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17 Sep 14 - Society Crime News

Law Society condemns attacks on Oscar judge
Johannesburg - The Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) on Wednesday expressed concern at the threats and personal attacks made against Judge Thokozile Masipa following her judgment in the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius.

South Africa's crime rate had trigger-happy Oscar Pistorius on edge
He was surely all that; but he was also a product of a very violent society in which crime is rampant and guns seen as a first response.

Half of young people in secure homes are innocent of any crime
Almost half of the young people in secure children's homes have not been convicted of any crime, but have been placed there by local authorities for their own protection, the Observer has established.

Cops ask Vietnamese banks to help fight crime
A Ministry of Public Security official have asked banks need to do a better job of alerting police to potential criminal activity.

Police 'best placed' to tackle wildlife crime, says society
Jim Drysdale, a member of the Law Society's rural affairs committee said: "Wildlife crime, such as the poisoning of birds of prey, is a serious issue and causes substantial public concern, and it is imperative that such incidents are fully investigated ...

Vietnam Railways official faces new crime in Japanese ODA case
Tran Quoc Dong, former director of Railway Projects Management Unit, will now be charged with abuse of power rather than gross negligence in the Japanese ODA bribery case that remains underway.

Integrated society needed to fight crime - Nhleko
Johannesburg - Police, state departments, and communities need to work together to fight crime against children, Police Minister Nathi Nhleko said on Tuesday.

Young Rapists On The Rise: A Crime Society Prefer To Ignore?
Minor rapists are on the rise nowadays. What could be wrong? Pic: www.euttaranchal.comViolence against women, it can be in many forms of physical, sexual, psychological and economic.

Domestic abuse offence could cover emotional as well as physical harm
A new criminal offence of domestic abuse could be introduced to include emotional and psychological harm inflicted by a partner within a relationship.

'Integrated approach between society and govt needed to end crime'
Cosatu spokesperson, Tony Ehrenreich says, “We believe this is an important start to us tackling the stuff together, to having one program that everyone is accountable and we're supporting each other in addressing the scourge of gangsterism, crime and ...

Kenya's civil society decries rising crime trend
Oloo said the government should develop capacity and procedures to provide timely response to crime incidents. "Crime will be reduced through contemporary policing strategies that target repeat offenders," she said, adding that criminal intelligence ...

Dismemberment latest gory trend in Venezuela crime
Roberto Briceno Leon, the head of Venezuelan Violence Watch, said the government had left a vacuum in the fight against crime. "We have a society with much more violence, aggravated by the absence of a state response to the situation, tremendous ...

THEATRE: The Boys are back in town
MICHAEL Byrne is fascinated by the character he is playing in The Boys, a young man who has come home after a year in jail for a violent crime. ''There is little in the play about his background,'' he said. ''How was he brought ... Michael Byrne said ...

Oscar Pistorius ruling has failed so many victims of crime
Law is not a static thing; it evolves and develops with society,” Hood says. “More importantly, what was at stake here are important social issues.

Why crime figures don't add up on ice epidemic
The crime statistics in relation to NSW's consumption of mind-altering substances is largely stable except for a 16 per cent increase in methamphetamine usage.

Domestic abuse is on the rise with 28000 crimes in the past year as society ...
What does that tell you about society? Not only recorded, but viewed by others and prepared to be viewed by others.” Ms Jones also expressed concern about the proliferation of revealing photographs placed on social media by young women and the impact ...

The Society of Fugitives
One line of research, exemplified by a chapter from Elijah Anderson's Streetwise (1990), explores policing practices in the tough-on-crime era that began in the 1970s. Anderson looked at interactions between police and young black men in Philadelphia.

Lachlan Macquarie shaped by the same social idealism Scotland seeks through ...
A core theme of the "Yes" campaign is that the Scottish social imagination is inherently compassionate and less tolerant of the yawning disparities between rich and poor that underscore English society. The Lachlan Macquarie story reveals the Scottish ...

30 economic crime suspects returned to China in 1 month
Li Dongzhe and Gao Shanpiao, suspects in a major fraud and embezzlement case from 2005, who returned to China after hiding in Canada for eight years, enter the a court with a police escort in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, Sep. 29, 2013.

Logan mosque targeted with anti-Muslim pamphlets, sparking fears of violence
Islamic leaders in south-east Queensland say they are being targeted by an increase in hate crimes, following an increase in the terror threat level and the arrests of two people allegedly linked with fighting in Syria.

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