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17 Sep 14 - Society Holidays News

RUSH HOUR: The stories you need to know today
Police have beefed up their presence in Times Square but insist there is no information linking to any specific threat. Officials said there would be more patrols and extra security on the subway and other spots during the holidays and upcoming UN ...

One in five UK families can't afford seaside day out
The traditional "bucket and spade" August bank holiday outing to the seaside is now out of reach for one in five UK families, the Barnardo's children's charity warns on Monday.

Super Bowl Sunday Shares in the Holiday HF Hazard
In the study presented in poster form here at the Heart Failure Society of America (HFSA) 2014 Scientific Meeting , holiday-related spikes in HF admissions hit not on the actual day of the holiday, but during the following four days. And HF admission ...

mosque plan defeated over protest fears
Hussin Goss, president of the Islamic Society of the Gold Coast, said he was disappointed with the decision after the proponents had sought to meet the criteria set down by the council last year, particularly of locating the mosque in an industrial ...

Princess Charlene unhappy despite pregnancy: reports
"She does not expect to be suddenly warmly welcomed into Monaco society, but she does think that after giving birth - especially if it's a son - she will be more free to go off and do her own thing," one source said.

Rottnest Island: Asbestos confirmed in material found near holiday villas
The Rottnest Island Authority has confirmed material found on the holiday island is white asbestos. It said it was of very low risk, but the Australian Medical Association said that response was not good enough and all asbestos should be removed from ...

Islamic State: UK Admits It Has No Power To Save Briton Alan Henning's Head ...
The 47-year-old cab driver from Salford, Greater Manchester, left his wife Barbara and two teenage children during the Yuletide holidays to join the driving mission in Syria upon the invitation of a fellow cab driver, Kasim Jameel. Jameel described ...

The trapped butterfly
... familiar soprano trill - she loves singing, was a mezzo at school, warbles under the hot shower and stays there so long that her legs come out in spots - but she never calls people "darling" and she detests snobbery of any kind and, as she says, "I ...

Homeless, wearing GoPros, capture 'life as it is rarely seen'
"I notice every day that people are losing their compassion...not just for homeless people, but for society in general," Reichart says during an interview segment of the video, which, somewhat predictably, has generated YouTube comments ranging from "I ...

Repentance and forgiveness in the age of YouTube
The images that become seared into our brains and the collective outrage they generate, creates new challenges for a modern virtuous society. Everyone is ... As we approach the High Holidays, character assessment and self improvement are on our minds.

Joe Biden Sorry for Calling Unscrupulous Lenders 'Shylock'
... and tolerant an individual as is Vice President Joe Biden uses the term 'Shylocked' to describe unscrupulous moneylenders dealing with servicemen and women, we see once again how deeply embedded this stereotype about Jews is in society,” Foxman ...

Red Band Society: "Pilot" Review
Ahead of its premiere this Wednesday, Red Band Society has been largely described as the lovechild of Glee and Grey's Anatomy, with The United States of Tara serving as the oddball uncle who comes knocking on holidays. The premise itself is simple: we ...

US Constitution survived the American Civil War
The resolution was adopted by the American Anti-Slavery Society. Garrison held the views that had originally been shared by the Southern Democrat Party for a good period of time.

Behind the Uproar Over Israeli Reservists Who Refuse To Spy on Palestinians
Their protest shocked Israeli society and generated condemnation from across the Jewish political spectrum, including the mainstream dovish opposition.

Who stays in a Japanese love hotel?
In just one love hotel, I had a window into Japanese society. Why are they ... Telegraph Travel Awards 2014: vote for your favourite destinations and travel companies for the chance to win one of 40 luxury breaks worth a total of £800,000. Travel ...

Warm hosts, loving guests
Abraham George, president, Kerala Travel Mart Society (KTMS), lists out the three areas of innovation the industry is highlighting this time: destination wedding, rural tourism and culture tours.

I hope Scotland leaves, and I hope England follows them
In what other country could two people with such a dismal economic record be considered success stories, people to name bank holidays after? The bank holiday suggestion was so absurd and crass I presumed it was a joke - sadly this isn't an uncommon ...

A whirlwind guide to Santiago
Based on the original in Granada, Spain, it is now home to the National Society of Fine Arts, which also hosts exhibitions.

The Judaism in Transition exchange, part 3: Can we make do with fewer Jews?
You also mentioned that the benchmark some of them use - 17th and 18th century Eastern Europe - is a problematic one considering how inherently different their society was from that of modern American Jewry. You clearly present a much more positive ...

How I Fell Out of Love with Space Tourism It's elitist, overpriced, and overhyped
According to the Los Angeles-based Space Tourism Society, there are currently at least 20 private companies around the world seriously working to bring regular ol' people (well, rich regular ol' people—more on that in a minute) into space on what ...

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