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17 Sep 14 - Society Sexuality News

EADS: Sexual fetishes are normal, society needs educate themselves
The episode is called “The Freak Show,” and it does its job of concluding that we all have our sexual quirks and that doesn't necessarily make us freaks.

Declining condom use driving sexually-transmitted infections
Jack Wallace, research fellow at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, said deaths from hepatitis B and C were preventable.

The Bechdel test is only a small part of Alison Bechdel's genius
Her work explores themes of identity, sexuality, parenthood, and family life. Bechdel is also a genius. She's one of the 21 recipients honored with "genius grants" from the John D. and Catherine T. ... Fun Home is also a smart take on how women learn ...

Why is it so difficult to talk about sex?
Given all the negative messages that most of us received about sex when we were young, this shouldn't be a surprise. Unfortunately, a lack of sex education means most of us don't even have relatively basic information.

I am a Palestinian, I am gay
... a blatant attack on the “backwards” nature of Palestinian society. One of the comments drew attention to the fact that “the Palestinians” were twisted to call for Lady Gaga to cancel her Israel tour in line with the Palestinian civil society call ...

The Global Sexual Revolution and the Assault on Freedom and Family
No society does has done this. No society has ever said, “Live out your sexual drive any way you like,” but our society does. I think this issue of sexuality is the main attack on the dignity of the human being, and on society as a whole, because if a ...

Home / Opinion / Living in the face of biphobia
My sexuality goes beyond simply sex. When people are doubtful or question me, I explain that I have a changeable emotional and sexual attraction to people and the gender of the individual I like is not a defining factor. One would think it's a ...

United Nations under pressure to protect 'traditional families' over ...
Rosa Freedman receives funding from the British Academy and the Society of Legal Scholars. She is affiliated with Universal Rights Group ... The “soft law” produced may well be used in the near future by countries seeking to create test cases for ...

7 Movies People Think Are All About Sex
The idea of sex dominates our society. Advertising hinges on presenting an idealised life and so often that idealised life is realised through sexuality; everything, from soft drinks to hotel comparison websites use the promise of sex to get you to buy ...

How to prevent rape: it starts with awkward conversations with our teens
(California is the first US state to support the shift as a bill in order to curb sexual assaults on campuses). If you're wondering what mutual enthusiastic consent looks like, it could be a vocalised “yes”, a vigorous head nod, or active unambiguous ...

Comment: Be a lesbian for a year if you must, but what about lesbians for life?
The book is also not concerned with untangling the impact of homophobia, the process of “coming out” which marks the gay and lesbian experience for many, or the role of a gay and lesbian community in contemporary society. It also does not ... The title ...

Can domestic abusers change? Meet an expert who thinks it's possible
Lawyers for the NFL Players Association are appealing on the grounds that Rice was essentially penalized twice for the same offense.

Cover article in NY Times Magazine – 'For Goodness Sex': Gtn teacher's new ...
He was featured in the New York Times Sunday Magazine in a cover article titled “Teaching Good Sex” in November, 2011. The story discussed his Sexuality and Society class. Laurie Abraham, author of the article, interviewed Vernacchio and his students, ...

Is All Spanking Child Abuse?
Groups such as GLAAD claimed that this murder is what happens when homosexuality isn't fully embraced as part of mainstream society; hate-crime legislation was named after him; Lady Gaga changed the lyrics to John Lennon's “Imagine” to include Matthew ...

Magazine praises SUNY Oneonta for diversity
... the Africana & Latino Studies Club, Caribbean Student Association, Disability Awareness Council, Gender Equality & Rights Society, Gender and Sexuality Alliance, Hillel, Hispanic Organization for Learning Advancement, International Student ...

Black women's sexuality has always been overpoliced
From Sarah “Saartjie” Baartman, the Khoikhoi woman who was displayed to be marvelled at in 19th-century Europe to the persistent stereotype of the sexually voracious “Jezebel” attached to black women, the dehumanising designation of black female bodies ...

'Red Band Society': Too much sentiment could be fatal
Long before the book world fell deeply in love with Young Adult fiction, TV was all over the YA experience, with entire networks, including MTV, ABC Family, and the CW, devoted to questions of sexuality, bullying, depression, alcohol, drugs, and ...

The Struggle Towards Peace
In this presentation Chris Johnson explains the workings of Question Bridge more thoroughly. In which presentation Johnson also makes clear that this concept can be used for any group of people (race, religion, nationality, sexuality, elderly ...

'We live within its structures': Iver Bernstein on modern segregation
Today, in our supposedly post-racial era, we all understand that segregation is a dead end, that it's a toxic way to organize society - but nonetheless, it persists. We live within its structures. And we insist on bequeathing it to our children. So ...

I thought I could be a gay Jesuit priest. I can't believe how wrong I was.
But I was open and transparent about my sexual orientation from the beginning. Before I committed, I talked to my vocation director.

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