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Knowing Your Target Audience

08 Nov 11

A very important factor in an SEO campaign is to know the demographics of your visitors. You need to know who is actually looking for you in order to determine where best to advertise. A few metrics to consider and track are location, language and average time on site which will greatly assist in determining your target audience. Tracking these metrics (and much more useful functionalities) can be achieved through Google Analytics.

One thing to remember is that people use search engines mostly to do some kind of research. For example, before buying a mobile phone, a user may visit a number of websites that provide mobile phone reviews and product specifications. After determining what phone to buy, the user may then choose to go online to buy the mobile device. The thing to note here is that there are two distinct set of keywords that the user may enter to ultimately acquire a mobile phone. One set of keywords for researching mobile phones e.g. "mobile phone review" and another set of keywords for buying the mobile phone e.g. "buy cheap mobile phones".

In this scenario, to make a successful sale, your website must provide enough information about the product, and have a facility to sell the product online. Your website would need to be optimized for the two sets of keywords i.e. research and sale.

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