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17 Sep 14 - Technology Gadget News

What you need to know about Apple's new gadget: Watch
ISTANBUL - Apple's newest wearable gadget Watch will be shipped in three different models: Standard, Sport and Edition.

Apple's Steve Jobs was concerned about his children's gadget use
In a New York Times article published this week, tech journalist Nick Bilton reveals that Jobs, who died in 2011, was a self-confessed "low-tech parent". When Bilton asked Jobs, in 2010, whether his own kids loved Apple's iPad, Jobs replied: “They ...

Amazon expands gadget lineup, offers Fire tablet for kids
“To invent often requires a higher price point because you are going to try to push the edge of technology.” Amazon revamped its lineup, introducing six devices - three new Fire tablets and three new Kindle e-readers - which it showed off Wednesday ...

The gadget conundrum: The difference between collecting and hoarding
While gadgets are important, and deeply integrated into our lives, at what point do you look around your house, car or office, and decide it's too much?

Gadget knocks drones, Google Glass offline
Although Glass has no more capabilities to record video or take photos than most smartphones, the wearable gadget from Google, still officially in its testing phase, has been targeted by privacy advocates who say technology has made it too easy to ...

Gadget makers reveal all at technology fair
The Berlin showcase event will see 200,000 people come to see the latest from the high tech world. Samsung is expected to kick off the announcements with the unveiling of its latest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 4, later today.

6 best gadgets for Freshers' Week: the must-have technology for any new student
This whirlwind of new faces and new experiences can be daunting, but for every problem there is a technological solution, and university is no exception.

Here are some of the latest gadgets and tech tools aiming to protect kids and help parents rest a little easier. V. ALRT.

Gadget accessories you can wear
With Apple's unveiling of the iWatch, it's clear that today's technology is wearable. Now it can also be fashionable. Some women want their tech gadgets to be a part of their style, not interfere with it. Designers are getting on board to make that ...

Strap an iPad to your face with a virtual-reality gadget for iOS
The creators of the AirVR project on Kickstarter did the math and decided the quickest way to get virtual-reality-headset technology to the masses would be through adapting existing iOS devices. AirVR is a head-mounted display that works for the iPad ...

Hot new devices from IFA 2014 gadget show
More than 1,400 of the world's leading technology companies descended on the International Congress Center in Berlin for the 2014 IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) Trade Fair.

What's new in back-to-school tech gadgets
Ventev the Powercell 6000+: This portable and pluggable gadget is a battery for when you're on the go. It delivers up to 25 hours of talk time, 18 hours of Internet, 20 hours of video playback or 100 hours of audio playback - and a wall charger when ...

IFA 2014 Tech Show Gadget Roundup
IFA is Germany's largest consumer technology show and it's where big companies have announced lots of new gadgets over the years. NEVER MISS ANOTHER TECH REPORT - LIKE RICH ON FACEBOOK!

IFA 2014 Recap: HTC, Nokia, Samsung and Sony's gadget launches as they ...
The world's leading gadget makers are unveiling new smartphones, watches and even virtual reality headsets at this year's IFA conference in Berlin.

3 Awesome Tech Gadgets You Need Now
I'm a tech geek and nothing gets me as excited as stumbling upon a new gadget. I'm interested in just about anything cool that has an on/off switch, decent battery life and provides a practical utility.

MIT Students Invent Gadget to Detect Concussions in Young Athletes
The duo realised this problem was prevalent among young athletes, who lack adequate sideline technology and medical personnel to identify and evaluate dangerous head impacts as soon as they happen.

Gadget show to reveal what you'll want for Xmas
But Moore's Law, as the observation has become known, isn't just for technologists. It has a useful, everyday corollary even for consumers with no interest in the physics of transistor density: when it comes to high-tech gadgets, the newer they are ...

Ad of the Day: Ikea Hilariously Pitches Its 2015 Catalog as the Coolest Gadget ...
But is a print catalog too low-fi for the high-tech age? Again, not according to Ikea, which just rolled out this amusing promo for the 2015 catalog, slyly suggesting that print is actually a wondrous technology that equals—nah, exceeds—the power of ...

Personally Tech with HomeShop18 Founder and CEO Sundeep Malhotra
In our weekly column, the people who head various technology companies across the globe tell us about the gadgets and apps they can't live without.

Apple iPhone 6 first impressions: Gadget Watch
At this point, you would probably have needed to be trekking through a particularly remote corner of the outback not to have heard about the latest iterations of Apple's iPhone series.

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