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17 Sep 14 - Society Disabled News

Help raise money for Grantham Disabled Children's Society's Disneyland Paris trip
A fund-raiser at Pizza Express in Grantham on Sunday, September 28, is in aid of the Grantham Disabled Children's Society. For £20, guests will tuck into a three-course meal, with a drink included, and take in live entertainment. Proceeds from the ...

Disablism? Simon Minty's just having a laugh
Best known perhaps as the cofounder of the comedy troupe Abnormally Funny People (AFP), a collective of mainly disabled comics and actors that's been around in various guises for almost a decade, he is also a former high street banker, an entrepreneur ...

Hanoi officials resettle embattled pagoda's population of orphans, elderly and ...
Some of Bo De pagoda's nuns and volunteer caretakers wept as they accompanied 19 children and 13 elderly people to the Thuy An Center for the Elderly and Disabled Children in Ba Vi District. The move came on the heels of accusations of child ...

Disabled May Take Larger Part in Society Under Law Change
Fortunately, Empac Group already offers a community employment program in addition to the sheltered workshop program to give people with disabilities options to transition into other types of employment. This helps people with disabilities get jobs ...

Teens Arrested For Assaulting Mentally Disabled Man
Police arrested and charged on Saturday two Delaware teens for assaulting a mentally disabled man. Both were charged with assault of a vulnerable adult, offensive touching, and conspiracy.

How to help disabled kids integrate into society
WE AGREE with Ms Lim Lih Mei that children with disabilities should be given equal, if not more, emphasis so they can excel and progress to the next level ("Equip disabled people with skills to learn a living"; Forum Online, last Saturday). With the ...

Kanye West's idiotic attitude to disability is symptomatic of a bigger problem
But to dismiss West's attitude as inexplicable or merely the latest comic result of his infamous egotism is to overlook the widespread beliefs that are responsible for his behaviour and for much of society's behaviour towards disabled people. Many able ...

Corporates in Oman should keep disabled in mind: Haider Jawad Sultan Al Lawati
Muscat: Oman has become more disabled-friendly in recent years and the society has become much more understanding, though a structured approach to the needs of the nation's challenged population may be required, according to an official at Oman ...

Pass Disabilities Bill-2012: Haemophilia Society
BHUBANESWAR: With the draft Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill 2012 widening its scope to cover people with bleeding disorders as hemophilia and thalassemia, hemophilics have pressed for speedy enactment of the Law by the Parliament.

Doctors warn Botox could 'stunt emotional growth' in young people
"This could create a sense of powerlessness, you would be emotionally disabled," Dr Cantali explains. She also ... However, Dr Hunt, who represents the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, does warn that not all clinics follow the same ethical ...

Why parking in a disabled spot hurts local economy
The Queensland Police Service is cracking down on those who park illegally in disabled car parks. The campaign coincides with Disability Awareness Week. John Mayo from the Spinal Injuries Association joined the Morning Show to discuss how people with ...

Greek president impressed by Kuwaiti trip dedicated to mentally disabled
KUWAIT, Sept 3 (KUNA) -- Greek President Carlos Papoulias said on Wednesday that he greatly admires the idea of "Journey of Hope", which has humanitarian dimensions and aims to brief the world on the problems and sufferings of mentally disabled ...

What Happens When We All Live to 100?
Many elderly people decline into years of progressive disability, then become invalids. If instead most people enjoyed reasonable vigor right up to the end, that would be just as exciting for society as adding years to life expectancy. Big medical ...

Rabbis condemn 'dying with dignity' proposals
“Is it impossible to conceive that once we cross the line and start allowing homicide and suicide, that one day a society immune to taking life will start to allow it for the aged, the handicapped and even those that may feel different than us and all ...

The town getting help to improve its wheelchair access
October marks 10 years since businesses and organisations have been required to make "reasonable physical adjustments" under the Disability Discrimination Act so disabled people don't find it unnecessarily difficult to use their services. ... been ...

Why I Hope to Die at 75
It renders many of us, if not disabled, then faltering and declining, a state that may not be worse than death but is nonetheless deprived.

Bedroom tax: the Coalition's welfare Achilles' heel
The bill itself does not scrap the bedroom tax but dilutes its impact, proposing three major exemptions: disabled tenants whose social home have been specially adapted; disabled tenants in receipt of disability living allowance who are unable to share ...

Free bus passes for pensioners are too successful to cut
Mostly used by pensioners, some disabled people qualify for this concessionary travel, and there are fears that an austerity-driven government will cut back on the passes.

Intellectually disabled man who raped child avoids jail
He noted harsh punishment would be lost on the man - whose cognitive functioning ranges in the lowest 1% of society, according to psychological and neurological reports.

UK to assist disabled in chalk production
The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), United Kingdom (UK) is to partner the Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled to provide expertise in the production and sale of chalk in the country. Expertise to be provided by CIM UK include the provision ...

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