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17 Sep 14 - Society News

Red Band Society is fall's most emotionally manipulative show
The best thing I can say about Red Band Society is that it is like a less-edgy Glee. It's about a bunch of different teenagers - faulty hearted cheerleader Kara, newcomer Jordi, comatose Charlie, anorexic egghead Emma (Ciara Bravo), cystic fibrosis ...

Art society set to celebrate 75 years
"Bundaberg Art Society was founded by a small group of art collectors in 1939, with Egmont Schmidt as President. Today we have more than 70 members, and hold regular workshops, events and exhibitions.

Currumbin mosque: Islamic Society says it would win any challenge to Gold ...
The Gold Coast Islamic Society believes it would probably win a court challenge to council's rejection of a controversial mosque application.

The Society of Fugitives
How does aggressive police surveillance transform an urban neighborhood? A sociologist reports from the inside. James Forman Jr. Sep 17 2014, 8:22 PM ET.

Opinion: Extremists from the fringe of society
But certain aspects turn up again and again: the feeling of being excluded and left behind or of no longer being in control of one's life - being unable to find a pace in society. It's no coincidence that Islamists dubbing themselves the Sharia Police ...

Review: Red Band Society Has Faults and (Potential) Stars
Red Band Society (Wednesdays on Fox) starts off with one foot in the Glee style and one foot, well, in the grave. Its premise–an ensemble dramedy about seriously ill kids in a long-term pediatric hospital–is so conveniently timed you might call it The ...

Allergies are rife in sensitive society
Allergies are more prevalent than ever and cleaning products are just one of the causes of allergies. Thinkstock. OPINION: It seems like allergies of all sorts are on the rise.

CM under fire in his PIL, Himachal takes back Prashant Bhushan's society land
In a setback for Supreme Court lawyer and activist Prashant Bhushan, the Himachal Pradesh government on Wednesday obtained control of 4.66 hectares of land belonging to the Kumud Bhushan Education Society (KBES), which is promoted by the ...

Is Income Inequality Destroying Trust In Our Society?
High measures of income inequality and poverty were both factors that synced up with the trend, even when Twenge controlled for other important variables.

How I Got "Dead Poets Society" Wrong
Two weeks ago I revisited Peter Weir's Dead Poets Society for the first time in twenty years. Watching Robin Williams play that charismatic English teacher who transforms the lives of repressed prep-school boys, I had flashbacks to my undergraduate ...

SBI begins to close several society savings bank accounts; policy may hit ...
The Reserve Bank of India does not put any restriction on opening savings bank accounts for societies registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, while housing co-operative societies, panchayat samitis and different government boards are ...

'Red Band Society' EP Vows Hospital Drama Is "About Life"
On the surface, Red Band Society may be a challenging concept - asking viewers to watch children in comas, with cancer and anorexia, and having legs amputated.

Science for a better society and a stronger economy
"If Australian science were a cricket team, you could say we have a few great players but a pretty average team." Photo: Rohan Thomson.

When a comic book is called The Multiversity: The Society Of Super-Heroes: Conquerors Of The Counter-World #1, trying to set it up with a lot of exposition seems pointless.

Black Label Society Team Up With Hatebreed + Butcher Babies for Winter Tour
Black Label Society will kick off a tour with Hatebreed and Butcher Babies right after Christmas. The trek launches Dec. 28 in Spokane, Wash.

Multiversity:Society of Super-Heroes
Honestly I was not really excited for the Society of Superheroes to be the first featured world in Grant Morrison's Multiversity.

'An asymmetric war against Western society'
We have an asymmetric war against Western society coming from all directions. We never know what is going to strike us: militants in the eastern part of Ukraine or the radical Islamism of ISIS.

Philatelic society to honor 82
The Society was founded by Ibrahim Milibary in 1964. The original founders were A. Katooah, H. Nori, Sadiq Jamal, H. Abbas, Ismael Attar, Hassan Qari, Faisal Ajhori, Ibrahim Tabil, Omar Bukhar, Ismael Shafi, Turki Khokair, and Mohammad Safdar.

'Society has to be rid of her' - top judge blasts repeat burglar
A top judge blasted a repeated thief and burglar by saying 'society has to be rid of her'. Drug-addicted shoplifter Samantha Jessop was jailed for more than two years for her “third strike” home burglary, the Chronicle reports.

Society wedded to fallacies on families
WHAT a revealing tribute marking the fifth season finale of the popular television drama series Offspring. Comedian and actor Eddie Perfect, who plays a central role in the drama, recently wrote about how the show has morphed from a sexy exploration of ...

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