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19 May 11 - Transportation Airplanes (Small) News

Fatal Río Negro airplane crash causes deaths of the 22 people aboard
Twenty-two people were killed after a small Sol Airlines passenger plane crashed in the Rio Negro province, close to the Prahuaniyeu area, 500km from Bariloche. The aircraft was flying from Neuquén to Comodoro Rivadavia. Search and Rescue teams managed ...

You Talk to Endeavour: Shuttle Crew on Giffords, Tile Damage, Trips to Mars
But to answer your question, I think that any mode of transportation like cars and airplanes progress along. And in space there's been almost 500 people that have looked at the Earth from space. And I think in a few decades, there will be many, ...

Why the cloud is like an airplane (and your desktop is like your car)
A better comparison is between the computer industry and the transportation and real estate industries, in which people own private assets, as well as take advantage of public assets. In the last two, these industries exploded - just like with the ...

Blogger Bob--TSA's Internet mouthpiece (Q&A)
Can you name even *ONE* terrorist that the TSA has stopped from boarding an airplane? Call me ignorant, and still don't know anything yourself. Well, I guess you're the expert on ignorance. As for conspiracy, there's nothing tinfoil-hat related in ...

Honeywell takes flight in China
In April, AVIC's Harbin Aircraft Industry (Group) Co's Hafei Y-12 transport aircraft made its maiden flight. Last month, AVIC's helicopter unit performed test flights for the AC311 commercial helicopter. Both the AC311 and Hafei Y-12 aircraft contain ...

Back in the US of A.
After taking off, planes will follow a particular departure profile -- a series of climbs and turns -- called a "SID" (standard instrument departure). SIDs keep traffic organized along particular pathways. An airport can have a dozen or more published ...

Around Your Town: 05/19/11
Mesquite Radio Control Modelers fly their planes from 8:30 to noon every Saturday and Sunday. Anyone interested in radio controlled airplanes is encouraged to check out the group. For details, call (520) 227-4764 or email

BG Airport reeling from fuel hitch
The IDF sent five fuel tankers to the airport as well, granting a request to that effect by Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz. Still, some of the planes were instructed to fly to international airports in Jordan, Greece and Cyprus, so they could ...

Solar plane completes first international flight
If/once the oil runs out airplanes will be powered by bio jetfluel most likely. Not green but energy dense (which is what you need because you're carrying it all with you) and cheap. Ground transportation is an entirely different story. ...

Nimbys, Bananas, and Greens
As a result, the cost of heating and cooling our homes, driving our cars, and flying our planes is spinning out of control. 88% of the energy for America's transportation, industry, government, and residential needs comes from oil, gas, and coal. ...

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