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17 Sep 14 - Society Religion And Spirituality News

Religion and Spirituality Events: 09/17
RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF FRIENDS, 2 p.m. service at Colora Friends Meeting House on Colora Road, south of Corn Cake Row. Historical building only open one day a year.

Prayer, Spirituality have a place in fast-paced society
“Providence Health” in Vancouver regularly hosts one for example. Additionally, new studies are emerging more frequently about this important link.

'Red Band Society' EP Vows Hospital Drama Is "About Life"
But to hear executive producer Rina Mimoun (Mistresses, Everwood, Gilmore Girls) tell it, Red Band Society is about life and not death, with stories that are both funny and earnest, along the same lines as The Fault in Our Stars.

A boy, his dog and atheism: Gene Weingarten talks about his new children's book
My daughter was curious about religion and wound up majoring in pre-med and religion. ... Daniel says he's a mix of “Native American spirituality, gnosticism, and Eastern philosophies.”) MB: But ... It was important to them in their society that they ...

Banking crisis signalled end of greed is good – time for CEOs to get in touch ...
And it reflects a broader shift in society where morality is a movable feast and few of us can say with any confidence that we know the rules or ethics by which to live.

Spiritual Fridays: Are you spiritual, but not religious?
Religion is an institution created by society; it had a place in society, but has now become divisive. Spirituality on the other hand is not about institutions, it is personal. It tells you that God is inside you. I understand the need for rituals ...

The Church of U2
In 2004, the magazine ran an article about Bono's “thin ecclesiology”—his unwillingness to affiliate himself with a church—that sparked a debate about the health of organized religion. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury at the time ...

Escape From the Islamic State Militant Group
But Imam Mohamed Magid, president of the Islamic Society of North America, the largest and oldest Muslim American organization, said it is the duty of Muslims around the world to speak out.

Who they are: Gay rights grant-makers and the Catholic-focused groups they fund
Many LGBT people would like to pursue a spiritual path but have been rejected by their chosen religion, their place of worship and/or their clergy member.

Social Darwinism, Richard Dawkins and Down syndrome
People often wrongly connect Darwin's doctrine of the survival of the biological fittest, including reproduction, with superiority in other spheres, such as morality, intellect, aesthetics, and spirituality. ... According to the account of The Descent ...

Why is Turkey afraid?
If you do that, you will damage the people's sense of spirituality." Is this wrong? If you are concerned about the people's sense of spirituality, then he should have said: "Those who want to assume a leading role in this society do so by using ...

Spirituality for persons with autism spectrum disorder
My son's teachers at ILLC Davao also helps in nurturing spiritual well-being by introducing religious concepts in class, complemented with actual visits to the church and facilitating requests of some parents for assistance in receiving the Sacrament ...

Nwosuh: Ahiara Diocese: The smoke of Satan?
Was it the case of clerics with large brains and big egos but zero spirituality? Was it the case of clerics who spent long ... In this crisis in Ahiara diocese, where is the application of the ecclesiological principle of sentire cum ecclesia or to ...

15 places named after religious figures
Argentinean soccer club San Lorenzo is set to name its new stadium after Pope Francis, according to The Huffington Post. The stadium, which will be home to the pope's favorite soccer team, will be built on land that was in dispute during the military ...

Would We Be Better Off Without Religion?
A debate titled “We'd Be Better Off Without Religion,” to have been held at the Royal Geographical Society in London on March 27, attracted so much interest that it was moved, somewhat ironically, to the much larger Methodist Central Hall, close to the ...

Learning the Art of Tackling Teenage Crisis
This is because the religion today has been reduced to a superficially practiced set of rituals. The family is no ... Since spirituality touches on the core goodness of every human being, it is the most potent tool for guiding all sections of society ...

Authors trace Soviet women's Jewish lives
With the onset of communism and the establishment of the Soviet Union, Jews were “included” in the larger society, but at a price.

Broadening vision
The power of visual media is so enormous that a culture can even have great impacts on a state and society that is far away geographically, as exemplified in the ubiquity of American pop culture.

A lesson in humility for 'New Atheists'
The 1980s had the religious right-wing playing a prominent role in politics, most particularly in the USA, and many people of my age reacted against that, by gleefully listening to “satanic” or anti-religious heavy metal and punk rock, or mocking ...

Udupi: Corruption has not spared even religion and spirituality - Kemar Swamiji
Esha Vittaladas Swamiji of Kemar Sandeepani Sadhanashrama, addresing the gathering said, "Corruption, which is present in all walks of life, has not spared even religious and spiritual spheres. Today, we can see people being duped of their money in the ...

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