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17 Sep 14 - Shopping Ethnic And Regional News

AN eerie quiet descended on Fiji as the country prepared to vote today for the ...
Bainimarama is especially popular among Indian Fijians - he is attempting to reduce such labels to a single category of “Fijians” covering all ethnic groups - because of his pledge that his was the “coup to end all coups”. He has emerged as the ...

They told a news conference that the reaction so far from Arab countries had been "timid" to the militant group's killings and expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Christians in massacres against all religious and ethnic minorities. (IRAQ-CRISIS ...

Koramangala redefines fashion with complete range of fashion solution for ...
The Bride-Fashion Boutique is an ultimate destination for those who believe in ethnic fashion. ET catches up with Garima Maheshwari, who took a break from her Nutritionist's career to dress up the lovely ladies of Koramangala and almost the entire city ...

Tourists are discovering the delights of Manila Experience destination Manila
Dining and shopping are popular past times, and here one can find regional Filipino delicacies, including some that challenge the boldest gastronome.

The Way We Were
Fast forward to 2014. Great-power rivalry is back, even if the level of competition has yet to reach the intensity of the Cold War or other turbulent periods in world history.

Exploring the Stans
Borders are heavily controlled to keep neighboring Islamic extremists and drug traffickers at bay, and with much of the Middle East off limits due to regional unrest, the 'Stans are a stable and scenically spectacular destination for those seeking an ...

Diplomacy by Design
With interest from regional officials in Israel and Palestine, plans are gradually moving forward on a community peace park on the border between the Gilboa Regional Council, north of Jerusalem, and the Palestinian city of Jenin. The green area is ...

“Don't they know that winter is coming?” Frustration and fear among Iraq's ...
In Khanke, a small town not far from the frontline, 91 people internally displaced by the conflict are crammed into an unfinished concrete building on a busy shopping street. The deep shock of being ... After a slow start, new camps are now being built ...

Illegal Alien: A Short History
And whenever discontent has increased, there have long been opposition politicians willing to nurture base ethnic nationalism to further their own aims.

FP's Situation Report: U.S. conducts strike in Somalia; A Marine helicopter ...
Ever since Shabaab's stunning attack inside an upscale shopping mall in Nairobi almost a year ago, signaling a comeback of sorts after U.S.

33rd Annual Island Oktoberfest Returns October 24-25
Because Oktoberfest continues to be one of the vendors' most enjoyable and popular venues, regular attendees can look forward to shopping with their long-time special vendors - each featuring Christmas and other special gift items. On Saturday ...

Playing Nostradamus
In Rwanda, decent roads stand for the official commitment to provide everyone with equal access to the fruits of development -- concrete evidence, if you will, of the determination to overcome the ethnic divides that led the country into mass slaughter ...

How to Save a City From Itself
Most residents leave town to do even their most basic grocery shopping: The city's only shopping center, in lower Clichy, is run-down, and residents don't feel safe shopping there. ... The Métropole is a sweeping attempt to reinvent the government of ...

City, Mountain, Beach: Three Great Retirement Options in Brazil
This ethnic diversity means that you can find restaurants of every ilk, and festivals throughout the year which celebrate the various immigrant groups.

Salt consumption higher in low socioeconomic groups in the UK
... intake in Britain thanks to a policy [...] However, clearly poorer households still have less healthy shopping baskets and the broad reformulation of foods high in salt has not reached them as much as we would have hoped.

Exploited in the Southern Sun
Many of them are migrants themselves, but over the years since their arrival in Italy, they have established contacts among landowners and law enforcement and have managed to purchase vehicles. They charge other .... Despite their common experience of ...

How Not to End a Plague
MONROVIA, Liberia - Liberia's first experiment with urban quarantining amid the Ebola epidemic began last week in West Point, one of the poorest, most densely populated, and ethnically diverse communities in Monrovia, the country's capital. On the ...

The Dead and the Living in Luhansk
In other places, such as in villages to the north of Luhansk currently under government control, Human Rights Watch has documented that rebels used explosive weapons in a way that injured and killed civilians and destroyed houses, shops, and ...

Putin on the Ritz
He writes: “For weeks, the US-backed regime in Kiev has been committing atrocities against its own citizens in southeastern Ukraine, regions heavily populated by Russian-speaking Ukrainians and ethnic Russians. ... The “anti-terrorist” campaign moved ...

Violence Imperils Kenya Port Project
NAIROBI—Kenya is making a multibillion-dollar wager that an ambitious seaport project in its restive coastal region can trump the land disputes and terrorism that threaten its economy.

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