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17 Sep 14 - Society Women News

Sir Mix-A-Lot Says Society's Outlook On Women Has Changed Between "Baby ...
Sir Mix-A-Lot says society has changed the way it's viewed women between 1992, the year in which the rapper released "Baby Got Back," an ode to curvaceous women, and 2014, a year that has seen Nicki Minaj incorporate his 1992 hit into her new smash ...

Society's expectation of women in IT is changing
Tracy Pound is the managing director at Maximity and finalist in the PCR Woman of the Year event, which takes place in London on October 17th.

Grand ayatollah Makarem Shirazi spotlights role of women in Islamic society
However in Islam, freedom has clear limits for both men and women in order to prevent the corruption of society. Ayatollah Makarem-Shirazi stressed that Islam truly honours women and stated that the injustice and persecution committed by the so-called ...

How a women-only beach split Turkish society
The aftermath of the beach opening brought a flood of vitriolic criticism from both supporters and opponents of the women-only beach, which sadly reaffirmed authoritarian attitudes within groups of Turkish society that claim complete superiority and ...

Charli XCX on treatment of women in music: 'Society needs to change'
Charli XCX has spoken about the treatment of women in the music industry, affirming that she's '100% a feminist'.

US women's colleges change admission policies for transgender students
Women's colleges are revisiting policies around enrolling transgender students as institutions of higher learning - single-sex, coed and those with religious affiliations - demonstrate varying degrees of acceptance for changing norms.

'Women will die' as legal aid becomes more difficult for victims of domestic ...
In June, the Public Law Project and Rights of Women, with the support of the Law Society, launched a court action to challenge the legality of the reforms, on the basis that the restrictive evidence criteria prevents survivors of domestic violence from ...

'Next Generation' of 20 hotly-tipped poets announced by Poetry Book Society
According to the Poetry Book Society, “women look set to lead the charge” when it comes to the next decade of poetry.

Create legal awareness among women, weaker sections in society: SC Judge
Puducherry: A Supreme Court Judge, Justice SJ Mukhopadhaya, on Saturday called upon lawyers, medical personnel, students and other sections of society to acquaint themselves with provisions of various legislations and then generate legal awareness ...

For Some Strange Reason, Women and NFL Stand By Ray Rice
Yet society at large, as Givens elaborated, usually blames women who are victimized by men. In fact, it is very difficult for women in abusive relationships to get restraining orders to keep abusive boyfriends or husbands away from them. And even when ...

Do you know what too fat looks like?
The latest evidence that we no longer see big as unhealthy comes from the US, where researchers from the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago asked African American women volunteers to look at a "body image scale" made up of drawings of women ...

The Motivating Power of Women Senators
Their study, published in the Journal of Politics, offers three important findings: “First, even at the start of the 21st century, women know far less about their senators than men. Second, this gap in political knowledge closes sharply when women ...

Sport and Society for Arete: The NFL, Women and Sport
Roger Goodell is the commissioner of the most popular professional sports league in the United States. This week he demonstrated just how much he learned at the feet of his predecessors, Paul Tagliabue and especially Pete Rozelle.

"Women must be heard in Church and society" - Melanesia primate
The Archbishop of Melanesia, who is also the patron of the Mothers' Union (MU), has urged MU delegates to promote the place of women in the Church and society. The Most Revd David Vunagi made the statement at the official opening of this 13th ...

Hutch library series explores women's place in society
Each book in the series reflect the state of the dialogue on women's roles in society in the 20th century. The series continues with discussions on "Their Eyes Were Watching God" by Zora Neale Hurston on Oct. 14 and "The Joy Luck Club" by Amy Tan on Nov.

I was a walker — an escort to society women
A walker is a gay man who escorts women to social occasions, whether it be a small cocktail reception or a major opening night.

Labour appoints shadow minister to tackle violence against women and girls
Seema Malhotra is the first MP from any party to hold this title, and it is understood that, if Labour wins the general election, there will be a Home Office minister for preventing violence against women and girls. Malhotra, a former management ...

Equality of sexes in society's most powerful roles remains a work in progress
At the last election, only 19% of those elected to the Assembly were women - and women represent only 35% of public appointments in Northern Ireland.

Fort St. John's Energetic Country!
“This was an opportunity for us not only to give a cheque to the Fort St. John Women's Resource Society. As you may remember at the conference in lieu of gifts for each of our speakers we said we were going to make a donation to the Dress for Success ...

This Female-Dominated Society In Brazil Is Looking For Men To Join
Today, the southeast Brazilian town boasts a population of about 600 women. A few of them have husbands, but they're only allowed to enter the town on weekends, according to the Daily Mail.

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