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17 Sep 14 - Shopping Religious News

The Islamic State Comes to Indonesia
These organizations have also been implicated in brutal attacks on religious minorities, attacking churches, Shiite mosques, and Buddhist temples.

10 Tips To Sell Your Home Fast
Also take down family photos, religious items, and political posters so prospective buyers can envision their family in the house, not yours.

Entire Soccer Team Converts to Islam Because of the 'Peace and Serenity' of ...
Javeed Khateeb, a senior religious adviser at the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department, the government agency which appears to have spearheaded the conversion, told The National that the men - some of whom came from Christian ...

The right thing
A former corporate lawyer and one-time aide to a US Republican senator, he is deeply religious and radically right-wing - a proponent of small government, unfettered private enterprise, lower taxes and fewer welfare programs.

WATCH: Notes cleared from Western Wall cracks ahead of Rosh Hashanah
He said in each collection there are enough to fill about 100 shopping bags, each with thousands of notes. Some letters are sent to the wall by fax or email, often for a small fee, he added.

The moment I wake up
She draws a food pyramid to illustrate my new diet, which seems to consist almost entirely of green leafy vegetables. She explains that she will write out a day-by-day menu plan and take me shopping and give me cooking lessons. .... But I've always ...

Televangelist being investigated after 70 killed in collapsed building
The exact circumstances of the collapse as well as the death toll remain unclear, five days after the disaster at a multi-storey guesthouse and shopping area for TB Joshua's Synagogue, Church of All Nations, on the outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria's ...

If a Clod Be Washed Away by the Sea, Europe Is the Less
Shops still obey the Sabbath. And beyond Stornoway's narrow streets mobile phone service is patchy and broadband more the exception than the rule.

Hiva Alizadeh pleads guilty to terror plot
But jurors acquitted Ahmed of his most serious charge of possessing an explosive device for a terrorist activity, despite the discovery at his Esterlawn Private home of a shopping bag of circuit boards, bomb-making instructional videos and other ...

A Conversation with Terry Gilliam
A call, waiting for a call seems to have a strong religious background. The altarpiece behind Qohen's workstation is the ... Shopping is available all the time, and advertisements are attacking you left, right and center. The workplace is fun. You're ...

Victory Lab Kabul
Our victory was built on the principles that would make a campaign work anywhere: We had a broad, issue-driven agenda with the support of political, tribal and, most importantly, religious leaders. We ran an inclusive campaign that energized young ...

Don't Get Sick in Venezuela
Whether it is the lack of medicine in the country's drug stores, the dearth of doctors, the resurgence of endemic diseases, or the violence in the country's hospitals, Venezuela's health care sector is desperate for some good news.

China Muslims Work to Change Perceptions After Knife Attacks
KUNMING, CHINA—. China says it has sentenced three men to death and one woman to life in prison over a deadly knife attack in March that left more than 30 dead and 140 injured.

Al-Qaida's heirs thrive in Mideast, Africa chaos
Families fleeing their homes in fear they might be killed because of their religion. The news from much of the Middle East and Africa is relentlessly brutal.

Genetically Engineered Food Labeling
... labeling as an issue of free speech. You can purchase this book from the MOTHER EARTH NEWS store: The GMO Deception. ... The failure of the US government to require that genetically engineered foods be labeled presents consumers with a number of ...

Officials make arrangements for prisoners to celebrate festivals
PATNA: Come festivals and everyone feels ecstatic. It's only the prisoners who sit idle in isolation. Now that several jail reform programmes have been initiated, prisoners are engaged in numerous activities.

El-Rufai visits Yakowa's hometown as he declares Kaduna guber bid
In the same location where he allocated a plot of land where a small shopping complex existed to serve residents of the Area!

Retail Therapy: A merger by Design
Covetable new lines on offer include Bright and Altura furniture, Marian Jamieson lighting and Liberty of London and Anichini fabrics, along with the introduction of Christian Liaigre, Jiun Ho, Fuse, Magni Home, McEwen, Link Outdoor and Tuell ...

Songs of Malaise: I know just the Reverend to revive our ailing church
Songs of Praise, the weary religious programme on BBC which has been going into (weirdly full) churches for decades and filming smug-looking people forcefully singing standards from Ancient and Modern has been likened to “a piece of soggy quiche” by ...

Mideast to Africa: Al-Qaeda-inspired killers spreading fast
Osama bin Laden is dead and al-Qaeda dispersed, yet the horrors keep coming. Western hostages beheaded on camera. School girls abducted by gunmen in the night.

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