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17 Sep 14 - Society Urban Legends News

Deputy PM: Government to discuss drawing new constitution in Parliament
As for the question of whether there is polarization in the public, Akdogan said that these debates turned into an urban legend. Remarking that ... However, Akdogan said polarization in society did not reach the dimension that is claimed. "If those ...

Queen Latifah: 'Strong, Positive Black Men Have Been A Big Influence On Who I ...
“The Queen Latifah Show” returned for a second season on September 15, 2014! Since season one, Queen has welcomed plenty of Hollywood's biggest stars and entertainment legends and inspiring heroes from all around the world to her stage. This season ...

Control, Speaking Out, Zones of Punishment — DV as Tool of Anger
I've been in literary circles, artist circles, journalism circles, prison education circles, higher education circles, urban planning circles, environmental circles, and dozens of others, including now special education and developmental disabilities ...

3 More '90s Horror Reboots We Need in Addition To 'I Know What You Did Last ...
It's also a sign of the times - as a society, we're above continually remaking the slashers of the '80s. Because it's now been 20 years since the '90s, and whatever weird cultural embargo everyone was following is ... It's a mash-up of your typical ...

Shahad Al-Azzaz: I aspire to be the face of the Kingdom
She made her way herself and made Saudi society proud of her and her achievements. In an interview with Arab News' sister publication Sayidaty, Saudi engineer Shahad ... Creativity, concept and vision are the base of engineering, which makes some ...

10Best: Conspiracies and legends around the USA
So we're all better prepared for welcoming the Lizard People, when they finally choose to reveal themselves, and assimilating to the New World Order, here are some of the best conspiracy theories and urban legends in the U.S.. Area 51, probably ...

What do you believe? Top 10 conspiracies in the U.S.
For decades an urban legend spread about the dumping, burying and subsequent concrete covering of as many as 3.5 million copies of Atari's video game "E.

Spotify can never replace my iPod, but it can ease the pain
The need to have it all -- the complete stylings of Biggie and Tupac and every Beatles B-side alongside "Kid A" and Wilco and the digitizations of decades-old legends -- was a crusade. ..... I can understand some of the audiophiles being upset about ...

Playing God
The man from nowhere becomes a Napoleon of business and so a hero because he confirms a cherished legend: namely, that it's the primordial birthright of those lucky enough to live in the New World to rise out of obscurity to unimaginable heights ...

Fall Arts: Calendar of Events
23 David Bowie IsA one-night-only theatrical retrospective of the pop legend's life. SIFF Cinema Uptown. 23 Bob Mould Band The songwriter ..... 8 Jacqueline Carey returns with Poison Fruit: Agent of Hel, part of an urban fantasy series about a ...

Unearthed Copies Of E.T. Set To Be Auctioned On Ebay
Remember when that became a massive urban legend? Remember when ... Currently the games are being looked after by the Tularosa Basin Historical Society and are located at the New Mexico Museum of Space History in Alamogordo. The plan is to keep ...

Whitesboro native creating game for childhood favorite: Nintendo
“Kids used to tell ghost stories about Starr Hill, force fitting every cliché urban legend imaginable into the tellings,” Granato said.

Family capitalism's insidious return: How billionaires are undermining America
The man from nowhere becomes a Napoleon of business and so a hero because he confirms a cherished legend: namely, that it's the primordial birthright of those lucky enough to live in the New World to rise out of obscurity to unimaginable heights ...

Is your body mostly microbes? Actually, we have no idea
In a 2014 report issued by the American Society of Microbiology, the ratio of bacteria to human cells is said to be closer to 3 to 1. ... Rekdal believes misleading or outdated references perpetuate these types of academic urban legends. “At times,” he ...

Noted works: The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka
She argued that the most animated battle for control of nascent national culture was not between urban and rural men or the ruling and working classes but between the sexes.

Morning briefing: Walker once called voter ID judge 'one of our favorite jurists'
After becoming the butt of jokes and feeling the brunt of Tom Morello's political rage two years ago when his supposed fandom was flatly denied, Ryan now claims the whole thing was an "urban legend." Here's what he told the New York Times: "They were ...

Visa pour L'image: Unseen Venezuela
An urban legend and a criminal underworld: photojournalists Sebastián Liste and Jorge Silva both shine a light on the shadier corners of Venezuelan society. Liste managed to get inside a prison controlled by its own inmates, while Silva documented the ...

The browning of US comic books
In addition, we're also aware that race is often used as a method to boost sales and attract interest to titles and characters that have become stale or to take advantage of a racially charged atmosphere in the general society to sell comic books. For ...

Access Hollywood Live: September 12, 2014
Do we live in a time, maybe it's I don't know do we live in a time where second -- is it more for giving back when you made a few mistake in your political career in the 70's in Cincinnati and society more for giving now. .... Urban chic. Urban chic ...

Separating what's fact from what's distortion
I think it was inspired by the classic archeological dig assignment: give students five objects and ask them to describe a society that believed these items were important. ... has been tracking down “urban legends” for nearly 20 years now.

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