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17 Sep 14 - Travel Air News

"Passenger Shaming": Pictures of the Rudest, Grossest Passengers in the Air
Attention rude airline passengers who treat airplanes as their own personal lounging areas: Social media is coming for you.

Regional paramedics air travel worries amid pay stoush
The union says paramedics could have to travel more than an hour each way, outside shift times. Warrnambool paramedic and union delegate David Ahearn says the proposal is unacceptable.

Air France strike hits European travel
(Reuters) - European travellers face continued disruption as Air France (AIRF.PA) pilots began a week-long strike in a dispute over cost cuts, but a pilots union at the last minute called off a strike planned for Tuesday at Germany's Lufthansa (LHAG.

Fresh travel disruption as Air France pilots extend strike
Paris (AFP) - Passengers faced a second day of travel disruption on Tuesday as Air France pilots extended a strike in protest at the airline's plans to expand its low-cost subsidiary. Air France was forced to scrap 60 percent of its flights as unions ...

Cheapest flights: Best country in the world for bargain air travel revealed
In fact, airfares in India are so cheap that its now cheaper to travel by air than take the train. According to the survey, a 100 kilometre train journey in India costs $15.98.

Western Canada ripe for new low-cost air travel: report
A new report published Wednesday suggests “ above average economic growth” across Western Canada in recent years has created the right conditions for another shot at super low-cost air travel in the region, and perhaps across the country. The number of ...

Boss of failed Air Australia returns to travel industry
The boss of failed airline Air Australia has returned to the travel sector in a senior management role despite being banned by the corporate regulator over conduct that critics claimed wreaked "havoc" in the industry.

Last Air NZ Boeing 747-400 flies into history
House of Travel commercial director Brent Thomas said the introduction of the giant 747 helped Air New Zealand keep airfares down, resulting in a significant increase in the number of people who could afford air travel. "It was a major explosion in the ...

World Passenger Symposium to address needs of travelers in next century of air ...
Some 65 billion passengers have flown in the 100 years since the first airline flight. Airlines will carry the next 65 billion passengers between today and 2030.

Air France set for third day of strikes
The airline is recommending that customers with a flight reservation between September 15 and 22 postpone their trip. “Air France regrets this situation and is making every effort to minimize the inconvenience this may cause to its customers,” the ...

Confessions of a Pilot: Debunking the Biggest Air Travel Myths
Commercial air travel has long been a breeding ground for myths, urban legends, and plain old misunderstandings. Most of what people think they know about flying is wrong, and certain notions just never seem to die.

The grind of air travel: Where did it all go wrong?
When Victoria Person-Goral ponders what's gone wrong with the flying experience, there are almost more culprits than she can name.

Newspaper sorry for cartoon comparing air travel to slave ships
“To somehow link the inconveniences of air travel with slavery in general and the slave ships in particular was not only just plain wrong it was deeply hurtful to our African American community and all those who understand the horrors inflicted on the ...

Air Rage: Why Does Flying Make People So Crazy?
So what's behind the rash of air travel belligerence and even violence? The short answer is that flying pretty much blows, and it makes people upset.

Ebola Response Hampered By Limited Air Travel
One of the major barriers keeping aid workers out of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea is limited and unpredictable air travel. Many airlines don't want to have their crews overnight in an Ebola area or send them to a place where they can't get adequate ...

Air travel, literature and its discontents
Better to keep my mouth shut, to be a Johnson again, albeit in a different way - but it also made me wonder: Where is the literature that deals with this new landscape of flying, the interplay (or tension) between passengers, the pressures that make ...

Iceland volcano would shut down air travel
'There's nothing we can do if we get another big eruption like that of Eyjafjoell except to interrupt air traffic in the dangerous areas,' Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration spokesman Fridthor Eydal was quoted as saying on news site mbl.

Air Canada Rouge moves into Asia
“We expect this new seasonal service to be particularly popular with vacation travellers from Osaka seeking the renowned scenic beauty, outdoor activities and culture of Vancouver… as well as with North American customers travelling to Japan's second ...

Rules of air travel to stop other passengers hating you
The Wright Brothers did not know what they were getting us all into. When those dashing pioneers first flew in December 1903, they thought they were ushering in a bright new era of travel, where the world would soar from country to country in a happy ...

What happened to the glamour of air travel?
She likens air travel today to boarding a bus with wings, although I'm quite sure I've seen people dress better on buses.

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