped the Oakwood prison Thursday evening began seconds after they scaled the first security fence, setting off an alarm. At 7:38 p.m., three inmates climbed two security fences nearly 15 feet tall and ...

Sony Announces HD Surveillance Camera With Dual Lighting System
... infrared (IR) illuminator and a white LED illuminator. The camera can be configured to automatically switch from IR black-and-white mode to LED color mode when motion is detected, enabling it to generate clear video under dark conditions in either ...

Sending Military Equipment to Police Questioned
Kamoie testified that a grant-funded, forward-looking infrared camera mounted on a Massachusetts state helicopter helped police locate Tsarnaev, a point Coburn soundly refuted.

NASA to Send Sample-Return Mission to Earth-Bound Asteroid [Video]
“We were asked to build cameras to take pictures of an asteroid that's darker than a piece of coal,” Smith said. “It's like trying to take a picture of a black cat in a coal bin.

Telops launches Hyper-Cam Methane gas detector
Telops, the provider of high performance infrared cameras and hyperspectral imaging systems for the defense and security, environmental, industrial and research markets, has announced the launch of its newest gas imaging camera the Hyper-Cam Methane ...

Escape draws heightens concerns at Ohio prison
Lindsey Bruce, 33, who is in prison for an aggravated murder conviction, was caught by correction officers on prison property within 10 minutes after the inmates had scaled a fence, activating a security alarm, and the they were seen running north. At ...

Interagency Coordination Critical in Rescue Effort Following Mudslide in Oso ...
The program was started with funds from the federal Department of Homeland Security in a collaborative effort with Snohomish County Sheriff's Office, Snohomish County Volunteer Search and Rescue (SAR), Everett Mountain Rescue Team, and flight ... A ...

Photonic Frontiers: Facial Recognition: Still overcoming challenges, facial ...
Machine facial recognition similarly relies on computer analysis of data collected by optical or infrared sensors. But despite half a ... The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security are developing facial recognition ...

Cameras improve home security
One or more security cameras around a home can help improve security and can give a homeowner peace of mind when they're out and about or traveling.

Yale's new CCTV systems offer 24-hour surveillance
The weather resistant CCTV cameras can be used indoors or outdoors. They record in colour during the daylight and black and white at night, with built-in infrared LEDs providing night vision of up to 20 metres to ensure enhanced security at all times.

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