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17 Sep 14 - Society Paranormal News

Georgia paranormal society shares stories of ghost hunts
Roswell is a member of the TAPS Family, a network of paranormal societies affiliated with The Atlantic Paranormal Society. TAPS is the organization founded by Jason Hawes of the television series Ghost Hunters. Michele Singletary, of Augusta, watches ...

Peer into the paranormal activity on Old Town's cobbles
Members of The Enigma Paranormal Society are inviting believers, the curious and the downright skeptical to join them on two guided ghost walks through the Old Town.

Paranormal Corner: Activity at Church Landing Farm is actively inactive
When we think of history, we think of monuments and buildings and artifacts. But there would be no history if there were no people.

RISEUP Paranormal Returning to Warner Theatre, 10/11
... to bring their own handheld devices, including cameras, and wear comfortable clothing and shoes. The RISEUP Paranormal Society specializes in the investigation of paranormal claims within the realms of Hauntings, UFO experiences, and Cryptozoology.

Loxton and Prothero's Abominable Science! Origins of the Yeti, Nessie, and ...
... serves as 'acceptable' might be naive or even erroneous, but the processes and conclusions involved show that - contra arguments sometimes made by sceptics - their approach is not pseudoscientific, nor motivated by a desire to embrace what most of ...

Community Spotlight
30 at the Italian American Cultural Society Banquet Center, 43843 Romeo Plank, Clinton Township. Tickets are .... Grimstone, Inc. Paranormal Investigators will present focusing on ghost hunting, what paranormal investigators do and the equipment they use.

Fabulous Fox to Offer Ghost Tours, 10/16
Paranormal author Steven LaChance and members of the St. Louis Paranormal Research Society will be present to answer questions before and after tours.

The Seasoned Collector: 'Shrouded Tales' at spooky Hayward mansions
On Oct. 24 at the Meek Mansion and Oct. 25 at McConaghy House, participants in the special "Voices from the Past" program will tour the manses and learn of the findings of the American Paranormal Research Association before breaking up into groups to ...

Network Dramas You Should Be Watching
It could also be tracking the paranormal, like Supernatural (CW Network but close enough). It can also be the quirky, .... Charles has been a favorite since Knox Overstreet in Dead Poets Society, and of course, Dan Rydell in Sports Night. Those two ...

Reitman says 'Ghostbusters' a gamechanger
This summer - 30 years after the hybrid flick about four "paranormal investigators" created a new type of blockbuster - the enduring cult favourite stormed theatres again with a newly snazzy visual re-rendering, reproduced on a new Blu-ray set in ...

Programs for Girl Scouts and families
The Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia and Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation will offer programs for Girl Scouts and families on Saturday, Sept.

The Afterword Reading Society: Visions by Kelley Armstrong
Books coverage generally focuses on writers; this is a page about readers. Specifically, it's about the readers we ask to respond to a new novel each Tuesday.

The Genre Jumble of Steampunk and Why It Works
Some books, like Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series, create a light alternate Victorian London full of paranormal creatures and whimsical romance. Steampunk is very romance-friendly -- the rigid social structure just begs for defiance ... In ...

Decatur County Events Calendar
Local clubs, service groups, fraternal organizations and others are encouraged to send their Coming Events information to the Daily News at news@greensburgdailynews.

What's On? Seven Day TV And Soaps Guide – This Week's Best Bets And Soaps ...
WEDNESDAY 9/24: “General Hospital” - ABC 2pm ET - Ava's plan hits a bump in the road. Franco is brewing up a plot. Kiki reveals her secrets to Morgan.

Fall Arts: Calendar of Events
SecondStory Repertory, 3–Nov. 1 SupraliminalSeattle Immersive Theatre's interactive tale about the paranormal, both set in and staged at the Georgetown Steam Plant, • 3–Nov. 2 The Vaudevillians Two 1920s ...

Things To Do 9/18-9/24
Haunted Brothel Tour: 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday at Ghosts915 Paranormal Research Center, 108 E. San Antonio in El Paso. Two-hour ... Mesilla Valley Jazz and Blues Society meeting: 7 p.m. Sunday at First Christian Church, 1809 El Paseo. Creole Trio ...

Paranormal Corner: Come take a legend trip at
As a trial run, myself, accompanied by Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society Founder and CEO Doug Hogate Jr. and Prewitt traveled out to the woodlands of Salem County to search for the legendary Berry's Chapel.

Around Our Towns
Join the Westport Historical Society on Saturday, Oct. 11, for one of its most popular walking tours, a stroll through Old Saugatuck accompanied by guide Bob Mitchell.

South Shore spirit worlds to be focus of paranormal festival next year
Rafuse says she has the gift to connect with the paranormal. “I've always had a passion for the spirit world,” she said.

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