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17 Sep 14 - Society Lifestyle Choices News

Being boxed in
In this work, we use boxes as a medium to narrate the story, as they, particularly the cardboard boxes, are everyday objects we see around us and products of an industrial society we live in. We use boxes to keep/store things in place. Like humans ...

The Big Debate: Does TV Have a Classist Agenda?
There's nothing like a good, robust discussion to get the blood pumping and the cogs turning in the midst of an otherwise mundane work day.

Here's to wine, chocolate and a long healthy life
Studies have failed to find healthy lifestyle choices to be the common thing between centenarians. As Nir Barzilai, who studies healthy Jewish centenarians, put it: “It's not the yogurt.

NHS health website attracts more than 40 million visitors
'Having safe, clinically accurate information can empower them to become more responsible and make healthier lifestyle choices,' he said. 'The site also has an innovative section which allows people to “look behind the news headlines”. I think this can ...

Loving the Lost: Churches Without the Broken are Broken Churches
He associated with the unwelcomed and unappreciated of society. How many of us could be accused of spending too much ... These disciplines and lifestyle choices need to be shared with those who are lost. The Christian life is not about finding safety ...

NHS chief in obesity costs warning
He rightly highlighted the health and economic costs to society if as a nation we do not act now. His focus on reducing obesity in the NHS ... "Up to 80% of Type 2 diabetes cases could be prevented or delayed through lifestyle changes, and so we will ...

Liberalism, Choice, and Compulsion
So the ideal society would be a sort of lifestyle superstore in which the customer is king and can choose freely from an endless variety of goods at reasonable and often subsidized prices.

5 simple lifestyle choices that can reduce the risk of dementia
Just last month Cambridge University released research which found that just one hour of exercise a week can lower the chances of developing Alzheimer's disease by half.

Child Sex Abuse: An Escalating Reality
They are believed to be making “lifestyle choices“, as in the case of Samantha Morton, the film actor who was sexually abused in children's homes in Nottingham.

Daily Strange: Consume, “live long and prosper.”
They are being driven by a highly influential, powerful and almost universal trend of the globalization of unhealthy lifestyle choices. Even in ... The huge health impact of their “contributions” to society have also been termed as “industrial ...

Plea against social inequality
It can lead to holdup in growth, promote conflict and hamper positive policy choices. She said poor are ... She said when the public sector education system started deteriorating, it was replaced at the upper end of the society by the private ...

Not all gossip in Manila society is irrelevant
Evil is insubstantial. There cannot be two powers because Infinite Intelligence will not create another power to fight Itself. That wouldn't be very intelligent.

Life after death
Speaking of Yatrik, the author who is presently an adjunct Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department at the University of Maryland in the US says, “Yatrik is about life, love, regret, forgiveness and understanding.

Rotten apples
I chose this path because my lifestyle demands complete freedom to wake up and sleep whenever I please, plus I am not enamoured with the idea of spending my disposable income on school fees.

Photos / APN, 123RF
Importantly, it's a chance for ultimate self-satisfaction: you get to say, in your own little way, you contributed to the preservation of a free and democratic society. However, Voting Brunch ... won't give you food envy. You can then ask your Voting ...

Now there's proof that fat-shaming doesn't work, it's time to change our ...
How healthy we are is determined by the lifestyle choices we make. If we eat well, exercise regularly, drink enough water, ... Our weight is a completely accidental and largely irrelevent bi-product not only of these choices but of our genetics ...

WISE Conference speakers to help attendees attain professional goals, Oct 15
THE WOODLANDS, TX (September 15, 2014) - Plans are underway for the second annual WISE Conference set for Wednesday, Oct. 15, at The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center.

Walker County Public School System to Integrate Pioneering 'Kids Making ...
The APP, which is designed for both iPad® and iPhone®, serves to inform and inspire kids to make wise lifestyle choices and also better understand and empathize with peers currently struggling with a weight problem, which can lessen the all-too-common ...

Is There Biblical Reasons for Christians to be Vegetarians?
Although this is a good article, I think it is typical example of the separation that religious people (I won't just limit this to Christians) make between their heart-soul relationship to God (e.

Technology must compliment needs and lifestyle of consumers – Samsung CEO
Show Me: It will make complex data visible and useful so people can make better choices. Know Me: It will learn people's needs and recognize lifestyle patterns. Tell Me: It will proactively adjust to their needs and provide suggestions without being asked.

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