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17 Sep 14 - Society Social Sciences News

Importance of social sciences
It may be an isolated incident but also pinpoints toward the rising trend of violence in society. These are not healthy signs for a society. Increasing violence and bad behaviors call for social scientists to step in and play their due roles ...

Imprinted brain theory links autism and schizophrenia
"Slight tendencies towards autism or schizophrenia may have been selected for in our ancestors because of problem solving skills (in autism) and social perceptiveness (in schizophrenia)," explains Byars. "Autism is a demanding behaviour, needing a lot ...

Complex social lives gave parrots big brains
The scientists also recorded aggressive interactions among the captive birds, revealing that monk parakeets have a dominance hierarchy based on which birds won or lost confrontations.

Understanding ISIL Messaging Through Behavioral Science
ISIL has harnessed the power of social media, exploiting platforms such as Twitter and YouTube, to share its jihadist message.

What Happens When We All Live to 100?
Social Security and private pensions could be burdened well beyond what current actuarial tables suggest. If longer life expectancy simply leads to more years in which pensioners are disabled and demand expensive services, health-care costs may balloon ...

Embrace your uniqueness, urges Paypal-founding billionaire Peter Thiel
A. There is a strange phenomenon in Silicon Valley: Many founders seem to have some kind of Asperger's, are bad at understanding social cues. ... I'm anti-pseudo-science. Q. What society is good at remaking itself? A. There is nothing intrinsic to the ...

Q&A: John Durant and David Kaiser on spurring public interest in science
MIT News spoke with John Durant, director of the MIT Museum, and David Kaiser, the Germeshausen Professor of the History of Science and director of MIT's Program in Science, Technology, and Society, about the issue. ... comedy based around matters ...

Research replication in social science: reflections from Nathaniel Beck
Questions about data access, research transparency and study replication have recently become heated in the social sciences. Professional societies and research journals have been scrambling to respond; for example, the American Political Science ...

A crude view of technology
And while flying cars might have been the stuff of mid-century science fiction it's far from clear that their actual deployment at scale would mean much for society, apart from minimal improvement in personal transport at the cost of a considerable ...

Is Income Inequality Destroying Trust In Our Society?
Still, Twenge's research, published in the journal Psychological Science, can't prove that income inequality causes the erosion of social capital. It could be the other way around--that, somehow, less social capital leads to more income inequality ...

Do Christian Schools Produce Good Citizens? The Evidence Says Yes.
According to their critics, private Christian schools foster an attitude of isolation and withdrawal from society. ... They are more likely to be employed in education, health, and other social science-related occupations (the “caring professions ...

Scotland Votes as U.K.'s Future Hangs in the Balance
The referendum has been particularly hard for pollsters to gauge because there is no real historical precedent to base findings upon, said Joe Twyman, head of political and social research at YouGov. He cited “silent no's,” or people who are keeping it ...

Social Physics, book review: Innovation, interaction and data-driven governance
The reality, as Steven Johnson wrote in Where Good Ideas Come From and MIT professor Alex Pentland writes here in Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread - The Lessons From a New Science, is that to really get ideas flowing you need informal settings in ...

HP orders vesting of Bhushan trust land; trust to challenge order in court
The Society, setup in 2004 to educate youth on social, political and economic issues, applied for permission to purchase 12 acres of agriculture land at Kandbari village in Himachal Pradesh to build a campus for its educational programmes and is ...

Stonehenge's most intricate archaeological finds were probably made by children
The research into the human eyesight optics of micro-gold-working in the Bronze Age has considerable implications for more fully understanding the nature of society in Western Europe some 4000 years ago. “The very finest gold work involved the making ...

Addressing a Diversity Problem in Human Genetics
... 1 percent of the Ph.D.s in fields related to human genetic research go to Native Americans (Table 1), and, according to Dr. Kim Tallbear of the University of Texas, they make up less than one fifth of 1 percent of the members of the American ...

UQ celebrates rising stars at Women in Technology awards
Dr Helen Huang, from UQ's School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, won the WiT Infotech Research Award for her contribution in the field of big data management and analysis.

'We live within its structures': Iver Bernstein on modern segregation
This fall, the American Culture Studies program in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis will launch a series of lecture/workshops on Modern Segregation.

Naomi Klein on climate failure: “It's not that we've done nothing. We've done ...
We need to talk about what values are going to govern our society and we need to win some ideological battles. I'm making the argument that in responding to climate change, we have a once-in-a-century opportunity to fix some fundamentally wrong things ...

Lawmaker: Require Arizona students to pass citizenship test
All high school students in Arizona would be required to pass the same 100-question civics test required for U.S. citizenship to graduate under a proposal from a state lawmaker.

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