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17 Sep 14 - Society People News

Why Red Band Society Is Worth Watching
Red Band Society, which could turn out to be one of the best new shows of the fall, is like that, constantly catching you unexpectedly.

How the super rich got richer: 10 shocking facts about inequality
When earlier this month the civil society minister Brooks Newmark told people involved in charities that they should “stick to their knitting” rather than concern themselves with what might be causing the problems they were trying to remedy, he was ...

Stage-struck older people get chance to realise their acting dreams
“I went along,” she says, “and the place was full of showbiz people. There were about 16 of us turned up but they said they only needed four.

Poor NHS care kills up to 10000 people a year, CQC chief claims
But Dr Mark Porter, chair of council at the British Medical Association, rejected Prior's claims. While action must be taken to ensure safety if poor care is uncovered, "the vast majority of patients receive world-class ... Jane Cummings, its chief ...

'Fat shaming' does not help people lose weight, study finds
"Fat shaming" does not help people lose weight, experts have said. Making overweight and obese people feel bad about their size does not encourage them to shed excess pounds - and may even make them put on more weight, researchers found.

Violence between individuals 'kills nine times more people' than wars
"For each battlefield death in civil war, about nine times as many people are killed in interpersonal disputes," say the authors.

Jonathan Arnott :How Have We Got Ourselves Into Such a Mess as a Society ...
I can't help but wonder, how have we got ourselves into such a mess as a society that some people - through no fault of their own - find themselves needing assistance?

Bereavement can disrupt immune system of older people, says study
Heartbreak can impair the immune system of older people and make them more prone to infections, researchers have found. Scientists said older people who had suffered a recent bereavement had poorer defences against bacteria, which could leave them ...

Can you really get dementia in your 30s or 40s?
People are reluctant to go to their GP because they're afraid of what might happen,” explains George McNamara, head of policy at the Alzheimer's Society. “These are people who've got families and mortgages to pay. The stigma which still exists around ...

'Utopia' series premiere: 'Pioneers' building a new society is 'not a game show'
Fifteen people from across America, along with viewers, are about to find out. The so-called "pioneers" get to build their own civilization -- literally -- over one year in "Utopia," an unscripted FOX series debuting Sunday (Sept.

Suicide kills one person worldwide every 40 seconds, WHO report finds
Suicide rates vary enormously from one country to another around the world - influenced by the cultural, social, religious and economic environments in which people live and sometimes want to stop living. Some of the worst affected countries have more ...

Transgender people find society gradually accepting
A transgender and intersex support group for people 18 and older meets 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday of each month in the Peace Room on the entry level of Peace United Church of Christ, 1503 Second Ave.

Low-paid Britain: 'People have had enough. It's soul destroying'
She has remortgaged the house. Her partner, a qualified mechanic, earns £7.50 an hour (one in four people in Devon earn less than the living wage, set at £7.65 outside London and £8.80 in London).

Do you know what too fat looks like?
When most people around us are overweight or obese, it's hardly surprising that we no longer notice it. Fat has begun to look normal.

Gay people report worse experiences with GPs
Lesbian, gay or bisexual people are up to 50% more likely than heterosexuals to report negative experiences with the GP services.

Ebola outbreak: UN says $1bn needed to contain epidemic
"If the outbreak is not stopped now, we could be looking at hundreds of thousands of people infected with profound political, economic and security implications for all of us," Obama said, speaking at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ...

NHS 'People's March' campaigners arrive in London after 300-mile march
About 30 people took three weeks to walk from South Tyneside to London in the footsteps of the Jarrow Crusade of 1936 which highlighted unemployment and poverty during the Great Depression.

Is Income Inequality Destroying Trust In Our Society?
High measures of income inequality and poverty were both factors that synced up with the trend, even when Twenge controlled for other important variables.

Europe's terrible trans rights record: will Denmark's new law spark change?
In one leap, Denmark has changed its law on trans rights, taking it from a country where transgender people were forced to undergo sterilisation in order to be legally recognised as a different gender, to one of the most progressive countries on the ...

The Society of Fugitives
The only news most people ever hear about the inner city comes from grim headlines; the only residents they can name are characters on The Wire.

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