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17 Sep 14 - Society Subcultures News

Guns, drugs and freedom: the great dark net debate
“The company was selling nutrition supplements legitimately through a normal website, and illegal drugs on the dark web using the same packaging.

The Opinionated Spectator…Playing in my fantasy football league
We cannot as a society persecute people because they want to take a traditional approach in spanking their children. Let me tell you, if my mother had told me ... Decisions which are customary and encouraged in their subcultures. Of course, this is not ...

Understanding Modernity: A Review of the Kuwait Pavilion at the Venice Biennale
However, the cleverly-appropriated themes of the museum compound gave the team opportunities to link Kuwait's modernist architecture with the society, politics, and culture of that era: the realms where a country's “modernity” (or lack thereof) is ...

The Most Feminist Moments in Sci-fi History
In the short utopian satire "Sultana's Dream," the tradition of purdah (in which women are hidden from society in various ways) is reversed so that men are the isolates, and women invent and benefit from advanced technology, including flying cars and ...

Voices from the Old Bailey
I spent 16 years of my life covering every kind of crime in this building between 1981 and 1996: murder, manslaughter and infanticide, sexual crime, organised crime, terrorism, espionage, fraud, corruption, and every other kind of wrongdoing ...

Worlds Collide as Eureka Rotary Hosts Meeting on Cannabis Legalization
The latter took place today at the Eureka Elks Lodge, providing a rather lively juxtaposition of Humboldt subcultures that don't often share a meatloaf lunch.

Stream of (Music) Consciousness
Music spawned subcultures and social movements because it expressed identity and affiliation, it gave like-minded people bridges to cross and citadels to defend.

Exhibition celebrates loud, flashy, in-your-face 'yankii' art
FUKUYAMA, Hiroshima Prefecture--One of Japan's subcultures, the young and rebellious punks called “yankii,” was featured in a special exhibition that was held in July at the Tomonotsu Museum here.

Kristen Petroshius: Whites must overcome ingrained anti-blackness
Professor John Powell at the White Privilege Conference spoke to the ways that our brains' neuropathways actually become hardwired to reinforce the racism we take in from everything in society - even children who are only several months old. In the ...

Creative Showcase: The unconventional Darling
Known for the facilitation and presentation of conceptual fashion/art/music/eco-collaborations such as 'Rock Me Again', 'Beautiful Noise' and 'Tomorrow Society', Capsule Project's latest endeavour, ART HOUSE, is a collection of masks, visors, mouth ...

What's past is prologue – arts leadership today
Surely it is what underpins our experience of museums, and of the arts more generally but, as the diversity of cultures and subcultures that make up our society proliferates, are we able to find a commonality that can incorporate this heightened diversity?

Why Hispanics Thrive in Texas, But Not in California
But because Texas' smaller government has allowed civil society to grow organically, there is a strong cultural background that must be considered.

Alan Gibbons: why YA fiction is crucial for shaping our attitudes to subcultures
The map of the world was coloured pink back then, the geographical designation of the British Empire. It is probably hard for teenagers reading this article to imagine, but just about everything we now take for granted - our relatively liberal multi ...

The internet encouraged anorexia but it can also be used to fight it
Joanna Kay says she first started skipping meals when she was 14. Her parents were going through a divorce and they weren't really easy to talk to.

UC Davis experts on the Middle East
Maira can also talk about her research on representations of Arabs and Muslims in popular culture in the post-9/11 context, such as in belly dancing subcultures, and on Arab and Palestinian American hip hop as an expression of cultural identities and ...

No need to apologize for consensual sexuality
They all demonstrate the rape culture ideologies permeating our society - specifically the idea that the male gaze has a right to the female body.

Alien under the microscope? Reddit to share data with researchers
The inaugural class of fellows includes Greater Boston locals J. Nathan Matias and Chris Peterson from MIT, Sara Watson from the Berkman Center for Internet and Society and Devin Gaffney from Northeastern University. They're among a group of ...

Culture Hacking 101
I am a 'culture hacker'. It's a curious term that is often confused with computer hackers and other technologists whose activities oftentimes invite suspicion.

Cheech & Chong's humor still smokin' with audiences
Pot was illegal in all 50 states and on the fringes of polite society, but stoners had a subculture all of their own - and the duo's humor reflected it, with the film becoming one of the highest-grossing motion pictures that year.

Fall Arts Preview - November 2014
Devoted to performing strictly early modern plays, this not-for-profit art society pushes audiences past Shakespeare and into worthwhile scripts by lesser-known playwrights from the Elizabethan and Jacobean eras.

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