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17 Sep 14 - Society Language And Linguistics News

English standards up among ethnic children
It is widely believed English is one of the hardest languages to learn, according to Dr Victoria Murphy, Professor of Applied Linguistics at Oxford University. And in such a diverse society, many children are not only having to learn English, but ...

First Nations languages will not survive if English is the be-all
Languages and language restoration academics and linguists argue that the loss of one's mother-tongue or that of their parents is the loss of a significant part of their identity, and they argue that this could lead to the death of culture.

Early literacy: everyone's responsibility
In March of last year, the German Ministry for Education convened through the German Reading Association (Stiftung Lesen) an urgent international conference in Leipzig of Early Literacy experts from all over the world (including from Malta) on ...

Asifa Majid on language and olfaction
Our colleagues used these stimuli to collect data from many different languages. Some preliminary results were published in the journal The Senses & Society, including Niclas Burenhult's and my first paper on Jahai smell. The data Niclas first ...

In Maine, the Penobscot dictionary project rises again
A pathologist and self-taught linguist, Frank T. Siebert, Jr., spent decades recording Penobscot legends and oral history and drawing up a dictionary; among others, he worked with Madeleine Shea, the last fluent Penobscot speaker to learn the language ...

Language Factor: Call for improving English teaching
Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT) has organised the annual moot in collaboration with the Oxford University Press (OUP) and the AIOU Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics. More than 70 international and national ...

Of The Stories Within
But he had retreated into linguistics precisely because he could thus become oblivious to the world around him—his wife and daughter, the society he lives amidst—and continue to engage with the mind of that woman whom he met only once in his life.

Liberals need to stop mansplaining ISIS
As Sam Harris has pointed out, that's twice as many as Pope Francis' English-language account. You can cite a verse from ... As I've pointed out before with respect to Christianity, “the more seriously you take these verses, the less seriously you ...

Carnegie fellowship supports School of Global and International Studies ...
“Alwiya is a great example of how faculty engagement can both benefit society and IU students who also hope to make a lasting impact worldwide,” said Lee Feinstein, dean of the IU School of Global and International Studies.

Budding buddhists
“My goal is to make them good in society,” 61-year-old Lama Sonam Tsering, from Tibet, said of the students. “To be good people.

The benefits of globetrotting
WITH her love for travelling and meeting new people, Ding Xiao finds herself exploring the world at least four to five months a year.

Prof arrested for stalking suspended
that the assignment was meant to illustrate the gender bias in "derogatory words" in language. He claimed that he had not expected students to list profanities, but to think about the manner in which derogatory words are often only directed towards ...

Economic Growth Causes Extinction of Aboriginal Languages, Study
The researchers urge the United Nations to pay attention to hotspots in both developed (north Australia and the north-western corners of the US and Canada) and developing (Himalayan regions, Brazil and Nepal) countries, where languages are in danger of ...

The secret language of food
... across seven US cities. Large-scale reading of this sort is beyond the abilities of even the most indecisive restaurant-goer, and so we used techniques from computational linguistics, writing software to count automatically the number of words ...

The Roots of Arab Solidarity
The most recent Israeli-Palestinian conflict spurred protests around the world in support of Palestinian statehood. Some have been peaceful while others, notably those in many European cities, have not.

Economic success puts Himalayan languages at risk of extinction
Hotspots of threatened language richness were particularly evident in the tropics, the Himalayas, northern Australia, eastern Eurasia and northern Russia/Scandinavia, and northwestern North America, the study published in 'Proceedings of Royal Society ...

Why we love the language police
“Nevile Gwynne's little book is just about the worst I have ever seen on the topic of English grammar,” Geoffrey Pullum, a linguist at the University of Edinburgh, told me by e-mail. From a ... That society never materialized. But the idea that English ...

Science on Tap talk to feature expert on concept of language processing
"We use language all the time," said Raskin, a distinguished professor of English and linguistics who also has courtesy appointments in computer science and in computer and information security.

Excuse me, do you Tweet Spanish?
As the world becomes more interconnected and accessible with technology, many of us have picked up a second language, or two.

Tamil Nadu: where the masses set the norm
"In Tamil Nadu, it is the `Tamil' of the working classes that is predominant, unlike most other parts of the country and the world where it is the language habits of the so-called upper classes of society that have become the norm," says GN Devy ...

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