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Keyword Targeting

25 Aug 10

In order to successfully optimize your web page for a given set of keywords:
  • It is of utmost importance you use the keywords in the title tag at least once (the closer to the beginning of the title tag, the better). Keep the length of the title around 70 characters if possible, but this can be longer if youíre targeting a lot of keywords.
  • Include a META description in your header containing your targeted keywords. Even though META description is not used by search engines for rankings, it still the first thing people see in the search engine results page (keep length around 160 characters). META keywords were important in the past but itís no longer significant in terms of SEO.
  • Targeted keywords should exist in your page at least once in the following sections of your web page body: in a H1 tag, in bold, in an IMG ALT attribute, and in a link anchor on another page within the website and not on the page itself.
  • Use keywords in the URL. Keep in mind that when it comes to URLs, the shorter the better, so be selective. Also, static URLs are better than dynamic ones.
  • Find out what people are actually typing in the search engines when searching for your product and use exact matches in your content.
  • Finally targeted keywords should exist at least three times in the page body. Donít overdo it though. Keyword density is a thing of the past and search engine spiders are a lot smarter these days. Remember, your audience are human beings, not robots, so your content should read well and be interesting.

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