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17 Sep 14 - Technology Hacking Tricks News

Software catches vulnerabilities on websites before they're exploited
Through Tinfoil, Michael Borohovski '09 and Ainsley Braun '10 have commercialized scanning software that uses hacking tricks to find vulnerabilities in websites and alert developers and engineers who can quickly fix problems before sites go live ...

Apple shifts blame for celebrity hacks
Instead it said the hackers had targeted the user names and passwords of its victims, which can often be gleaned by various means including trial and error and social engineering tricks. Earlier hacks of large online sites have shown that customer ...

Destiny's graphics nearly identical on PS4 and Xbox One: Maybe the Xbox One ...
Back in July, when Bungie was running a public beta for Destiny, there was much ado over the resolution differences between the Xbox One and PS4 versions.

The new rise of biometrics
Whether financially-motivated hackers, activist groups or our own governments, the perceived state of e-commerce and mobile payments - despite all the many great improvements we have made - is that the EU security agency has advised banks to consider ...

Should You Trust a Site to Check If Your Gmail Password Was Leaked?
The problem, he argued, is that you don't know who you're giving it to, and for all you know you might be sending your email to the same hackers who put out the list or someone else who is harvesting emails to sell them to spammers or get new, fresh ...

The Truth About Home Depot's Security Breach: Hacking Was Easy
Company security can identify and destroy malware, provided it knows what it is looking for, but hackers often remain a step ahead.

Microchip implant ahead of iPhone 6 release
The digital advertising director has joined a small number of Australians who have inserted microchips into their skin to be at the cutting edge of the next stage of the evolution of technology. Mr Slater was prompted to be implanted in anticipation of ...

ESET Takes Fear Factor Out of Computing
For the website, ESET curates content from around the web on topics ranging from hot new gadgets (think flying speakers) and cool apps to how-to advice -- such as seven "insanely useful" Google Maps tricks. It also has a section called "Internet Heroes ...

Classes Make 'the Cloud' Familiar
The hackers targeted high-profile stars, cybersecurity experts said. Left unsaid: If hackers can get to the stuff of the stars, they can get to your stuff as well.

'Undetectable' Peter Pan computer virus threatens UK businesses
The message tricks unsuspecting users into downloading a clutch of sophisticated viruses that capture highly sensitive personal and commercial information.

Police admit they are hacking people's phones
It tricks phones into connecting to it, like a cell phone tower, but then tracks all of the calls, text messages and data use of cell phones in a half-mile radius.

Hacker Breached Insurance Site suffered from crippling technology problems when it launched in October, though the government has since improved the site.

Privacy in spotlight as Apple unveils new products Meaningful Use, ICD-10 not ...
A week after the nude celebrity photo hack, Apple launched new products focused on mobile payments and health and fitness with an underlying message: Trust us.

Homeland Security warns retailers about hacking software
The program gains access to companies' computers by finding insufficiently protected remote access points and duping computer users to download malware, tricks that have long been in use and are often automated. What has ... Though improving card ...

How to fix an Irish printer and other tricks of the trade
One of the most heavily guarded secrets of the guild of IT System Administrators of Ireland is the existence of the Redux Capicter, a proprietary technology that subtly reduces the capacity of any office worker's email inbox to a 'barely alive' storage ...

Nude pictures leak: Everything you need to know about 4chan
Other 4chan boards now include /k/, for “weapons, armour, and other myriad military technology”, and /h/, for anime porn.

Government Warns Retailers About Hacking Software
The program gains access to companies' computers by finding insufficiently protected remote access points and duping computer users to download malware, tricks that have long been in use and are often automated. What has ... Though improving card ...

The Holes in NATO's Cyber Defense Pledge
The Tor platform, for example, is based on a technology called onion-routing which sends encrypted network traffic through a cloud of relay computers in an attempt to conceal the source of the traffic.

Meet the WordStream Team at PubCon Las Vegas (and Save 20%)!
... agenda packed with star-studded keynote speeches (from the likes of Duane Forrester and Ted Murphy), educational sessions led by industry thought leaders, peer-to-peer discussion labs, an emerging technology exhibit AND the presentation of the ...

Digital rights are a lie
The acronym presumably stands for Advanced Network Technology, because that's what the division produces - tools for penetrating network equipment and monitoring mobile phones and computers.

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