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15 Feb 20 - Society News

The officer for animal research of the Max Planck Society explains new regulations
For the first time, the European Union has published detailed statistics on animal research. Andreas Lengeling, the officer for animal research of the Max Planck Society, explains the background to the new figures. What are the reasons for keeping more animals at research facilities, than are used in animal experiments? Andreas Lengeling ...
Puppy Grams delivered by Humane Society Waterville!
On Valentine's Day, a lot of people give flowers and chocolates.. So, how do you give something that stands out? How about something with four legs and a tail! Humane Society Waterville Area was offering Puppy Grams Friday.
Bay County Humane Society opens Taj Mahal for special needs cats
BAY CITY, MI - A Bay County nonprofit is making sure special-needs cats stand a fair chance at getting a loving home. The Humane Society of Bay County recently opened a special needs cattery, which aims to give special needs cats a boarding facility for adoption while educating the public about topics like feline nutrition, health ...
FREE ADMISSION: Maryland Historical Society free entry on President's Day
On Monday, the Maryland Historical Society is offering free admission for President's Day. WBAL TV Baltimore WBNS-TV - LocalNewsRSS Like us on Facebook to see similar stories Please give an overall si
Sanders: U.S. already a socialist society...
After winning the New Hampshire primary, Bernie Sanders joins CBS This Morning to talk about the road ahead for his campaign and whether being labeled a Democratic Socialist will hurt his chances of winning the nomination. Sanders also said the DNC should not have changed its rules to allow Mike Bloomberg onto the stage, adding that other ...
Downers Grove Choral Society continues its 61st concert season with 'Poetic Portraits' March 8
The Downers Grove Choral Society, with artistic director John Patrick Rakes, continues its 61st concert season on Sunday, March 8. "Poetic Portraits" will feature English composer John Rutter's "The Sprig of Thyme" and American composer Morten Lauridsen's "Mid-Winter Songs." "Alleluia" by American composer Randall Thompson and "The Awakening ...
Understanding Allostasis: Can Society Change Its Setpoints?
Part 2 described ways in which we can broaden our set-points (ranges of adaptation) leading to increased resilience and better health. This article, Part 3, asks questions about what setpoints society may have, and when unhealthy, what might we do to improve them. The answers provided are based on 3 recent conversations I had with 3 experts ...
What That Terrible Airplane Seat Punching Guy Tells Us About Society
The idea that some people think its common knowledge that were not supposed to recline our seats says a lot more about the horrible reality of travel and society than we might like. While its true that it must be frustrating that the man is in a row of seats that do not recline, this is a) not the womans fault and b) no different ...
Sushil Jajodia Selected to Receive 2020 IEEE Computer Society W. Wallace McDowell Award
LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., Feb. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Sushil Jajodia, an IEEE fellow and IEEE Computer Society (IEEE CS) Golden Core Member, has been selected to receive the IEEE CS 2020 W. Wallace McDowell Award. Dr. Jajodia is being recognized "for contributions to the scientific and engineering principles that enable effective adaptive ...
DCs Generation One Promises a Major Justice Society Revelation
The five-issue line of prestige one-shot specials is preceded by Generation Zero, a prologue by Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth that will be included with DC's Free Comic Book Day offerings. With the line leading to DC's relaunched timeline, dubbed "5G," the new history of the DCU starts here. RELATED: DC Proves Wally West Is the Most ...

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