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17 Sep 14 - Society Economics News

Home Features Game Changer: What Society Can Learn From The Economics ...
However, many game theorists and economists are beginning to realize that video games have something more significant to teach us about the function of our societies, governments, and economies. In 2001, economist Edward Castranova wrote a ...

Salim Vally Criticises the Reduction of Economics Journalism to Business ...
Education, Economy and Society Salim Vally, a co-editor of Education, Economy and Society, feels strongly about making academic research relevant to society. Along with Jane Duncan and Patrick Bond, he wrote an article for The Con about the need for ...

DIARY - Top Economic Events to Sept 30
CLEVELAND - Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland President Loretta Mester speaks on the economic outlook, monetary policy and communications before the Cleveland Association for Business Economics, CFA Society Cleveland, and Risk Management ...

Economic success 'drives language extinction'
A study has found that minority languages in the most developed parts of the world, including North America, Europe and Australia, are most at threat.

The Economics of Scotland's Choice
Indeed, separation from Britain would allow the Scottish government, which is generally more liberal on economic and public policies, to set its own course for a society closer to that of a Scandinavian country. But Scotland will face significant ...

Senate Inquiry Begins Into Income Inequality
... Wilkinson of the London School of Economics and Kate Pickett of the University of York have shown that issues such as health, violence, lack of community life and mental illness are more likely to occur in societies where the rate of inequality is ...

Real World Economics: Minimum wage hike imperfect, but it's OK
I write this because a reader challenged my assertion that a higher minimum could, on balance, be beneficial for society as a whole.

DIARY - Top economic Events to Sept 25
DRUMMONDVILLE, Canada - Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz speaks at the Drummondville Economic Development Society on "The role of a floating exchange rate in the Canadian economy and in the Bank's policy framework" - 1630 GMT.

The rise and rise of China - can it really continue?
... Party, of course - is the subtext that dissuades democratic governments from talking about Beijing's relentless assaults on independently-minded lawyers, journalists and bloggers and its underground war against the institutions of civil society in ...

The Economics of Violence
The international community is working on new development goals for the next 15 years, and the Copenhagen Consensus has asked some of the world's leading economists to give their assessment of the smartest targets they can choose. Is reducing violence ...

Russia Risks Going the Way of Argentina
For six years a general ruled Argentina with a "strong arm" and enforced order in both the economy and the country's spiritual life.

IS and other terrorist groups draw recruits because of economic deprivation
“I think the vast majority of Middle Eastern or Arab countries are economically underdeveloped or not as developed as their western counterparts,” he says.

Gandhi and social change
Just the other day I visited my family and my father on father's day, and ended up along the way watching the biographical film 'Gandhi', made in 1982 and directed by Richard Attenborough.

Thomas Piketty: Economics transfigured
Piketty's focus is on what is arguably (or at least should be) one of the central tasks of economics; investigating the distribution of incomes and wealth in society. Not simply summary statistics, or figures for "representative agents" but how income ...

Interview With a Drug Dealer
(“Raymond” is not his real name.) He enjoyed smoking weed, but soon realized he could sell it to a few people he knew, pocket the profits, then smoke whatever he had left essentially for free.

Joe Stiglitz Gets One Huge Thing Wrong About The Economics Of An ...
Scotland can make investments in tidal energy, or in its young people; it can strive to increase female labour-force participation and provide for early-years education - both essential for creating a fairer society. It can make these investments ...

What the logos you're wearing really say
For one thing, they command deference. Dutch researchers reported in 2011 that people are more compliant toward someone wearing a respected brand's logo, donating greater amounts to a charity when solicited by that person and offering more money to ...

The economics of volunteering
His discussion focused on the macro level: but which sectors of society stand to gain the most from extra volunteers? And what kind of volunteers would add most value: empathetic people who can provide one-on-one care for the elderly, or bookish types ...

The me, my, mine society
China's rise has been perhaps the most significant economic event in 200 years, its growth outperforming any other country.

Eminent domain abuse erodes property rights and liberty
Our society has begun to move away from belief in the basic connection between economic freedom and political liberty.

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